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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Super Bowl Weekend Is Not Complete Without Superman!

Image: @8navyblue

So we're not saying Henry is for the Seahawks... but you know, that logo sure looks nice in those Seattle colors! -- A fan of the Patriots though, was quick to point out the obvious..

No matter what Super Bowl team Superman is rooting for (and we know Batman is for New England), we hope he enjoys the game!

As you know Henry has been in Utah since the end of last year, and Friday night he reportedly ran into a fan who confused him with Batman.
Our first reaction was...

Then we thought it was really nice of Supes not to correct the fan, because you know if it had been the other way around..

Happy Super Bowl Sunday everyone!

Henry About To Reach RMCTF Goal: Go Superman!

It's been so nice to see Henry's fans coming together to  help him reach his 'Rock Run' goal, to benefit The Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund. And thanks to an awesome group of friends from Gibraltar, he's in the home stretch!

"A joint contribution from Gibraltar to help you realise your target. Inspired to inspire.

Thank you --  Donation by franny & friends."

Franny, you're awesome. This week the charity also released a new video of the 350th anniversary celebrations that took place last year. It includes new footage of Henry at the different Gibraltar events he participated in last October, as well as a quick clip with his brother, Nik, who is a Royal Marine. Don't miss it! (starts at about 22:16).

Henry proudly displayed his support for the Royal Marines and the charity, during his time in LA a few weeks ago. From the moment he arrived..

To his appearance at the BAFTA Tea Party (RM 350 anniversary pin), Henry was a true ambassador for the RMCTF.

You can purchase the hoodie and other cool items at the Royal Marines Shop

If you haven't had a chance to watch it, here's our interview with Henry in Gibraltar, where he thanks you for your support. Let's get Henry to that goal!

2013 Flashback: Henry Trains For Batman v Superman In The UK

TheFitnessMagicians: "Back when Henry Cavill was training at @gymboxofficial. Super nice guy."

We remember these Superman training sessions!

Henry was in England filming The Man from U.N.C.L.E. in the fall of 2013, when several (1/2) lucky fans and Personal trainer Chris Beight,  got a chance to work out with him as he also prepared for his role in Batman v Superman. Thanks for sharing your comments from that encounter!

Friday, January 30, 2015

U.N.C.L.E. Trailer Countdown: We Can Feeeeel It Coming

UPDATE (2/5): According to a Canadian film rating site (via), the first trailer for The Man from U.N.C.L.E. is 2 minutes and 23 seconds long. Get ready to swooooon people, Solo is gonna bring it! - Do keep in mind, that trailer times and content may vary slightly from country to country. Either way, we can't wait!

Are you guys ready?!

We're closing in on the dates when the trailer for The Man from U.N.C.L.E. is expected to hit theaters. And while it's not a sure thing, we have a good feeling about it.

The Projection List expects the U.N.C.L.E. trailer to be attached to the release of Jupiter Ascending a week from today, and/or Kingsman: The Secret Service the following weekend. And like @HMSSweblog pointed out to us, that also means the trailer could be released online any day now.

Needless to say, the waiting is killing us!

Good thing for us, there is some news on the film to keep us busy.

The Man from U.N.C.L.E. has made Den of Geek's list of the Top 25 must-see movies of 2015:

With Mission: Impossible 5 also set for release in 2015, the multiplexes will not be short of spy capers (there's also Kingsman: The Secret Service, which only doesn't make the cut this time because we included it in our 2014 preview, and we're only allowed to pick 25 movies!). We're intrigued by The Man From U.N.C.L.E., though. Not only does it have more full stops than its competitors, it also gives us a chance to see Henry Cavill flexing his acting muscles without a superhero suit on.

Cavill stars alongside Hugh Grant, Armie Hammer and Jared Harris, and Guy Ritchie has co-penned the script and is directing. Ritchie's career has had some very pronounced ups and downs over the past decade, but if he can bring 60s suave and the best bits of his Sherlock Holmes movies to the screen here, then he may be onto a winner.

Expect The Man From U.N.C.L.E. to have closer links to the source TV show than 2014's The Equalizer did too, incidentally. And less DIY.

U.N.C.L.E. also just made Canada.com's list of anticipated films of 2015:

Let’s trust that Guy Ritchie injects the film version of the 1960s spy series with lots of his “Cockney-mockney” style. The original show, in fact, wavered from semi-serious to all-out spoof over its four seasons of becoming a pop culture trendsetter.

In the redo still set in the 1960s, super agents Napoleon Solo (Man of Steel’s Henry Cavill) and Illya Kuryakin (The Lone Ranger’s Armie Hammer) are up to their usual droll shenanigans.

That means the duo confronts a secret bad guy organization trying to dominate the world even as the team receives help from handler Mr. Waverley as defined by the stammering Hugh Grant.

Given how badly some beloved TV shows have fared on the big screen, devotees are hoping the movie isn’t just a big mess.

We can't wait for the U.N.C.L.E. trailer to hit, because we know it will leave people wanting more of Solo!.. just ask one of the extras who got to work with him.

Of course Henry is not the only one making a splash in the film. Alicia Vikander revealed a little secret about her U.N.C.L.E. role, while talking to Empire magazine (click to read).
And a few weeks ago, Armie Hammer got together with USA Today to review the original U.N.C.L.E. series. You can read his thoughts on their site. While he didn't spill much (like any good spy) about the film, he did share this exciting bit:

Hammer does say that the new movie almost acts as a ’60-set, globetrotting prequel of sorts, especially when it comes to the Illya/Napoleon dynamic: “At first they pretty much hate other and then they become a team, which is sort of like the genesis of the relationship they had in the show.”

Trailer, trailer, trailer!.. we're SOOOO ready for you. Go Solo!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

BAFTA Awards Week: Henry Attending Film Gala Dinner

Just as we were starting to feel those winter blues coming on again, we get this exciting news! - According to The Media Eye, which tracks special events in London, Henry will be attending the inaugural BAFTA Film Gala Dinner next Thursday.


A BAFTA Film Gala dinner will be held for the first time this year, with the aim of raising funds for ‘Give Something Back’, the BAFTA campaign supporting young people from all backgrounds to enter the moving image industries, connecting them with some of the best film, television and game makers to help inspire and guide their careers.

Guests will enjoy a dinner followed by silent and live auctions with an array of dazzling film- and television-related prizes. The auction will be followed with entertainment from The London Cabaret Club and a party at BAFTA 195 Piccadilly.

Henry attended the BAFTA Tea Party in LA just a few weeks ago (and gave the best interview), so we're not surprised to hear he's reportedly flying home to be part of the festivities ahead of the BAFTA ceremony on Sunday, February 8th. He was a presenter in 2013, and there were plenty of pics from the various events he attended. Organizers say the list of presenters for this year's ceremony won't be released until next week. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Amy Says Working With Henry Again Was "So Much Fun"

Alright Lois, we're cool again.

We were getting a little jealous, when for a while there all Amy Adams did was talk about.. Batman.

Getty Images/John Sciulli

She still is, but in a recent interview with the Press Association she revealed her time with Ben Affleck in Batman v Superman is limited:

“He is going to be his own unique thing. He’s got a wonderful quality and a great body of work” (..) “I was only in one scene with him, I think I’m allowed to say that. So I didn’t get to see much, but what I saw was fantastic.”

Amy went on to talk about  her excitement for the film, and working with Henry again:

And teaming up with Zack, Henry and Laurence Fishburne again is so much fun. I like playing Lois, it’s a real privilege for me. I never really expected it. I can’t wait to see it. Just the part I’ve seen looks really exciting.”

So what could possibly top those comments?

How about what Jason Momoa had to say about Zack Snyder's plans for Aquaman, who is rumored to appear in Batman v Superman:

"Well, things are going to be a little different. When I first went in I met with Zack (Snyder). His idea is pretty amazing. When I went in, he told me ... my jaw kind of dropped. My jaw doesn't normally drop. What he has planned for the DC world and for ... definitely for Aquaman is something that, you know... I think I was brought on for a certain reason and they got some really cool plans for him. I'm really excited for everyone to see it."

Image: PrideofGypsies

Momoa shared those details during an appearance at Sundance this past weekend, after which he reportedly met up with Henry in Salt Lake City. Read the rest and listen to the podcast. How awesome will it be to see Superman & Aquaman together?! -- Only 422 days to go!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Utah Sighting: Is That Henry With Jason Momoa?

We know that's Superman, but is that Aquaman as well?

We love seeing Henry, but the problem with these sneaky pictures, is that you don't really get any details/context. We really wish people would just ask for a photo. He's nice, he'll likely say yaaas!... *and* we would have gotten a less blurry pic. 

Jason Momoa was at Sundance on Sunday but left after making a few appearances, so if that's him we're guessing he caught up with Henry sometime after that. This would be the first time we see the two of them together (Holy Hotness, Batman v Superman), which is why we've gone ahead and posted the photo. 

Henry also hung out with fans on Friday night in Salt Lake City. Hope he's enjoying the outdoors, that area is gorgeous and there's plenty to do. Stay warm, Superman. 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

What Winter Blues?... Hello Superman!

mfjpn: "Hung out with Henry Cavill last night." #Superman #ManofSteel #Theseus #Immortals

Were we right about the cabin in the woods, or were we right about the cabin in the woods?.. Hi Henry!

If Superman wanted to stay under the radar, last night was not the best time to show up at a bar. Our twitter feed was filled with nothing but excited fans watching Henry as Theseus in Immortals on FX. Kinda like with the look he has now. Only now he's much bigger.. and has been sporting a badass beard.   

Henry has been busy preparing for Stratton, that's set to start filming in a few months. We have to say he really knows how to rock the mountain-man look. What winter blues? - hope he's enjoying the chilly weather, because winter sure looks great on him.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Batman v Superman Latest, Meet Superman's Cousin, More

Surprise, surprise, in a new interview with Variety, Jesse Eisenberg admits he wasn't a fan of Superman growing up. Perfect Lex!

You just wrapped playing Lex Luthor in “Batman v Superman.” Is your head still shaved?

I can’t say anything about this stuff. They want all this to be a surprise.

Do you think you’ll play Lex again in a “Superman” sequel?

I would love to. It’s a great group and director, and the most ideal character to play.

Were you a fan of “Superman” growing up?


You weren’t?

I never minded him.

Did you watch the movies at all?

Oh, just to understand the context of this one. But no, not as a child.

Can't wait to see him go up against Supes on the big screen!

We're not gonna lie, we really don't think we're ever going to see the DC TV & cinematic worlds join forces, but after this announcement we really wish it would happen!

Superman has a cousin, and we kind of have a girl crush on her. Melissa Benoist played Marley in Glee, and like THR pointed out, there's even an episode where we get a glimpse of her as her superhero self.

And just like Details magazine, we'd love to hear Henry's thoughts on his new cuz..

This week we also heard from Scoot McNairy, who plays a yet to be revealed character in Batman v Superman. USA Today tried to get some scoop out of him, and this is what Scoot shared:

“It’s definitely 100% a character I’ve never played and I can’t speak too freely on it, but yeah, getting into that thing was definitely something I had to wrap my head around emotionally in order to play that character. But with that being said, I had a lot of fun doing it when I was in the process of shooting on it — my head was in a different place but I’m really excited to see how it turns out and what they do with it and see the film.”

Read the rest at USA Today, and don't miss our exclusives of Scoot, Henry, and other cast members on set in Detroit.

In the meantime, Ezra Miller has told THR about his excitement, after finding out he'd been cast as The Flash in Justice League (and making a rumored cameo in Batman v Superman):

Zack Snyder told me on the phone that he wanted me to play the Flash while I was eating a tilapia in a small Central American village. That was definitely a moment that prompted me to question the fabric of my reality.

As we've mentioned before, we see The Flash being buddies with Superman. It will be fun to see Ezra and Henry together in Justice League.

And while we still have more than a year to go until Batman v Superman hits theaters, the swag is showing up all over the place!

That's one cool logo. Now let's get some trailer action going. Latest as we get it!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

National Hug Day: No One Does It Better Than Superman!

Henry embraces his brother Simon, at the Man of Steel premiere in Jersey.

We were so excited about Henry's just released interview with B2B Gibraltar, that we almost missed celebrating National Hug Day! -- Thankfully ecsullivan83 stepped in to tell us about it. Henry is definitely a great hugger, as we've seen in plenty of pics on and off the set. 

Yeah, yeah, Lois.. we know he's your man.. 

Jelly much?

Now THIS is how you end an interview.. that Alicia Malone. Smart woman. 

     Elmo caught in the middle of a love sandwich with Superman. Sweetest hug!

Just as recently as a few weeks ago when he was in LA, Henry was delivering the BEST. HUGS. EVER. (Check it out at 1:19).

And don't forget that's the same thing Helga just told us, after she met him a few years ago. Hey, Superman is a hugger, nothing wrong with that! -- and it actually improves his health in the process.
We hope he's giving lots of big hugs to his furry baby today. Lucky, lucky, Kal.

Henry Talks Rock Run, Family, The Man From U.N.C.L.E., More!

In a just published interview by B2B Gibraltar, Henry has tons to share about his participation in last October's Rock Run, and his preparation for it compared to Batman v Superman..

"If you are training for Superman the movie, you are not training as a large engine to go up a hill; you are training for size and aesthetic.”

He also talks having his family's support, lovingly mentioning his Mom..

“Genuinely, she is absolutely amazing” -- “She wrangled us well!”

The Man from U.N.C.L.E...

“It is very exciting and it is going to be a great movie, a bit different to my other roles there is even a comedic element to it.”

His end goal in Hollywood..

“It is all about doing the best you can, staying true to yourself and maintaining your integrity.”

Phew! a lot of good stuff in there, plus these great new pics. READ THE ENTIRE INTERVIEW NOW. And don't forget to keep cheering Henry on by helping him reach his RMCTF goal, he's almost there!

Thanks for the heads up on the interview, Mary G.  

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Batman v Superman Fight: We Think Someone Is Not Playing Fair

We should consider ourselves very lucky, because if it weren't for Henry hitting the awards party circuit we'd be in the Sahara desert of news right about now. He confirmed to Variety that Batman v Superman would not be split in two, and then later talked about the "visual spectacle" that's to come. Which brings us to this latest piece of the puzzle, as fans try to figure out the plot of the film. In a new interview with a Spanish newspaper (via) -- fight choreographer, Guillermo Grispo, teases the epic battle that's on the way:

There’s a thought that Batman has no chance, that the other [Superman] will squash him like a bug. But when you see the movie, and how it all comes out, there’s a very intelligent explanation as to why they would have a firsthand confrontation though it seems to be totally to Batman’s disadvantage.

"Intelligent explanation" or Kryptonite? like Collider points out, because if that's the case...

Now Batman it’s going to fight the way I’ve always dreamed seeing him fight… he’s a character so prepared in martial arts that you can do a lot of things with him, but filmmakers usually don’t go all the way with it. 

Hmm, okay, so guess it's safe to assume it's not gonna go down like Jon Stewart envisioned..

Take your best shot Batman, we have no doubt Supes can take it!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Fan Pic Sunday: "Very Few People Have Taken My Breath Away"

Only click on this top pic if you want to be completely hypnotized by that sexy stare! -- Since it appears Henry has gone back to his cabin in the woods, here are some recently shared fan photos to keep us going until he resurfaces. Yes, the countdown has resumed..

Helga FontΓ‘nez met him in Puerto Rico, in December of 2012. She just tagged her photo on Instagram, with a caption that read:

"Very few people have taken my breath away... Henry Cavill ladies & gents! Loved him waaaaaay before I met him, & having met him, all I can say is "wow!"

When we posted her pic, thanking her for sharing it, she added:

Had to! And for the record, he gives the best hugs! #toogoodtobetrue

Sure, why don't you torture us some more! -- just like when we saw this next photo, shared by Lee Bartlett also on Instagram. We love Henry's new haircut and his natural hair color, but we gotta say, we're missing the Supes' hair! or is it Solo? -- Lee met him overseas.

Finally, remember Sophie who was ready to give up Henry as a New Year's resolution until we stepped in to stop that madness from happening? - Well, after she gave it some thought.. success! and for the BEST reason too.

Henry is the best Sophie, welcome to the club. Happy Sunday, everyone!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

BAFTA Party: "It's Gonna Be A Visual Spectacle" Henry On 'BvS'

The BAFTA Tea Party interviews are coming in!

Henry talked to the Daily Mail at the LA bash last weekend, and now the interview where he shared exciting details about Batman v Superman is in!

Henry was one flirty Superman, when he talked "throwing one back in a pub" with the Anglophile Channel, as well as being Supes "for many, many years to come." Watch (if you can get past that sexy wink at the top).

Catch up on everything from that day in our wrap, and watch the clips from his interview with BAFTA in this post. Check out the video of him on the carpet over at Getty Images.



HQ caps after the cut via CavillFan.Net where you can see the rest.