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Saturday, June 29, 2019

New Sunnies Looking Good In Hawaii

The return of the Aviator look!

Henry spent some time in Hawaii this week and he's shared a new photo from his trip to the Big Island. As you know, he's the global eyewear ambassador for BOSS -- so he gets to try out their latest frames. 

Let him know what you think on his Instagram or Facebook

Friday, June 28, 2019

Henry Misses His Best Friend & We Can Relate

Anyone who has a pet knows how hard it is to part with them when they can't go with you, especially when it's for more than a few days. So we can completely relate to Henry's new post. Sending warm thoughts to our favorite duo and look forward to their happy reunion!

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Henry To Play Sherlock Holmes In New Film

Who is ready to see Henry as the next Sherlock Holmes?

Legendary has announced he's joined the cast of Enola Holmes, based on the books about Sherlock's younger sister. Production is set to begin this summer in London. Read more at the links below and come back for the latest updates as we follow Henry's new project!

UPDATE: We've added Henry and his management's posts.

UPDATE #2: Actress Fiona Shaw has joined the cast. Read more.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Stuntman Shares His Photos At Hawaiian Wedding

Stuntman Tanoai Reed hung out with Henry at a mutual friend's wedding in Hawaii and today he shared their photos together. Supes looking his Hawaiian best, down to his slicked back do!

Henry has some time off after The Witcher production wrapped in Budapest last month, but it won't be long before he hits the road again to promote the show that's set for a fall premiere.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

First 'Nomis' Trailer Out: Watch It Now

Director David Raymond has shared the official first trailer for Nomis!

He also gave fans additional details on when they should expect to be able to watch the film that premiered at the L.A. Film Fest last fall. 

Friday, June 21, 2019

New BTS Pics From 'Driven To Extremes'


Navo Tour has just released new pictures of Henry's 2012 visit to the Taklamakan Desert in China, where he filmed an episode of the adventure show 'Driven to Extremes.'

Click for HQ

The episode is hard to track down online, but we have several clips from the show on our YouTube channel, so check them out! 

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Throwback Thursday: Hot Outtakes From GQ Italia

This Throwback Thursday we have a couple of  outtakes we've never seen before from Henry's shoot with Michelangelo di Battista for last year's April issue of GQ Italia (via McAvoys).

Stylish early start to the weekend!

Catch everything else from the shoot/issue at these links: 1/2/3/4.

Contibutor: @HenryCavillGermany.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Andrea Shares Her Throwback Photo With Henry In Budapest

"Henry Cavill Superman"

Andrea met Henry as he filmed The Witcher in Budapest and today she shared her photo with him.

We really like his look... snazzy outfit!

We're still waiting for an official date for the show's premiere on Netflix. Look for the latest details as they are released.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Monday Motivation: Henry's New Post!

Having a little flashback to my days in Budapest on The Witcher and found this photo. I like it because it shows that it doesn't take huge weights everyday to achieve results. I was doing everything I could in a busy busy schedule to try and get something in, whenever I could. During this period I learned that it's not the weight that matters, it's the workout. So if you're shy about going to the gym because there is always someone next to you using mahoosive weights, don't be. You do your weights, just make every workout count. You might end up looking better than the fella or lady next to you that's using those heavy weights. I also wanted to give a massive shout-out to Adam at Flex Gym. Adam went out of his way to help make sure I could get some training in, no matter the time of day or night, he'd open the gym so I could throw some weights (big or little!) around. Thank you my friend. I hope to see you soon! @FlexGymBudapest #YouDoYou #GymStuff
A post shared by Henry Cavill (@henrycavill) on

Talk about some Monday Motivation. Today Henry shared a workout photo from his days training for The Witcher in Budapest, along with some inspiring words for fans looking to firm up.

Thanks Henry!

This fall we'll all get to watch him put those muscles to work, as he fights some nasty creatures on the Netflix show. Keep checking back for the latest news on The Witcher!

Friday, June 14, 2019

Pics Of Henry In London, Celebrity Kal Sighting

Men's Fashion Week is underway in London and now that Henry has finished filming The Witcher, it seems he's finally getting a chance to enjoy his time off.

Actor Craig McGinlay shared these shots (possible throwbacks) in his IG story... and is that Roger Gracie? (thanks Stephanie) we think so!

Tonight, the Empire magazine gang also got a chance to hang out with Henry and Kal... who is a celeb in his own right.

They even brought the jokes...

Sounds like a great time all around!

Happy 6th Anniversary 'Man of Steel'

Today marks the 6th anniversary of the worldwide release of  'Man of Steel' and fans have been sharing their memories from the day, as well as their support for Henry as Supes.

We were at the premiere in New York and it's hard to believe it's already been 6 years!

No word yet on when Superman will fly again on the big screen, but we're definitely hoping we don't have to wait too long!

Thursday, June 6, 2019

New ‘Nomis’ Poster Out, Trailer Soon

The international trailer for Nomis (also known as Night Hunter) is out! -- UPDATE 6/9: We removed the link to the trailer because it was a bootleg version. But hang tight... the official one is coming!

The movie premiered at the L.A. Film Fest last fall (check out our coverage and review) and is being distributed by Saban Films in the U.S.

Also of note, a slightly different version of the film's poster has been released.

Henry shared the first one on premiere day and this latest one is just as good!

Stay tuned for news on Nomis' expected summer release.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Official Pics From 'The Durrell Challenge' Released

The smiles, the hugs, the fan support for such an important cause!

Henry Cavill returned home to Jersey, to host the fourth annual Durrell Challenge last month. Today, organizers released the official pics from the event.

See the rest (and we promise you, there are many more) at The Studio M's site.

Catch up on everything else from the run, including our interview with Henry at these links: 1/2/3.

A reminder that you can still enter our Durrell Challenge VIP bag giveaway, that includes a Superman photo signed by Henry. Also you can still donate to help Durrell reach the event's goal.

Monday, June 3, 2019

Stuntman Liang Yang & Henry Reconnect In Instagram Post

Mission: Impossible Fallout // Paramount Pictures

The brutal bathroom confrontation in Mission: Impossible Fallout had fans cheering every time we watched the film in theaters (safe to say more than a few times). Now Stuntman Liang Yang has released a fantastic showreel, that includes some of his killer moves in the movie and Henry giving him props for his work.

In his Instagram post, Yang also thanked Henry and others for their support...  

Henry quickly responded and the convo ended with this warm chat between the two. 

Here's hoping that we get to watch them exchange blows on the big screen again!