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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Henry And Kal's Mysteriously Muddy & Bloody Halloween

Nothing to see here... other than Kal's super guilty smile... and Henry's mud-covered hands and face... what axe?... like we said... moving right along. 

Hope you two are having a KILLER time. 

From Henry's FB

In the meantime, over at Jersey Zoo Henry's adopted gorillas were also having a blast. Just in a very different, sane way.  Happy Halloween!  

The Rake Magazine: Henry Talks DCEU, M:I6, Charity Work

"Becoming the white chocolate" was something Henry apparently had to master, during his photo shoot for The Rake magazine. He's featured in their latest issue, and these past few weeks we've been sharing all the hot pics with you. Now we have his full interview. Henry gives his opinion on the changes in the DCEU, talks M:I6, his commitment to The Royal Marines Charity and Durrell Wildlife, mentions the "sense of ownership" some admirers think they have over his life, and even throws in a quote involving a possible Man from U.N.C.L.E. 2!  -- Check it out below. 

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Here is the link where you can order issue #54 of The Rake magazine.

A big thanks to @FiftyShadesAS for the screencaps. 

Monday, October 30, 2017

"You Are A Very Nice Person" Evangeline's Pics With Henry

"Met Mr. HENRY CAVILL/Clark(Man of steel) #SUPERMAN Ur a very nice person thank you sir for ds opportunity we're so lucky to see u Dream come true 😉#fangirl 💋#FirstClassLounge"

Evangeline Facun
and her coworkers had the chance to meet Henry as he traveled for the first leg of the Justice League promo tour. Thanks for sharing your photos!

Catch up on everything from China in our wraps: 1/2/3/4. Next up: The press junket in England!

Friday, October 27, 2017

Henry Thanks China, Superman's Heartwarming Gesture

The first stop in the Justice League press tour is a wrap. Henry flew out of Beijing today, but not before thanking China for its hospitality. Catch up on all of his appearances at these links: 1/2/3.

One super  kind gesture that caught the internet's attention, came when Henry stopped to comfort a grieving mother.

She attended the premiere with a touching sign about her son, who was reportedly a big Justice League fan.

According to China.com, Henry and Ezra Miller signed the drawing on the red carpet, and then DC Films was able to get her contact info so they could have the rest of the cast sign it for her. They later posted the drawing with all the cast signatures on their official Weibo account.

On his first night in Beijing, Henry mentioned how the role of Superman has allowed him to make a difference when he can. The internet will tell you, this is definitely one of those times.

Travel safe, Superman!

UPDATE: The fan who shot the video of Henry meeting the fan's mom, shared his experience with us (click on the text). Kindness all around. Thank you!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

'Justice League' Cast In Beijing: Everything From Day 2

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It's day 2 for the Justice League cast in Beijing, and they've been out sightseeing. Here are the latest pics and don't miss everything from the premiere and the press Q&A.


'Justice League' Premiere In Beijing: All Pics & Videos

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You can always count on Henry for a good laugh.. funny Supes.

After a busy afternoon of meeting with the Chinese press (see our wrap), Henry and his Justice League costars walked the red carpet in Beijing. They met with fans and took pics before heading inside a theater to for a Justice League preview. Here's what we have so far!

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