Wednesday, February 13, 2019

New Budapest Photos, Shazam Ad Mentions Superman

You could say it's been a SUPER February!

After Henry's post showing his incredible transformation for The Witcher and his trainer's follow-up photos from Budapest, we now get the sweetest pics from a young fan (with an apparent alliance to Spider-Man).

Thank you for letting us share your super moment.

While Henry has been completely immersed in the world of The Witcher, his legacy as Supes follows him everywhere he goes. Lately there's been a lot of chatter (this is a good breakdown) about Superman potentially making a cameo in Shazam, and the latest ad only adds fuel to the speculation...

Shazam comes out April 5th, so not long now until we find out!

Keep checking back for the latest updates on everything Superman and The Witcher.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Super Souvenir: Where To Request An Autograph From Henry

emsautographs:  "Henry Cavill Received Today!" 

You guys have been asking us where you can request an autograph from Henry, and here's the info you'll need.

Include a stamped, 8x10 self-addressed envelope and mail it to the address below (they will provide the photo).

Henry Cavill
United Agents Ltd.
12-26 Lexington Street
London, W1F 0LE

We checked with Henry's agency, and they told us if you have any special requests you can mention it in your letter. They collect his mail and send it to him. Make sure the correct postage is attached. Be aware that they cannot guarantee a reply, or accept responsibility for any gifts sent.

Good luck and please let us know if you hear back from him!

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Henry's Trainer Shares New Pic & Update From Budapest

Your reaction to this new photo and update from Budapest says it all..


‏"@mariamyasser7: Imagine your arm being bigger than Superman’s. Wow We stan"

‏" @BowYoVeech: Stop playing with my emotions!!!!"

"@waynesbats i'm being BAITED."

Henry's trainer Dave Rienzi shared the new pic today, along with the details of Henry's filming routine while he shoots The Witcher in Budapest. Those monsters don't stand a chance. Go get'em Supes!

UPDATE: New photo from that day!

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Henry's Reps Deny Rumors About Contract Demands

Warner Bros. // Justice League BTS

If you follow our posts here on the blog and on our social media, you know we usually stay away from leaks and rumors. So when one popped up that claimed Henry had a specific set of demands while negotiating with Warner Bros. over his future as Superman, we didn't plan on reporting it. That is, until Collider got a response from Henry's reps:

We reached out to Cavill’s team, and they vehemently denied this rumor as “patently inaccurate,” noting there is “no truth to this.” Cavill is not making any such demands contingent upon his return for a Man of Steel sequel.

You can read the full story at Collider.

Keep checking back for everything Superman!

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Geralt Meets Superman In Budapest

When Henry said he was busy working out for his role as The Witcher, he wasn't kidding...

Look at his transformation in just a few months. He's bulkier than Supes!

Henry has been in Budapest filming the Netflix show since last fall, and now that he's revealed his new physique -- no doubt he'll be taking care of those monsters as fast as the director yells "rolling!"

Friday, February 1, 2019

First Look: Henry In Spring/Summer 'Boss' Eyewear Campaign

Here's a first look at Henry's new shoot for the 2019 Boss eyewear campaign. Senior Brand Manager at Safilo UK, Rob Pritchard released it today... which means there's more on the way!

UPDATE: Another new photo.

While fans loved Henry's short 'do in last year's ads, his Witcher/Clark from Man of Steel look is totally winning everyone over.

We'll post the new pics from the spring/summer 'Sharpen your Focus' campaign as we get them!

UPDATE #2 (2/6): An English store has shared a third new photo.

UPDATE #3 (2/13): A London display features another new photo with Henry.