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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Must Watch: 'Batman v Superman' Cast On 'Conan'

TBS gave us a preview, and here's the first official photo!

UPDATE (4/1): Full show is in!





Batman slept with Superman's mom (which is why they're really fighting).

"Ben Affleck + Henry Cavill = Henjamin Cavfleck" (they don't like Benry) - Click on the playlist on the top left to see all of the clips. We'll add the full show when it's in.

Shorter clips

Supes Declared Ultimate Superhero, IMDb Boost, Fan Support

Run superheroes, run!

"We started with 32 superheroes, 16 from Marvel and 16 from DC, ranging from powerhouses Captain America and Batman to underdogs Black Widow and Green Arrow. And it turned out that strength and superpowers beat popularity quite a few times. Marvel box-office draws Iron Man and Captain America were both knocked out during the Elite 8, by The Hulk and Thor, respectively. We won't spoil how it went down in Batman v Superman, but in our bracket, Superman handily knocked out Batman, 62% to 38%.

After three rounds of voting at usatoday.com, and thousands of votes cast, only two heroes were left standing. Representing Marvel: The gamma radiation-powered rage monster of The Hulk. Representing DC: The Man of Steel himself. But when it came down to it, Superman knocked out Hulk (65% to 35%) to take the title."

Supes rules, and him and Wonder Woman are also rocking the public's interest over on IMDb this week.

What's really nice to see, is how proud everyone is of Henry as Supes. It's not just the character that draws them in, but the sweet guy who plays him and leaves his mark with everyone he meets.

First time i watched your movie was man of steel. I just want to buy ice cream magnum in supermarket near south kensington London..but suddenly saw you besides the shop.i still cant believe can see you in real eye of my life when i in London..I just watch your acting in the film. You are very polite and very humble. Today , i watch your movie again in cinema which is BATMAN vs SUPERMAN Man Dawn of Justice..very sad the ending film but never mind you are still my supermanπŸ˜˜πŸ’˜πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ great job @henrycavill .. You are good actor.πŸ˜ŽπŸ’ hope can see you when im in london again with Kal-el cute dog 😊 #superman #batman #henrycavill #henrycavillorg #henrycavillfanpage #henrycavillunofficial #london #cafelondon #uk #fun #best #amazing #travel #supermanvsbatmandawnofjustice #supermanvsbatman #throwback #manofsteel #brucewayne #clarkkent
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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

First Look: Cast Of 'Batman v Superman' On Conan

This promises to be an awesome show. TBS has given us a first look at the cast of Batman v Superman on Conan (the show was recorded during the LA press junket).

We'll post the video as soon as it's in!

'Batman v Superman' Crosses $500 Million Mark

Supes puppy kisses for everyone!

Batman v Superman is showing its strength at the box office. Never doubted it would. Go fans!

"Fandango reports that it is seeing 30% more repeat business than the ticketer usually sees for a blockbuster film, indicating some fans enjoyed the spectacle."

Deadline: "In a statement, Veronika Kwan Vandenberg, Warners’ president of Worldwide Distribution beamed, “These incredible numbers are building momentum for not only this movie but for the upcoming slate of DC superhero films.”

You really want to take the time to watch this video below. He's a guy who seems to really "get it," and whose films capture the spirit of why these characters mean so much to so many.

Then again, maybe you'd prefer Jimmy's version..

Happy Wednesday, everyone.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Tuesday Surprise: Henry Is Back In Los Angeles

Hi Supes!

Henry was photographed arriving in Los Angeles today, as the Batman v Superman promo tour winds down. He's set to appear on Conan on Thursday along with the rest of the cast, but that show has already been recorded. So our guess is as good as yours, as to why he's in town. A lucky fan did have a brush with Henry as he left London earlier.   

Justice League is set to start filming soon, but no word on when Henry will be needed on set. We hope he enjoys his time in a rainy and chilly LA. 

(Thanks to @HenryCavillBR)

'The Durrell Challenge' Getting Closer, Join Henry In Jersey!

**There are just 2 days left to sign up for the 13K at Early Bird rates** Preferential rates will end at MIDNIGHT on 31 March 2026. To #doitfordurrell and join our race ambassador @henrycavill sign up to our challenge and scenic 13K here: www.doitfordurrell.com After the race there will be a Family Fun Day in @durrellwildlife park from 11am - 5:30pm with fun entertainment, local catering and exhibition stalls showcasing the best Jersey has to offer. There will also be the opportunity to listen to special talks from the keepers and learn more about the animals. All 13K runners will enjoy free entry to the Family Fun Day. Click the link in our bio to book your park tickets now! All proceeds will go directly to @durrellwildlife Conservation Trust. (Please note that tickets must be bought in advance, due to high numbers expected. Image credit: Durrell Wildlife Park) #durrellwildlifepark #conservation #jerseyci #visitjerseyci #henrycavill #13k #familyfunday
A photo posted by The Durrell Challenge (@thedurrellchallenge) on

We've been to Jersey and Durrell Wildlife Park, and if you have the chance to join us in this challenge -- don't miss out. Henry's home is a beautiful place, and when you meet the animals he's trying to save you're going to see why your help is so important (and you're definitely gonna fall in love with his adopted family).

Durrell via Jersey Evening Post

Superman gave us a preview of his training for the challenge recently, we hope to see you May 15 -->> doitfordurrell.com

UPDATE (3/31): New pic with an important reminder. It's gonna be be awesome, hope you can make it.

Batman v Superman Latest Numbers, Our Thanks To Zack Snyder

A day after Henry and Gal gave their thanks to fans for helping Batman v Superman rock the box office, there is more great news to share..

There is also more record-breaking numbers coming in from overseas..

Today set phtographer Clay Enos, came to the defense of the film on twitter. And we couldn't agree more with what he had to say..

And with Justice League about to start filming, you'll want to keep up with the Easter Eggs..

This was just funny. We miss Zod.. and even he sides with Supes.

Finally we want to send a huge shoutout to director Zack Snyder, who is now busy in London preparing to start filming Justice League. He not only gave us Henry as Supes, he's about to create a world we've never seen on screen before. We are very grateful for his awesome vision, his amazing energy, and we cannot wait to see what comes next. You have our full support.

Images: Warner Bros.

'Shortlist' Magazine Outtakes By Jill Greenberg

A photo posted by Jill Greenberg (@jill.greenberg) on

It's pure black and white brilliance.

Photographer Jill Greenberg was in charge of Henry's shoot for Shortlist magazine, as he promoted Man of Steel in 2013. This week she's released a couple of outtakes from that day.

You can see her original photos in our wrap, and don't miss Henry's insightful interview.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Henry Thanks Fans For 'Batman v Superman' Support

A photo posted by Henry Cavill (@henrycavill) on

Happy Monday!

Today Henry is thanking you, his amazing fans, for giving Batman v Superman a record-breaking Easter weekend around the world.

We're exactly two weeks away from the start of filming on Justice League, and the countdown will then begin all over again to November 17, 2017.

Let's do this Superman.

P.S. Wonder Woman also sends her love.

Awee.. and so does Warner Bros. Group hug!

'Good Morning America' Chats With 'Batman v Superman' Cast

The cast of Batman v Superman has been heavily promoted on Good Morning America (don't miss Henry's appearance on the show), and today ABC aired a new clip from an interview they conducted with the cast in LA a few weeks ago. It's a funny one, with Amy talking about her inappropriate Lois kiss, and Gal's silence saying a lot about who may be making a cameo in Wonder Woman (hint: It's SO Henry).  WATCH IT AT THEIR SITE or below.

'Batman v Superman' Deleted Scene Awesomeness

This explains a lot. Warner Bros. has released a deleted scene from Batman v Superman, and it clears up some questions you may have after watching the film. For a spoilery theory check out Collider's explainer.

They also talked to producer Deborah Snyder about the appearance of The Flash in the film.

Even more cool details below. We posted the links to pre-order the director's cut (set to be released July 16) in our Easter egg post.

Who is ready for Justice League?! (you could say we're excited).

'Batman v Superman' Cast Pose For 'USA Today' In LA

More pictures are surfacing from the DC Trinity's shoot for USA Today, during the U.S. Batman v Superman press junket in LA. We'll keep adding them on this post. You can watch their interview with them in our latest interview wrap. Catch up now!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

'Batman v Superman' Rules The World, 'JL' Countdown

It's been an awesome holiday weekend here at HCN, as we've been keeping you updated on the latest record-breaking numbers for Batman v Superman across the world:

In a much-needed win for Warner Bros., Zack Snyder's Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice— introducing Ben Affleck as the Caped Crusader and returning Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel — opened to a massive $170.1 million from 4,242 theaters, a defining moment in DC Entertainment's battle to compete with Marvel's superhero universe. It also helped deliver the biggest Easter weekend in history, up 13.5 percent over last year's record level, which was fueled by Furious 7 (..) If the $170.1 million estimate holds, it will also be the biggest start ever for Warners, edging out the final Harry Potter film ($169.2 million). And it easily bested the $152.2 million debut of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire in March 2013 to boast the biggest pre-summer debut in history (..) 

"There is no question this is an extraordinary achievement," said Warners domestic distribution chief Jeff Goldstein. "Clearly, audiences have embraced it and we are already seeing repeat business. It's just fun. Often, there's a disconnect between critics and audiences."

The stunning debut of the $250 million colossus provided a super start for Warner Bros. and Chairman Kevin Tsujihara‘s five-year strategy built on a DC Comics Universe: spend hundreds of millions on 10 Justice League superhero movies to make billions at the box office and more from on-demand and TV rights, licensing and merchandising for parent company Time Warner Inc., as Marvel Comics have done for Disney.

“When you swing for the bleachers and connect, it’s a tremendous feeling,” Jeff Goldstein, Warner Bros. distribution chief told TheWrap Sunday. “This felt like we were launching several films, so to come through like this makes all of us very proud.”


In addition, there’s a lot to be said for this Easter release date, and Warner Bros. decision to book a summer blockbuster on it. “The beauty of this date around the world versus summer is that you don’t have titles before and afterward. When you kick off Easter, you’re all by yourself. We have all this head room moving forward,” beamed domestic distribution Warner Bros. chief Jeff Goldstein. F7 played at No. 1 for four weeks before Avengers: Age of Ultron opened during the first weekend of May. Hopefully, BvS can do the same and not be tripped up by Disney’s The Jungle Book and Uni’s The Huntsman: Winter’s War.

Read more on how the numbers broke down below.

Congratulations to Henry and the rest of the cast and crew of Batman v Superman. Henry is already preparing for Justice League, which begins filming April 11. Today his trainer (Michael Blevins) shared a pic from their previous work together, hinting on what's to come (don't miss our interview with him).

We also have a few updates from some members of the Justice League.. who knew Cyborg was this funny. We have a feeling Ray Fisher is going to get along just fine with Superman.

A photo posted by Ray Fisher (@rehsifyar) on

Jason Momoa posted an Easter greeting for fans. Check out his Instagram for more cool updates as he trains to become Aquaman in Justice League.

A photo posted by Jason Momoa (@prideofgypsies) on

We have some Easter eggs for you as well -- Okay, more like several really great articles and this video below that break down what you may have questions about after watching Batman v Superman. Fair warning, it's only going to get you more excited for what's to come! -- SPOILERS AHEAD.

This one is filled with really cool details on how director Zack Snyder threw people off on what was going on during the filming of Batman v Superman. Sneaky!

More on the film's ending and its connection to Justice League from Collider and Entertainment Weekly.

The Batman v Superman director also revealed some of what's included in the "Ultimate Cut," that you can NOW PRE-ORDER ON AMAZON -- HERE'S THEIR COLLECTOR'S EXCLUSIVE.

Finally, Zack also talked to Collider about the production schedule for Justice League and its official title. Check it out on their site and stay tuned for updates, as we begin our countdown to the start of filming at the Warner Bros. Studios outside of London.

Happy Easter, everyone!