Thursday, April 2, 2015

MTV's Trailer Wish List, TV Host Calls Henry "Total Mega Babe"

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Now that we know that we're definitely getting the Batman v Superman trailer in less than six weeks (!!!!!!), MTV has come up with its wish list of what scenes it should include. Of course they couldn't leave out Henry!

And finally, a glorious forest of Kryptonian chest hair. When it comes to Superman movie trailers, you shouldn’t hide your light under a bushel… or your exquisite lumbersexual manscape under a latex super-suit.

Uh, it's getting hot in here.. just ask Zoe Hardman. The British TV host just admitted to Reveal, that Henry's attractiveness was almost to blame for her tripping down a flight of stairs. Can't say we blame her ;) 

Who's the hottest male celeb you have ever interviewed?

Well I haven't interviewed him but I have crossed paths on the stairs – I literally nearly tripped down three stairs cause he's so handsome! It's Henry Cavill. I mean what a total mega babe he is!

We'd say MEGA BABE SUPREME... especially after seeing those new BAFTA portraits. They're a mix of old Hollywood and 007, equaling a killer combination! -- Your comments on Instagram really say it all.

And if that's not enough..

That's right, Solo is ready to finish us off in t-minus 4 1/2 months from now..

It's also Throwback Thursday, and we have a great one today. Nabilla and her brother met Henry in Boston in December of 2013, and she just shared a portrait of him from that day (via). We've added the original pic that we had posted before. Lucky Boston!

The last few days have been amazing, and all we can think about now is TRAILER, TRAILER, TRAILER!!! - And that's not even half of it! #WeTease #SwoontasticMayToCome.

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  1. I agree...SuperSoloStrattonCav-El Henry is a Total. Mega. Babe. <3 <3 <3
    Beautiful pics...Thanks for sharing, Zoe, Henry, Nabilla & HCN (y) :) <3


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