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Monday, June 30, 2014

Henry Cavill As Clark Kent On The 'Batman v Superman' Set

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Is this a Monday treat or WHAT???!! today the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund released a FIRST LOOK at Henry Cavill as Clark Kent on the set of Batman v Superman in Detroit, as he pledged his support for the Royal Marines.
Learn all about Henry's involvement with the RMCTF here. We have much more to come, including your chance to win a t-shirt signed by Superman himself!      

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So what do you guys think about Clark's updated look? we most definitely agree with Nik:
Sound off in the comments section and stay tuned for the latest from Detroit. And please help out one of Henry's favorite charities if you can.

Filming Heads Out Of MI Studios, Warner Bros. Expands Overseas, Wonder Woman Spotted On Her 'Other' Set

It may not look like much, but could we be looking at the next/current filming location for Batman v Superman? we first told you about Metamora Township back in January. Neighbors heard a house was being built by a lake for one scene in the film. Fast forward to Sunday, when a whole lot of production vehicles started arriving. This time around those living nearby were told crews would be conducting an "equipment test," according to MLive. You can see the rest of the pics on their post. An OLV tipster also mentioned a "glass house" crews allegedly constructed on site. No confirmation on whether any filming has taken place, but this trailer certainly looks like the temporary home of a star. But which one? ;)

A few days ago we told you about another location that is definitely being prepped for filming in Downtown Detroit. Now the Detroit Free Press has an update, along with a much better look at the area in pictures. Check it out. While it's not confirmed that the set-up is for Batman v Superman, Film Detroit's national manager said this to the newspaper about the movie:  “It’s really the only big thing going on now.”

Sounds like you may soon get a chance to see some filming Detroit! - keep us posted. Now that we know there are several DC superhero films on the way including a proper Man of Steel sequel in 2018, it seems likely the cast and crew could be headed overseas. Especially after Warner Brothers announced the expansion of its Leavesden studios outside of London.


To meet the constantly increasing need for space in the UK where foreign productions are being lured in droves by lucrative film and TV tax credits, Leavesden will add one new 35,000 square foot and two new 17,000 square foot buildings, as well as 20,000 square feet of adjacent office space. The work will be completed by the end of the year. At that point, the facility will have 13 sound stages. A further two buildings located next to the lot have also been acquired to grow the production office space by 105,000 square feet. Earlier this year, the studio added an extra 50,000 square feet of workshop space, a 62,500 square foot external tank, and another 48,400 square foot sound stage.

We brought you many updates from there last fall, since that's where the majority of The Man from U.N.C.L.E. was filmed. It remains to be seen if Henry gets a chance to work close to home again. But considering that films like the Avengers sequel and Star Wars are now filming in London, we would not be surprised if Superman flies over there as well.

Great news for those of you who loved the Man of Steel special effects. Collider has confirmed Weta Digital is now working on Batman v Superman. They were responsible for the Krypton opening scenes, as well as the cool liquid effect display in this scene with Kal and his dad (yes, we realize it's hard to focus on the background when you have THE MAN in front of you, but try).

Thanks to @juanmies for the tip. By the way, it looks like Wonder Woman is now busy with her 'other' summer film where pics ARE permitted on set. Booh.
Seems like news on Batman v Superman is picking up as Comic-Con gets closer. We can't wait to bring you whatever surprises await us a few weeks from now!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Fan Art of The Month: Rossella Paints Henry & Shares Her Story

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Hello handsome! - we had brought you Rossella's photo with Henry last year, after she met him while he filmed The Man from U.N.C.L.E. in Italy. Now we're highlighting her art. She was inspired to paint Henry after chatting with him briefly and we wanted to know more about how her piece came about. Here's her story.

Tell us about how you met Henry and what that experience was like?

Well, some days before meeting Henry outside the hotel where he was staying during the filming of "The Man from U.N.C.L.E." I found out on a website all the news about the set and his arrival in Naples, where I live. So I decided to try to meet him on the set or in town. I had been trying to meet him for 4/5 days. Eventually I made up my mind and on the 30th of September 2013, I decided to wait for him outside the "Grand Hotel Vesuvio." I had been waiting for him for almost 5 hours and suddenly I saw him leave the hotel to have lunch, maybe. I gathered all my courage and walked towards him. When I asked him if we could take a photo together, he replied in a very polite way, telling me to wait just half an hour when he came back to the hotel. I was completely excited (because of his nice way of speaking a little bit of Italian), so I agreed, of course. After half an hour he came back and surprisingly he noticed me first, walking over to where I was to remind me to take the photo. Very nice of him. So we took the photo, he thanked me with beautiful "GRAZIE" and he shook my hand just saying "CIAO." He crossed the street and when he arrived at the entrance of the hotel he waved back at me again. The most beautiful, exciting and amazing experience I have ever had.

What inspired you to paint him?

When I met him, the first thing that captured all my attention was his eyes. I love painting, and even if it seems strange to say, I can' t live without it. I adore making portraits and focus my "skill" on painting eyes. Before meeting Henry I just knew about his heterochromia and had found his eyes to be AMAZING. But when I saw them in real life I thought : "WOW." I love looking for beautiful and particular eyes to paint, but as far as I am concerned, Henry's eyes are still the most wonderful I have ever seen. If I have to be sincere it was his "blemish" (even if think it is a beautiful peculiar quality), the particular deep blue of his eyes and his manners that inspired me (and of course his physical beauty).

What can you tell us about your choice of colors, background, and theme in general, including that scratch on his chest?

I decided to paint an angel who looks like Henry because his face reminds me of that of an angel: above all because of his eyes (as I said before), his somatic characteristics, his beautiful curly hair, his behavior (so polite and friendly) etc... I don't really know why this was my inspiration, it was something that I saw just in my imagination and I decided to paint what stood in my mind. In my opinion blue it is his color. The first time I met Henry he wore a blue t-shirt and I imagined the portrait with a beautiful sky, full of many shades of blue in the background. About that scratch on his chest, I can't explain in a simple way why I chose to paint it on his body. Generally, when I make "fantasy" portraits, I like imagining people, who are as beautiful on the outside as they are in the inside, and the interior beauty must come also from life experience; the scratch, in my opinion, symbolizes bad experiences which make people stronger (and more interesting).

How long did it take you to finish it and what materials did you use?

Well... It took me almost 3 months to finish it. I used a canvas panel which could make the portrait last much longer.

Why are you a fan of Henry's?

I am sincere: I became Henry's fan the moment I saw him in real life. It may sound strange but it is the truth. Before that amazing experience I had just seen "Immortals" and "Man of Steel." After that day I have been trying to make up for lost time, even with my "art".

Best wishes 
Rossella Di Franco

We are highlighting Rosella's work on our main page. We'll also be posting other Henry-inspired videos and drawings in the coming weeks. If you want to submit yours, email us at henrycavillnews@gmail.comThanks for sharing your admiration for Henry everyone!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Latest From Detroit: Batman Sightings: 2 - Superman: 0

Here we are a few months into the Batman v Superman shoot, and so far we have seen ZERO pictures of Henry on set. Not for the lack of trying, fans have been hanging out near the Michigan Motion Picture Studios in Pontiac bringing us some cool updates, but it seems production is one step ahead of us this time around (and apparently Detroit is pap-free). All we can hope for now, is that Warner Bros. has something special planned for us at Comic-Con. Unleash the super suit Zack Snyder!

Filming continued late into the night at LexCorp Friday, where some sort of explosion or fire took place by the looks of this picture snapped by Ethan. Notice the friendly faces staring back at him. Security not messing around! (another reason why pics are hard to come by).

Whether Ben was indeed on set remains a mystery, but he was spotted shopping in Detroit earlier in the week. DSE Detroit posted this pic (IG) as he left their store. Note the serious "I'm Batman" face.

OLV and their reader Steven also shared some pics of what appears to be the latest set getting ready for some action. We'll keep an eye on it and bring you updates if it turns out to be a Batman v Superman location.

Finally, DC Comics just shared their Top Ten Super Superman Moments as decided in part by fans. Our favorite #2 ;)

We are on the lookout for Superman - it's been a while since we saw his handsome face (11 days but who is counting). So if you spot him this weekend say hi (he's a really nice guy) and then share your pic with us poor souls not lucky enough to be there. Thanks in advance!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Henry Gets New Costar, Detroit Update, Cast Spotted Out & About

Henry has reportedly gained a new costar in Scoot McNairy. Deadline was first to report he's been cast in an unknown Batman v Superman role, but @ElMayimbe over at Latino Review seems to think he knows who Scoot will be playing..
He could be right since as The Wrap points out, Scoot has worked closely with Ben Affleck before.. several times in fact: READ MORE.

Things have been pretty busy in Detroit this week, with filming in and near the Michigan Motion Picture Studios. According to MLive's Eric Lacy, scenes were shot in the Daily Planet (Hello Clark!) but so far no pics of Henry on set. Could Comic-Con be the place where we get the first glimpse of Superman in his new suit? we'll be there to bring you daily updates!   

While Henry hasn't been seen in or out of the studio recently, his costars have been spotted out and about.
Today Amy Adams was flying back to L.A. from Detroit, when she did a very honorable thing that caught the world's attention: She gave her first class seat to a U.S. soldier.
Read the details and watch what Amy told Inside Edition when she landed at LAX:

"I didn't do it for attention for myself, I did it for attention for the troops."

 Go Lois!

We also had a Lex Luthor sighting in Detroit this week.
Tao Okamoto even shared a first look (on IG) at her new Batman v Superman hairstyle, while back in New York during a break from filming.

And it looks like Alfred is not needed on set just yet. Comic book illustrator Kel Winser ran into Jeremy Irons in the UK earlier this week and shared his pic on Instagram. He says Jeremy told him "the script was great and he wouldn't be disappointed."

We hear nothing but great things about what's happening in Detroit and have complete confidence in director Zack Snyder and his team. After all, he brought us Man of Steel. Thanks to everyone for sharing their pics and updates. Keep them coming! 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Batman v Superman: Comic-Con Footage Rumor, Details On Wonder Woman's Costume

Could it be true? we don't want to get TOO excited, but rumor is we're seeing some sort of footage from Batman v Superman at Comic-Con next month. As far as we're concerned, they could show us some red boots on the big screen and we'd be fangirling for the rest of the year. Oh wait.. they already did that.

Obviously Warner Bros. MUST be planning something big, since the news broke that the studio will be announcing its superhero slate in Hall H. We'll be there to bring you all the action starting on preview night, July 23rd.

The guys over at JoBlo have a pretty cool exclusive involving what they hear Wonder Woman's costume looks like and some Batman and Lex Luthor goodies as well. Mind you if their scoop turns out to be true there are MAJOR SPOILERS in there, so proceed at your own risk. Of course we're also waiting to see Henry in his new Superman suit. When we talked to costume designer Michael Wilkinson earlier this year he wouldn't give up the goods, but he did talk extensively about working with Henry. We can't wait for the big reveal.

And who would have thought the boy wizard now wants to be Robin. During a rapid fire interview with BuzzFeed, Daniel Radcliffe revealed he wouldn't mind being Batman's partner. Check it out at about 1:51.

Keep up with the latest news from Detroit, where Henry is busy filming Batman v Superman. Updates as we get them!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Fan Flashback: Henry & His Curls At The 'Sucker Punch' Premiere

HashBrownKelvin (IG) just shared his great pic with Henry at the London Sucker Punch premiere in March of 2011. Thank you!

See everything else from that day!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Filming: Superman Statue Comes Down, LexCorp Takes Flight

Batman v Superman filming continues in the Detroit area and Friday we were sad to see Supes go. The statue was moved from the stage it had been standing on for a few weeks now, at the Michigan Motion Picture Studios in Pontiac. On the upside we did get a look at the LexCorp chopper coming in for a landing and some New York City cabs being used during filming.  

Set photographer Clay Enos has been sharing some fun shots from Michigan as well, and this one of director Zack Snyder is pretty awesome. He's looking as ripped as his superheroes!  

And looks like Wonder Woman has gotten a makeover! - Gal Gadot posted this picture on her Facebook page with a weekend greeting to her followers. Hot, hot, hot! - According to Juan Mimendi, she's only sporting a wig for a commercial. Very nice.

Now if we could just get a photo of Henry on set.. let's see what the last week of June brings. If you spot any filming, we'd love to hear from you: henrycavillnews@gmail.com. Happy set hunting!

Contributors: @Bananadoc, @JStoix.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Latest From Detroit: Filming Continues, No Superman In Sight

UPDATE 6/19: Jason Momoa was on with Jimmy Kimmel last night and while he remained coy about being Aquaman, who is he kidding? CONFIRM IT ALREADY - check out the clip below.

And thanks to the very awesome Joe, we have a first look at the LexCorp chopper!
It's been a busy last few days on the latest Batman v Superman set, that seems to be centering on LexCorp.

Matt has been checking out that set and shared this pic from the studio, where Superman is once again under wraps.

He also gave us a good look at some of the license plates on the cars. Love the details!

So that's that. We are still waiting to see pics of Henry on set, but the way things are going it's looking like it may be a while.. sigh. At least we get to see him in fan pics! (and we are SO grateful for that, thank you Henry).
Batman v Superman showed up at the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas this week. Check out the banner in the video (via blurppy) and cross your fingers we get some good stuff at Comic-Con, that's a little bit more than a month away!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Henry Spotted Sporting His Super Curl In Latest Detroit Fan Pic

Tammy shared her pic with Henry, after she met him yesterday in Detroit. Looking great Superman! - don't miss the rest of the recent fan pics from Michigan. 

If you own this photo please let us know so we can credit you. It was posted online without a link back to the owner (sigh). We'd love to give you a proper shout-out! 

Batman v Superman: Momoa Definitely In, Extra Role Auctioned Off, Batman Looking Buff

LexCorp was looking busy today as Priya8888 found out, when she drove past the Batman v Superman set and took this pic. She says things seemed to be winding down when she was there. Last week the cast and crew were busy filming at the Pontiac, MI studios where both Gotham and Metropolis vehicle were spotted. And over the weekend carteezy17 was driving from Michigan to Chicago, when he saw the Metropolis police chopper being transported "somewhere." The film is expected to film in Illinois at some point. 

So how much would you pay to be part of Batman v Superman? - one bidder just shelled out some big bucks to be an extra in the film. 

For that kind of money we certainly hope their scene includes Henry! - congrats to the lucky winner. You have to give it to Batman, he's been working hard (just like Superman) and now it's really showing. Photographers caught up with Ben in LA Saturday. We can't wait for our two big guys to face-off  ;) 

And guess what? - turns out the agency grid that that listed Darkseid as the villain for Justice League is outdated. So we're back to square one..

Today for the 100th time, we learned Jason Momoa IS AQUAMAN (THR the latest to report the news). Please put us out of our repeat writing misery WB, and just confirm the news already. Stay tuned for the latest from Detroit!

WB Shows Never-Before-Seen U.N.C.L.E. Footage At CineEurope

Aren't they a lucky bunch! - during a presentation at CineEurope in Barcelona tonight, foreign theater owners got to watch some never-before-seen footage of The Man from U.N.C.L.E. - The Hollywood Reporter says it was part of the Warner Bros. presentation at the annual exhibitors convention. The film is set to be released January 16, 2015 in the U.S. and the UK. More U.N.C.L.E. scoop to come this week! 

Saturday, June 14, 2014

'Batman v Superman' Filming At Studios, Latest Casting Rumors

Is that cool or what? - photographer Michael Dore' says he was awakened overnight by the sound of the Metropolis police chopper. Turns out he lives right by the Michigan Motion Picture Studios where earlier a fan captured the pic of the Gotham news van below. What was filmed remains a mystery. Earlier in the week, the cast and crew were spotted at a nearby hotel and there were also reports of filming in Downtown Detroit. As for the rumors of a military scene being shot, nothing seems to have materialized from that. 

Photographer Clay Enos posted the pic above, seemingly from one of those sets. We do hear some filming had to be delayed because of the rain. Let's see what next week brings.

The other big Batman v Superman news involves the long running rumor, that Jason Momoa has been cast as Aquaman. Despite his constant denials, HitFix says he is SO gonna be Aquaman:

While Warner Bros. hasn't made that announcement officially yet, HitFix can confirm that he will be playing the part, and that Zack Snyder has already finalized his designs for the character so shooting can take place soon.

Hopefully the official announcement is coming soon. Another interesting tidbit comes via The Wrap's Jeff Sneider, who is providing a few clues of which additional superheroes and villains we might see in Justice League.

So if you go by that posting, to us that means more proof that a Doomsday appearance could be happening in Batman v Superman (don't forget Henry mentioned him not too long ago). Then again, we're not sure we're ready for the consequences of that..

Finally, today marks one year since Man of Steel was released in theaters. We can't wait to see Henry reprise his role as Superman, hopefully for many more years to come. Happy anniversary!

Sexy Curls Alert! - Henry At Puerto Rico Nightclub

@raymondshakk just shared a pic he took with Henry, when he visited a Puerto Rico nightclub a year ago. He called him "a very cool guy," and says Henry told him he'd be back!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

SDCC Preview: Henry Expected To Get Second Solo Superman Film!

It's news that if true, will make us happy campers for the next few years. Nikki Finke is reporting that Henry is getting his second solo Man of Steel film in 2018!

She broke the news as part of her exclusive, on what Warner Bros. will reportedly reveal at Comic-Con next month.

A lot of stuff remains in flux  but my sources have so far:

May 2016 – Batman v Superman
July 2016 – Shazam
Xmas 2016 – Sandman
May 2017 – Justice League
July 2017 – Wonder Woman
Xmas 2017 – Flash and Green Lantern team-up
May 2018 – Man Of Steel 2

OMG. Seriously.. and here we thought San Diego would be all #Batman75 related this year. If her report turns out to be true (and she's among the best) we have plenty of superhero Henry to look forward to in the years to come. Nikki also explains the Batman v Superman production delay, so don't miss the rest of her article. We are headed to Comic-Con next month, so expect updates like we brought you last year.

Go Henry!

'Batman v Superman' Production Update: Facts, Rumors, More

Batman v Superman production news has been trickling in from Michigan this week, after the weather apparently delayed several planned shoots. But we do have pics and info from two confirmed locations that have now wrapped. Wednesday the cast and crew, that allegedly included Amy Adams and Henry worked at a Pontiac area hotel. Michael G. sent us these exclusive pictures along with a few details. He said there was a lot of security around the back part of the hotel where filming took place for most of the day. He added that several times during the shoot, police stopped traffic on nearby streets.

When he returned to check on the location today, it was clear that work was done there. Below is a picture of crews tearing down the set-up used during filming.

There is a report Henry was spotted in his Superman suit last night. This is what @justwitt had to say:  I could only see a portion of the S & his boots. And his handsome face of course! Also saw Amy for a very brief sec.

If that is the case, that sighting might have happened as Henry headed to this location in the Detroit area. Several fans posted pics of the set for last night's filming that was gone by this morning.

Image: vlykogiannis

Michael also exclusively shared these pics from the studio today, where a huge green screen has been set up. He also said he spotted a black and white Metropolis Police cruiser driving around. Unfortunately he couldn't get a pic of that, but check out Eric Lacy's latest close-up photos of the vehicles parked in the area.

This was LexCorp. today, where Michael said there was a lot more activity than in previous days. But you can see the sign is still very much covered, which makes us wonder if that pic floating around online with the logo unveiled is real. More updates to come!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Weekend Fun: Adam Shares His Pic With Henry

Adam Jones met Henry in Detroit and sent us his pic with this message: 

Attached is a pic from last weekend with Henry in Michigan...  Thanks for the pic Henry!!

Thank you for sharing Adam, awesome photo -- so glad you got to meet him! - Several fans caught up with Henry over the weekend, see their pics.

Production In Full Swing: Amy Adams Back In Detroit, More Props Spotted

Despite the fact that fan pics have given us a preview of how Henry looks as he films Batman v Superman, we have yet to see him in his new costume (dammit). We did learn Amy is back in Detroit, after blogger Trent Vanegas spotted her on his flight Tuesday. Looking as gorgeous as ever Lois!

Emergency vehicles and military trucks were also spotted on set (via Batman-News.com reader Janelle), and you've seen the big statue being put together near what's expected to be the LexCorp building. So now we're just awaiting the action. If you check out these sets and have pics and details to share, let us know at henrycavillnews@gmail.com. All very exciting!