Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Henry Cavill Interview At The 2019 Durrell Challenge

Henry has been an ambassador for Durrell Wildlife since 2014, this year marking the fourth time he hosts and participates in The Durrell Challenge. No matter how busy he is, or where in the world he's filming, Henry always makes it home to Jersey for the charity 13K.

He talked to us about why this year he really didn't train for The Durrell Challenge, the Go Wild Gorillas project, the natural beauty as he filmed The Witcher on The Canary Islands and why Superman may be the most concerned about the environment. He also answered some of your fan questions!

A very special thanks to Durrell and Henry's team for allowing us to bring you this coverage. We hope you guys are already making plans to participate in next year's Durrell Challenge!

The official fundraising link for this year's event is still open and we have yet to reach the goal -- Every donation makes a huge difference as Durrell works on saving endangered animals. Here's the link to contribute. Thanks everyone!

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  1. Every year I look forward to your coverage of the Durrell Challenge and Henry's interview. He always seems so relaxed and open and it is obvious that he enjoys the day. What a wonderful ambassador he is. Thank you for sharing the interview

  2. Henry is always very grateful for everyone's support. Appreciate your comment --Thank you!

  3. Henry is the perfect guy to be chosen as The Durrell Challenge and Durrell Wildlife organisation Ambassador, Much Respect and Love for this Guy indeed he is a real Superman a man of Steel, blessed with Pure soul and a huge Heart of Gold. LOVE YOU HENRY

  4. Terrific interview! He’s so gracious and I love how passionate he is about Durrell and animal conservation. I would have never known anything about Durrell if he wasn’t involved. So wonderful how he gives back!

  5. Just loved the interview He is truly a Superman in real life too, I really do Respect and Appreciate his Dedication, Concern and Support for Durrell Organisation and Nature, Environment Saving Awareness and Promotions,Love you Henry for your Words and Actions,You are absolutely BEAUTIFUL inside out.

  6. Thanks to you for make it possible!

  7. Henry is so different than what I imagined. Happy to see the true authentic him and I respect his dedication and involvement to Durrell. I bet he would be an interesting person to talk to about so many things...


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