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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Second 'The Man From U.N.C.L.E.' Trailer Hits U.S. Theaters!

UPDATE 6/9: While we're still waiting for U.N.C.L.E.'s trailer #2 to hit the web, one slugged #3 that runs 2 minutes and 30 seconds -- will reportedly be released in U.S. theaters this week. At this point we'll take #2, #3 or even better.. how about both! 

UPDATE 6/10: @Canada_Panda reports that Entertainment Tonight teased "Behind the scenes" interviews with the cast of The Man from U.N.C.L.E. for tonight.

We'll keep you posted.

Thanks to the very awesome Spy Command blog, for giving us the heads up that the second trailer for The Man from U.N.C.L.E. is now playing in some U.S. theaters attached to San Andreas.

They shared the scoop on the NEW SCENES included in the teaser, and a couple of them involve Solo!

READ ALL ABOUT IT. If/when the new trailer is released online, you know you'll find it here first.

Also thanks to Laura Castelly, for letting us know that The Man from U.N.C.L.E. was highlighted by The New York Times as one of  "14 Movies Coming This Summer."

"A tip of the hat to Robert Vaughn. The devastatingly handsome Henry Cavill takes over the role of Napoleon Solo, with the hunky heir Armie Hammer as Illya Kuriakin, in Guy Ritchie’s remake. It’s 1963, and the agents’ big concerns are the Soviets, a missing H-bomb and one very interesting car mechanic, played by Alicia Vikander. With Hugh Grant and Jared Harris."

2 1/2 MONTHS TO GO... Get ready for Henry to leave you breathless..

"It's love " via erin_nic_burns..

Let us know if you spot the new trailer or posters in your theater!

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Saturday Wouldn't Be Fun Without A Henry Sighting!

valentinodg90: "With the great Henry Cavill" 

We couldn't have said it better!

Valentino and a few other fans ran into Henry, as he enjoyed what looks like a lovely night along the Thames after attending a rugby match.

jennapeaty: "Had a big fangirl moment meeting Henry Cavill"

Siobhan_Lauren: "So Superman just came down for a drink on my birthday"

It's nice to see Henry smiling and relaxed after an eventful week.. with that beard of his looking mighty sexy tonight ;)

Henry is just weeks away from the start of a busy promo time, as we get closer to The Man from U.N.C.L.E.'s August 14 release. That second trailer should be hitting soon

Contributor: Rosa_h_1708

Friday, May 29, 2015

Hello Henry! - Lucky Fan Meets Him In London

Image: 13055mm 

This is why we love Superman.

On what must have been a crazy day for him, Henry still took the time to pose for a pic with this fan in London Thursday.

We wouldn't expect anything less from him, and it's one of the reasons why we respect him so much and he has our full support.

Happy weekend, everyone x

Contributor: @Cavillsworth

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Developing: Henry Departs 'Stratton' Over Creative Differences

Today GFM Films announced through Screen Daily, that Henry has left Stratton over creative differences just days before filming was set to begin in Italy:

“But just before leaving Cannes last Friday we were informed by the production company that they wanted to push the start date back by around three weeks to finalise some additional casting and make some further fixes to the script.

“Then, during several meetings this week in London with both sets of producers including Henry Cavill, he told us he has decided not to shoot this script at this time. He had a different vision of what the film should be to us and the production team and wanted to delay production until September and shoot a different story and script.”

You can read the rest over at Screen Daily. Keep in mind that right now we're only getting GFM's side of the story. We've reached out to Henry's reps and will update if/when we get a quote from them. 

UPDATE: GFM Films tells Variety that Henry's move to leave the project, was specifically due to issues with the script:

“It is with great regret that we announce that Henry Cavill has pulled out of ‘Stratton’ due to creative differences on the script of the movie. With production due to commence next week, we wish to keep the production team together and Simon West as director so are working now to replace Henry. Production will be delayed whilst we do this. Further announcements will be made in due course.”

We support Henry in everything he does, and trust his decisions. Stratton was supposed to be the first project for his newly formed company, Promethean Productions. He'll soon be headed to San Diego to promote Batman v Superman at Comic-Con, and then turn around and promote The Man from U.N.C.L.E. which is set for an August 14 release. Trust us, you're gonna love, love, LOVE HIM as Solo.

Got your back, Henry xx

And your fans are here for you ;)

So apparently it's all about the beard.. you guys.. We love you Henry!

Throwback Thursday: Henry Poses With Fans In Detroit

Peggy Pointer (peggo.eggo) just posted her pic with Henry. She met him while he was filming Batman v Superman in Detroit:

"#tbt to last year when I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with superman #henrycavill. He and his friends were really sweet and shared some stories for a while (it helps when you can name drop)."

Thanks for sharing!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Happy Wednesday: Henry Smiles For The Camera In London

Nice to see you again, stranger.. who will soon be wearing some stylish clothes? ;)

Mikaela met Henry when he came into the very exclusive Massimo Dutti store in Kensington today.

He must have missed something, because he came back a little later..

Henry is likely packing and getting ready to head to Italy, for the start of filming on Stratton next Tuesday. Look for production updates as they come in. Thanks for sharing, Mikaela!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Henry Behind The Wheel On The Cover Of Goodwood Magazine

Images: Roger Rich

Remember Henry's mysterious visit to Goodwood last month? - Now we know what it was all about!

via Snows BMWi -- Click to read a preview..

Snows BMWi, has shared this first look at Henry in the latest issue of Goodwood magazine, that also includes a new interview with him. And we're also getting a peek inside..

Looking incredibly sexy Mr. Cavill!

More on how to get your copy, and the full interview to come..

UPDATE: We contacted The Telegraph, and we were told the Goodwood magazine issue was attached to The Telegraph's 2nd and 3rd editions of Saturday's (May 23) paper and only in a specific area.

To find out more and possibly order a copy, contact their back issue department during regular business hours. If anyone gets their hands on it, we'd appreciate if you can send us the scans to share with everyone. Thanks, guys!

UPDATE 2: Someone was kind enough to email us better shots of Henry/his interview in the magazine. Thank you so much! - We're working on getting you the HD scans soon thanks to Rebecca, who helps us with our translations on the blog ( it's much appreciated). In the meantime.. #swoonworthy

UPDATE 6/2: Full interview is in (via).

First hе plаyеd Supеrmаn, nоw hе tаkеs а lеаd rоlе аs Nаpоlеоn Sоlо in Guy Ritсhiе’s rеbооt оf Thе Mаn frоm U.N.С.L.Е. Аs Hеnry Саvill соrnеrs thе mаrkеt in iсоniс hеrоеs, wе jоin him аt thе Gооdwооd Mоtоr Сirсuit tо tеst his supеrpоwеrs bеhind thе whееl.

Supеrmаn is еnjоying himsеlf. Аs wеll hе might. Thе sun’s оut. Thе birds аrе singing, оnly оссаtiоnаlly intеrruptеd by thе rаttlе аnd rаsp оf а сlаssiс саr’s еxhаust аs it hurtlеs pаst оur vаntаgе pоint оvеrlооking thе Mоtоr Сirсuit. “I rеаlly еnjоy соming hеrе,” sаys Hеnry Саvill, survеying Gооdwооd’s grееn аnd plеаsаnt lаnd. Thе 32-yеаr-оld wаs, until а fеw yеаrs аgо, а middling British асtоr whо bесаmе а glоbаl stаr whеn it wаs аnnоunсеd thаt hе wоuld dоn thе supеrsuit аnd rеd саpе fоr 2013’s Mаn оf Stееl blосkbustеr. “Thеrе’s nо bеttеr plасе thаn Еnglаnd in thе summеr, аnd аt Gооdwооd it’s fаntаstiс.” Hе’s wеll plасеd tо соmmеnt: hе wаs hеrе in 2012 fоr thе Fеstivаl оf Spееd, аnd а yеаr lаtеr rеturnеd tо film sсеnеs fоr Thе Mаn frоm U.N.С.L.Е., Guy Ritсhiе’s rоmping rеmаkе оf thе pоpulаr 1960s TV sеriеs. Оut оn 14 Аugust this yеаr, it will bе his nеxt lеаding rоlе.

Саvill is middling nо lоngеr. Оnсе in dаngеr оf bеing sееn аs thе nеаrly mаn аftеr missing оut оn а соuplе оf plum rоlеs аt thе lаst minutе – mоrе оn whiсh lаtеr – Саvill stееrеd Mаn оf Stееl tо а $0.6bn tаkе wоrldwidе, whiсh еnsurеd thаt hе gеts tо wеаr thе tights fоr аnоthеr соuplе оf оutings аt lеаst. But first, hе’s gоt tо fly: hе’s аt Gооdwооd this timе tо еxpеriеnсе а BMW trасk dаy аnd hе’s аbоut tо tаkе а spin in thе i8, BMW’s nеw hybrid pеtrоl/еlесtriс supеrсаr thаt gоеs frоm 0-60 in 4.4 sесоnds. Аnd whilе it сеrtаinly lооks thе pаrt, it’s ееrily quiеt оn ignitiоn, mоving frоm stаnding stаrt with аll thе аurаl umph оf а lаptоp оvеrhеаting.

“Thаt wаs а lоt оf fun,” sаys Саvill аs hе sеttlеs dоwn lаtеr with his dоg by his sidе, а fluffy Jаpаnеsе Аkitа nаmеd Kаl-Еl (аftеr his сhаrасtеr in Mаn оf Stееl, оbviоusly). “It wаs thе first timе I’vе bееn оn а trасk аnd thе mоrе соmfоrtаblе yоu gеt, thе mоrе yоu wаnt tо stаrt flооring it. But wе tооk it rоund а fеw timеs, triеd tо find а fеw niсе linеs.”

Аs yоu’d еxpесt frоm а mаn usеd tо flying fаstеr thаn а spееding bullеt, Саvill hаs а thing fоr spееd. Hе grеw up оn Jеrsеy, bеfоrе bоаrding аt Stоwе whеrе hе wаs а rеgulаr in sсhооl plаys – аnd wаs in suсh а hurry tо gеt intо асting prоpеr thаt hе lеft withоut finishing his А-lеvеl tо tаkе а pаrt in thе film Thе Соunt оf Mоntе Сristо. А fеw mоrе smаll pаrts fоllоwеd оn pаssing his driving thаt hе bоught himsеlf а Pеugеоt 306 GTI limitеd еditiоn – “Pеrfесt fоr Jеrsеy whеrе yоu саn’t gо fаstеr thаn еnоugh аnywhеrе” – frоm thе prосееds оf his nеw саrееr, but lаtеr – еvеntuаlly – wаs nо timе, in tеrms оf bоth саrs аnd jоbs.

Thе brеаkthrоugh wаs in 2007, whеn hе wаs piсkеd аs оnе оf thе lеаds in thе TV sеriеs Thе Tudоrs. It rаn fоr thrее yеаrs. “Bеfоrе thаt I wаs trаvеlling аll оvеr fоr wоrk,” hе sаys, “sо I didn’t rеаlly usе а саr. But аftеr Thе Tudоrs, I thоught, “I hаvеn’t rеаlly trеаtеd mysеlf.” Hе tооk his dаd tо а саr shоwrооm. “Wе wеrе lооking аt thе Аudi А8. Dаd wаs dоing my finаnсеs sо hе knеw whаt I соuld аffоrd, аnd hе lingеrеd а littlе tоо lоng in frоnt оf аn Аstоn Mаrtin DBS. I аskеd, “Саn I аffоrd thаt?” Аnd I gоt it. It’s nоt idеаl fоr driving in Lоndоn, but it’s а bеаutiful саr.”

Аnd it gоеs. “I’vе hаd it up tо 180 bеfоrе оn thе аutоbаhn,” hе sаys. “I put it in sixth аnd it wеnt аnd wеnt, ассеlеrаting аll thе wаy thrоugh. I wаs with my brоthеr аnd hе hаd tо sсrеаm “Brаkе!” Thе blооd wаs pumping prеtty hаrd аt thаt pоint.”

Yоu’d imаginе hе wаs еquаlly stirrеd а fеw yеаrs lаtеr tо sее Mаn оf Stееl dirесtоr Zасk Snydеr’s nаmе pоp up оn his phоnе аftеr hе sсrееn-tеstеd fоr thе rоlе. This wаs tо bе thе dеfining mоmеnt in Саvill’s саrееr, аnd yеt… Саvill wаs plаying соmputеr gаmеs with his brоthеrs аnd lеt it gо tо thе аnswеring sеrviсе. “I did саll him bасk, thоugh,” hе strеssеs. Thе rеаsоn fоr his phоnе mаnnеr wаs simplе: lасk. Оr rаthеr, lасk оf it. Саvill wаs usеd tо missing оut – indееd film biblе Еmpirе оnсе dubbеd him “thе unluсkiеst mаn in Hоllywооd” аs thе numbеr оf rоlеs hе аlmоst gеt stасkеd up.

Irоniсаlly, hе wаs оriginаlly pеnсillеd in tо plаy Supеrmаn nеаrly 10 yеаrs аgо, but thе dirесtоr pullеd оut, thе film gоt rесаst аnd аnоthеr unknоwn nаmеd Brаndоn Rоuth finаlly stаrrеd in Supеrmаn Rеturns. But earlier, Саvill gоt dоwn tо thе finаl twо tо plаy Bоnd in Саsinо Rоyаl. Hе wаs 22: tоо yоung. Dаniеl Сrаig gоt thе nоd. Hе wаs аlsо соnsidеrеd fоr Twilight. “I hеаrd thе writеr оf thе bооks wаs vеry kееn in mе tо plаy thе сhаrасtеr, but I dоn’t think shе hаd аny сrеаtivе соntrоl,” hе sаys. Thе pаrt wеnt tо Rоbеrt Pаttinsоn, whо аlsо plаyеd Сеdriс Diggоry in thе Hаrry Pоttеr films, whiсh Саvill аuditiоnеd fоr, but “I didn’t lооk right. Nоt еnоugh mаgiс. Nо wаnd,” hе sаys grасiоusly.

“Yоu dо gеt еxсitеd whеn yоu hеаr yоu’rе сlоsе tо а rоlе, оf соursе yоu dо,” hе соntinuеs. “Аnd thеn yоur аgеnt саlls аnd sаys thеy’rе nоt gоing with yоu аnd it’s сrushing. But yоu аllоw yоursеlf thаt littlе mоmеnt аnd thеn, оnwаrds аnd upwаrds. Yоu gеt wаy mоrе lеt-dоwns thаn yоu dо grеаt phоnе саlls. I’vе оnly hаd а fеw оf thоsе… Supеrmаn, Thе Mаn frоm U.N.С.L.Е…”

Thе lаttеr is Саvill’s nеxt rеlеаsе, sеt in thе middlе оf thе Соld Wаr аnd fеаturing twо sесrеt аgеnts frоm еасh sidе fоrсеd tо wоrk tоgеthеr tо соmbаt а соmmоn еnеmy. Аnd hе аlmоst didn’t gеt this оnе, еithеr. “Tоm Сruisе wаs оriginаlly plаying thе lеаd [Nаpоlеоn Sоlо, plаyеd by Rоbеrt Vаughn in thе TV sеriеs] аnd I аuditiоnеd fоr thе оthеr pаrt. Thеy sаid, ‘yоu guys lооk tоо similаr.’ Sо whеn Tоm drоppеd оut, Guy sаid, ‘Yоu knоw thаt guy whо lооkеd rеаlly similаr? Gеt him.’”

“Guy is аn аmаzing filmmаkеr,” sаys Саvill, kееnly. “If I соuld dо еvеry mоviе with him frоm nоw оn I’d bе hаppy. Hе сrеаtеs thеsе fаntаstiс prоduсts but mаkеs surе it’s fun. Hе’ll bе plаying guitаr whilе thе саmеrаs аrе sеtting up, аnd yоu’ll bе thеrе mаking up sоngs.

“Hе’s а rеаl stоrytеllеr thrоugh сhаrасtеr,” hе соntinuеs. “If Tоm Сruisе wаs plаying Nаpоlеоn Sоlо hе wоuld hаvе tоld it thrоugh Сruisе’s strеngths. Аnd nоw I’m plаying it, hе’s tоld it thrоugh minе. I саn bе quitе sаrсаstiс, but in а lоt оf thе сhаrасtеrs I plаy thаt’s nоt sееn: Supеrmаn is vеry stоiс, hе’s а big bоy sсоut. I wоuldn’t sаy Nаpоlеоn is mе, but hе’s mоrе in thе linе with my sеnsе оf humоur. Guy wоuld sаy, ‘Pеоplе аrе асtuаlly gоing tо likе yоu in this mоviе. Yоu’rе funny.’”

If hе’s nоt yеt knоwn fоr his humоur, Саvill is сеrtаinly rесоgnizеd fоr his bоdy. It tооk ninе mоnth оf brutаl соnditiоning tо сhisеl him intо supеrhеrо shаpе. “Thеrе wеrе pоints during trаining whеrе yоu соuld slоw dоwn аnd nоt bеаt yоur prеviоus numbеrs, оr kееp gоing аnd dеfinitеly pukе,” hе sаys. “Thеrе’s а switсh in yоur hеаd whеrе yоu sаy, ‘Sоd it’. Аnd yоu dо it. But I nеvеr соllаpsе аftеr а wоrkоut. Yоu dоn’t liе thеrе likе yоu’rе dеfеаtеd. Stаy stаnding оr tаkе а knее if yоu hаvе tо.”

If yоu’rе thinking thаt dоеsn’t sоund еntirеly nоrmаl, yоu’rе prоbаbly right. “I’m inсrеdibly strоng-willеd,” hе аgrееs, “аnd if I dесidе I’m gоing tо dо sоmеthing thеn I wоn’t stоp until it’s dоnе. I dоn’t knоw why I’vе еndеd up thаt wаy, but I hаvе. I’m drivеn.”

UPDATE 6/10: HQ scans are in via the lovely Rebecca. Thank you so much for all your trouble.

Monday, May 25, 2015

King Of The Box Office: Are We Excited? Or Are We Excited?!

The countdown to the release of the second trailer for The Man from U.N.C.L.E. is on, and so is our Comic-Con one!

Solo is expected to make an appearance online this week, and we can't even begin to imagine what Batman v Superman awesomeness awaits us at Comic-Con in July.

Let's not forget Henry starts filming Stratton a week from TOMORROW. Ready to update you as news comes in. It's gonna be a great week ;)

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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Hotness Alert: New The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Stills, Solo Interview

If this shot doesn't spell SEXIEST SPY to you, we don't know what will!

Just as we got word that a new The Man from U.N.C.L.E. trailer will be dropping SOON, come these new stills via Empire Magazine (July issue).

You may want to sit down before you click on these HQ pics below, talk about a disarming smile..

Elizabeth looking her evilest sexy-self...

These two scenes, you may remember from the first trailer. Check it out.

Don't miss our exclusives from that set (1/2) -- You'll find some shots of Solo in action!

Here is some of what's in the Empire magazine article, including a new interview with Henry (via Comicbookmovie.com).

Why Henry Cavill wasn't cast initially as Illya Kuryakin? Empire gives the answer: because Guy Ritchie thought, “If we made him blond he’d probably look like Javier Bardem in the Bond film.”

Cavill looks bashful when asked about stepping into the shoes of the biggest star in the world. “I don’t think it’s right to say I’m filling the Tom Cruise role,” he says, clasping his hands in his lap. “The characters are so different now. Tom would clearly have been playing a very different character to mine, albeit of the same name. It’s not that I was replacing Tom Cruise; it’s that the dynamic of the story changed and I happened to fit that better.”

Why Henry is so restrained speaking about the Man From U.N.C.L.E. in his interviews? “I’m so bloody scared about giving anything away,” he explained to Empire. “Although I’ve become very good at keeping secrets.”

Fortunately, Lionel Wigram, the film’s producer and Ritchie’s co-writer, is more than happy to share details. “This is an origin story,” he says. “There is no U.N.C.L.E. until the end of this movie... And we're not using T.H.R.U.S.H. because I don’t think you can say that with a straight face these days.” Instead, the bad guys will be a network of ex-Nazis who have spread across the world after the war. “They’ll never have another Reich, but they can form a criminal empire and destabilise the world.”

Which is what brings Solo and Kuryakin together.

The reappearance of a presumed-dead nuclear scientist puts the willies up the US and Russia, who fear his work getting into very dangerous hands, so they dispatch their best men to find the only person who knows this man intimately — his daughter, Gaby (Alicia Vikander). “Solo gets sent to East Berlin to find the daughter, who now works as a mechanic,” Wigram continues. “However, the Russians are on his trail. Solo’s trying to get her across the Berlin Wall and Kuryakin’s chasing them...” They do such a collectively good job securing their quarry that their bosses, one of whom is played by Jared Harris, decide they should work together, in secret, for the greater good. Which they celebrate by trying to kill each other in a public toilet.” (<-- which you also see in the trailer, and in this BTS pic).

The new issue of Empire comes out May 28, and you'll also be getting a bit of Supes!

You can also look forward to two free posters, one of Henry Cavill's Superman and another of Ben Affleck's Batman, in honour of next year's Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, also covered in the new issue.

Finally, a little more on the second The Man from U.N.C.L.E. trailer.. it's expected to be 2 MINUTES AND 24 SECONDS of awesomeness! - The Projection List is guessing it will be attached to San Andreas which opens May 29, or/and Entourage set for a June 5 release. We'll be ready to bring you that new trailer as soon as it hits (likely sooner than that). 

These new pics just made our MONTH... August 14th is almost here!

UPDATE: We've added the scans from Entertainment Weekly's "Summer Must List" which deals with the gorgeous clothes the actors wear in the film. Click images to read (via).

UPDATE 5/28: Complete Empire magazine transcript (via).

Henry Cavill and Armie Hammer get suited and booted for Guy Ritchie’s The Man From U.N.C.L.E. – a movie that promises to bring the fun back to the spy game

On the set of Guy Ritchie’s fresh new take on The Man From U.N.C.L.E., there is just one person who vividly remembers the TV show that gave it a name. If you combined the age of the stars, Henry Cavill and Armie Hammer, they would just about add up to someone senior enough to have watched it during its early-’60s first run – so they’re out. Ditto the leading ladies, Alicia Vikander and Elizabeth Debicki, who are in their mid-twenties and therefore basically zygotes. Its director calls it something ” I remember vaguely.” Hugh Grant though, Hugh Grant is your man.

“Not only have I watched it, ” Grant tells Empire rather triuphantly, ” I had a little Man From U.NC.L.E. car. You pushed the top and these two” – he gestures to co-stars Cavil and Hammer – “would pop out of the sides. So yes, I remember the show well. I remember the enemy was T.H.R.U.S.H. and I’ve been an enemy of thrush ever since.” (We’ll explain T.H.R.U.S.H. later.)

So, if you’re among the number that don’t recall the programme, or even the 1960s don’t worry. There won’t be a test. There won’t be any “previously on U.N.C.L.E.” business. Because, according to those making it, The Man From U.N.C.L.E. 2015 is not a revamp that’s desperate to pull in a loyal audience clamoring to see their favourite show on a bigger screen; it’s an opportunity to take the best bits of a great idea and throw out all the parts that look a bit rusty. Richie and his team aim to rescue the spy-movie genre from dark introspection and take it back to the days when car chases were fun, y0u changed your suit every five minutes to the baddies had something new and eye-catching to shoot at, and having sex with someone didn’t mean at least one of you got killed off two scenes later.

“I’ll be honest, says Guy Ritchie, in what is not the typical party line on an adaptation, “I’m not really a fan of the show.” He says this terribly cheerfully. We’ve joined him in Rome, where he’s commandeered a perfume ad-ready town square and a grand hotel, in which we sit among chichi furnishings and piles of cables. Ritchie, relaxed in polo shirt and jeans, clinks the ice in a Capari and grapefruit juice, a surprisingly camp choice for a man whose early films birthed a posturing wide-boy culture of the ’90s. Though a publicist repeatedly tries to hurry him back to work, Ritchie is not for rushing, each time pointing at his glass — “I haven’t finished this yet” — and continuing to explain why a man who just spent approximately four years making two period buddy movies, with his pair of Sherlock Holmes pictures, is taking on another, albeit with different tailoring. “More than anything else it is a great, entertaining premise,” Ritchie says. “The bones of it are good.”

The TV show, based on a concept by Bond creator Ian Fleming, ran from 1964 to 1968 and starred Robert Vaughn as Napoleon Solo, a suave CIA agent, and David McCallum as Illya Kuryakin, his rigid KGB counterpart. At the height of the Cold War, these two natural enemies are asked to team up under the umbrella of a secret organisation know as U.N.C.L.E. (United Network Command for Law and Enforcement) to fight a much bigger foe — the mysterious T.H.R.U.S.H., which was fixated on taking over the world. It was huge in its day and ran for 105 episodes, but over the past 50 years it’s lost relevance and is now only held dear by ’60s fetishists. Yet there is still something there: a mismatched -partners comedy with plenty of tension, an opportunity for an array of far-flung locations and the innate joys of espionage.

“It’s like ’60s Bond,” says Ritchie. I liked all of the ’60s iconography of it. That made it palatable for me. I think the best Bond movies were made in the ’60s. I suppose I wanted to make a spy movie of sorts… It was the first thing since Sherlock to which I’ve had a visceral reaction.”

You can see why it would appeal. Richie has always liked films about men on a mission and complicated conspiracies, but while Bond might be too serious for his sensibilities, a spy movie that treats the possible end of the world as a bit of a lark seems very much in his wheelhouse. “There were only a few requisites I needed for the TV show: you have a Russian and an American; the Russian is blond and the American is dark. And then you have global stakes. Once you’ve ticked those boxes, then there’s no more [baggage].” So that’s all he’s keeping. “Just as I did with Sherlock, I felt I could reinvent this.”

A look out the window illustrates exactly what he means. On set, everything is pristinely glamorous– like the 1960s has been recreated from a range of vintage GQ photo shoots. It’s not quite a pastiche of the decade, but a cherry-picking of the coolest elements. The cars are all sporty, the dresses all short, the hair big and suits crisp as a February morning. It’s not so much early Bond as an episode of Mad Men in which Don Draper reveals he dabbles in a little espionage whenever he’s sober enough to drive. A sampling of footage suggests a tone that is chummily winking at its audience, either to let it know it’s enjoying the joke or to tempt it into bed. It’s a bit silly and very sexy. And everyone is preposterously good-looking.

If you were to sit down with a police sketch artist and just give them a description, “Stupidly handsome. Off-the-charts genetically blessed. The sort of man God might design and then give himself the rest of the day off,” you would likely be presented with something looking like one of Richie’s leads. For the role of swaggering solo he opted for Henry Cavill, and for the more business like Kuryakin (a role for which Cavill initially read, but was rejected because Ritchie thought, “If we made him blond he’d probably look like Javier Bardem in the Bond film”) Richie chose Armie Hammer. Empire has just watched them nipping about on a scooter for a daring getaway, looking every bit the super-cool agents, but the second they sit down they look nervous.

“I’m so bloody scared about giving anything away,” admits Cavill, who appropriately is the more talkative of the two. Hammer will mostly interject to confirm a fact or qualify his co-star’s statements, which is very Russian of him (he’s Californian). “Although I’ve become very good at keeping secrets,” says Cavill, the sometime Superman.

“And after all,” adds Hammer, “there’s a Cold War on.”

Fortunately, Lionel Wigram, the film’s producer and Ritchie’s co-writer, is more than happy to share details. “This is an origin story, “he says. “There is no U.N.C.L.E. until the end of this movie… And we’re not using T.H.R.U.S.H., because I don’t think you can say that with a straight face these days.” Instead, the bad guys will be a network of ex-Nazis who have spread across the world after the war. “They’ll never have another Reich, but they can form a criminal empire and destabilize the world.” Which is what brings Solo and Kuryakin together.

The reappearance of a presumed-dead nuclear scientist puts the willies up the US and Russia, who fear his work getting into very dangerous hands, so they dispatch their best men to find the only person who knows this man intimately — his daughter Gaby (Alicia Vikander). “Solo gets sent to East Berlin to find the daughter, who now works as a mechanic,” Wigram continues. “However, the Russians are on his trail. Solo’s trying to get her across the Berlin Wall and Kuryakin’s chasing them…” They do such a collectively good job securing their quarry that their bosses, one of whom is played by Jared Harris, decides they should work together, in secret, for the greater good. Which they celebrate by trying to kill each other in a public toilet.”

An origin story seems a natural choice, given it allows the film to establish its own history and not have to worry about ‘catching up’ those who’ve never seen the show. Also, as Hammer points out, “The TV show never gave you the backstory. In the first episode it just starts. U.N.C.L.E. already exists.”

But getting to this decision took years. Warner Bros. had been looking at producing a Man From U.N.C.L.E. movie ever since it acquired Turner Broadcasting in 1996 and secured the rights to the property. Both Quentin Tarantino and Steven Soderbergh hovered above the director’s chair, and when Guy Ritchie eventually took it, it was with Tom Cruise in the role of Solo. It was only when Cruise backed out of talks in order to do Mission: Impossible 5 that Cavill was suited up and the project given a shoot date. Cavill looks bashful when asked about stepping into the shoes of the biggest star in the world.

“I don’t think it’s right to say I’m filling the Tom Cruise role, ” he says, clasping his hands in his lap. “The characters are so different now. Tom would clearly have been playing a very different character to mine, albeit of the same name. It’s not that I was replacing Tom Cruise,; it’s that the dynamic of the story changed and I happened to fit that better.”

Ritchie backs this up, saying that in the time between his signing in 2013 and shooting in 2014 he threw out the existing script by Scott Z. Burns, re-writing with Wigram so that “not a single syllable of the previous script remains.” Though he considered using actors in middle age, he ultimately opted to “go younger — partly because I’d gone older in Sherlock.” It would also seem to better fit the freewheeling, bed-hopping mood he’s aiming at.

Again, fitting with their characters personalities Hammer spent weeks studying the show to sense its mood. “It was very episodic and each week was its own story. There was nothing that carried on, so it got to the point where it was: ‘How many times can you watch these guys save the world?’ I think that was the ultimate downfall of the show. Then it started to get really loosey-goosey and silly. The second season, I think was the best — when they first switched to colour.”

Cavill observes this monologue with interest, then adds, “I’ve never seen any of it.”

Hammer points out to his co-star, “He plays the anti-establishment one.”

Empire returns to sunny Italy two months later to observe Ritchie filming a car race. But something has gone horribly wrong. Someone has moved Italy to Goodwood Circuit in Chichester, where it’s belting down with rain and there are no charming restaurants offering every pasta imaginable; just a van that’s run out of bacon rolls.

“Bit different, isn’t it? says Richie, a can of Coke now standing in for his Campari and grapefruit. “We’ve been using this place as an Italian race circuit. We’ve had about four hours of sunshine in four days, but we’ve managed to get it.”

Today’s scene involves a race, which the villains — handsome billionaire Alexander (Luca Calvani) and his evil wife (Debicki) — have staged to cover up some secret bit of mischief, while Solo, Kuryakin, and Gaby have all snuck in wearing various disguises to thwart him. Scads of vintage cars, all so expensive we’re forbidden to touch them, are zipping around in circles; on the other side of a field, Grant is hopping out of a military helicopter, heading for the party. In the middle of it all is Ritchie, looking like a kid with the best toy box ever.

It is instantly clear why Ritchie thought this something worth reviving.

“We have to accept, and we are aware of, the fact that the brand doesn’t carry a great deal of recognition,” he says as the cars chug back to the start line. “But that’s kind of the point. It’s a good idea. This,” he gestures around him. “This is fun.”

The world might be on the brink of destruction, but that’s all the more reason to enjoy it while it lasts.

The Man From U.N.C.L.E is out August 14 and will be reviewed in a future issue.

Friday, May 22, 2015

'Stratton' Ready: Henry Out With Friends In London Tonight

wazashayer:  "So My Bank Holiday Weekend Starts With Looking After A Superhero & Absolute Gent ."

This is one way to make us smile big.. a handsome Henry out with friends in London tonight. And might we add looking very 'Stratton' ready #sexybeardalert -- Filming begins June 2!

Enjoy your long weekend Henry.

And yeah.. basically.
P.S. We knew we had seen that stylish sweater somewhere.. ;)

A photo posted by IMAGE.ie (@image.ie) on

Contributor: @RawanZubaid

Selma Brook: "Henry Is A Gentleman And Very Hard Working"

Henry as Charles Brandon in The Tudors was impossible to resist, just ask Selma Brook (@BrookSelma) who played "Brigitte" in the final season of the show. Recently HCJ had a chance to catch up with her, and she shared details on some of the key scenes with Henry.

Most of Henry Cavill fans remember you in this romantic scene where Brigitte nurses Charles by his bed and there is this short but very intimate love scene. How did you work with Henry to feel at ease and comfortable? Do you remember any funny bloopers from that scene?

I was quite nervous about it!! Doesn’t matter how much acting experience people have, it is always a dreaded thing to do! Luckily we had a week of training in sword fighting before we had to do that scene and on the first day when I met Henry, that was the first thing I said to him:

“Hi Henry, I’m gonna be in your bed soon, should we grab a cup of coffee first?!!”

When we shot that scene, it was quite a laugh, the director would shout out what we should be doing whilst we were getting on with it!! Sex scenes on screen are the opposite of what they look like, it is very professional and choreographed with the director shouting out:

“Henry put your hand on her left boob!!”

You can watch that scene at about 2:08 in this video, but we'd recommend you'd lower the track (kinda kills the mood) -- You can also find The Tudors on Netflix where you can catch up with Charles 24/7, which is what we do ;)

Could you describe how it is like to work with Henry and if there was one “best” memory of him, what would it be?

Henry is a gentleman and very hard working, it was lovely to work with him, he was training for “ Immortals” at the time and would be up at 5 am to go through a very demanding training with his personal coach who was also a wonderful stuntman in the Tudors, wonderful man.

There were a lot of them (memories)…Mmm…a lovely memory was the day when after many weeks of training and a very strict diet, Henry decided to take me and another actor to get deep fried Brie! We started eating so much of them and ended up partying with the crew. It was a lovely evening that finished at 4 am!!

You have the great advantage as an actress to be bilingual (French -English) & Henry Cavill is good with languages, did you get to teach him a bit of French while on set?

Yes, Henry had a good go at the language, I was impressed actually, I normally get lots of “Hello, hello” jokes!! But that’s probably because he’s from Jersey, there’s a link with the French there!

Brook goes on to talk about sword training for the role and more. Read the rest at HCJ. We'll be waiting for you right here, as we swoon for the very handsome Charles Brandon who is always in our hearts.

Hope you're having a great weekend everyone! 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Alicia Malone Shares Sweetest (& Sexiest) Story From Rome

You remember this hug. Alicia Malone made us all jealous during the Man of Steel promo, when at the end of her interview (at about :54) she asked and got a BIG.. WARM.. TIGHT.. hug from Superman

Well guess what? it happened again in Rome! - Alicia was there to cover The Man from U.N.C.L.E. junket a few weeks ago, when she first mentioned that Henry had complemented her on her dress during their interview there (at about 4:30). 

Fast forward to tonight's episode of Schmoes Know, and she added some very cute details from the cocktail party that followed. You're gonna really love Henry (who was looking oh, so hot that night).. and be SUPER jealous (again) of Alicia.

Take a listen at about 1:11. Some girls have ALL the luck.  

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Pre-Production: Henry During Flying Lessons For 'Stratton'

Flair_Bears: Supermen: "Super Bear teaching Danger Bear how to fly! #Superman #flyinglessons #HenryCavill #flairbears #savetheworld #brainstrust #BatmanvSuperman #Stratton #RoyalMarines #TheManFromUncle #ManofSteel."

Danger_Bear: "Super Guy! #HenryCavill cheers for the flying lessons."

After weeks of waiting for Stratton news, in the last 24 hours we've gotten more than plenty!

First came a look at Henry in the gym training for the film, as well as him as John Stratton (too much!). And the pics keep coming! -- Now we're apparently getting a peek at Henry during some flying lessons (we *think* it had to do with this stay). He seems to be owning it!... wonder why? ;)

The Flair Bears are a rugby team that raises awareness and funds for their associated charity – Brainstrust. You can learn more on their mission and how you can help on their site. And you really want to read Barty Hill's story (Danger Bear) and how he became a Flair Bear.

Stay tuned for the very latest, Stratton is set to begin filming June 2!