Friday, October 31, 2014

Gibraltar Coverage: Henry With Royal Marines, Fans Ahead Of 'Rock Run'

What makes a great ambassador? we learned that by watching Henry over the weekend. As you know we were lucky enough to cover the Gibraltar Rock Run and talk to Henry, before he trekked up that mountain with his Royal Marine brother Nik, and his trainer Michael Blevins. And we're not exaggerating when we tell you that from the moment Henry arrived in Gibraltar to the moment he flew out, he was the most honorable and kind person with everyone who approached him. We brought you the pictures from the airport Friday and the welcoming party that followed. We caught up with him a little later, during an impromptu get-together at Casemates Square. These are a few pics and quick video we shot, as Henry signed and posed with Royal Marines, fellow Rock Run participants and fans. What a guy. But we don't have to tell you that ;)

We still have tons of stuff to share with you from Gibraltar, and you're gonna love it!

RMCTF Shares Photos From Gibraltar Events

We had the pleasure of meeting several of the organizers of the Gibraltar Rock Run while we covered Henry's trip over the weekend. They posted these amazing photos below, you can see the rest on their Facebook page. We look forward to working with Charlie and everyone else at The Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund in the coming years, as Henry represents them as their ambassador. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!

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Thanks to @RMWAGsCalendar for the heads up on the photos. We have much more to share from Gibraltar!