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Monday, April 15, 2024

Henry Is Going To Be A Father!

Henry has confirmed he's having a baby with his girlfriend Natalie!

We are so happy for them.


The two were spotted out last night and you can see Natalie is already showing. Congratulations!




  1. Yay!!! So happy for them. Je looks so happy! Congrats to them.

  2. All the very best to Henry and Natalie. May the pregnancy journey be easy and joyful for all.
    Hopefully Kal & Baggins will step into their roles as furry big brothers to the new wee Cavill.

    Congrats to Henry & Natalie's families as there will be a new little one to enjoy.

  3. OMG I thought so! Congratulations to Henry and Natalie! Best wishes to a healthy "super" baby--AND mommy. Henry will be a good dad.

  4. Best wishes to both! They must be very happy!!! Henry wanted to be a dad and i bet he'll be a great one. I remember the story with his nephew and superman and his teacher, awww!

  5. Congrats! Enjoy every moment of this beautiful journey!

  6. Many many congratulations to Henry & Natalie! Congratulations to the forthcoming addition to their beautiful family. I wish them all the very best Natalie will be AAa beautiful Mum and Henry will be a brilliant Dad - Congratulations to the happy couple! Love to Henry & Natalie always! 17 April 2024. UK.


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