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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Oh. My. Superman.. A Solemn Looking Henry In 'Man of Steel' Promo Still

Just when we think we've seen the best pic of Henry as Man of Steel, he surprises us yet again. This latest one comes courtesy of a Hershey's promo contest in Canada. Fans can enter to win prizes HERE

There's also a new TV ad now running in the U.S. (below) and the COOLEST FLYING SEQUENCE for the contest on Twizzlers FB page. Don't miss.

Looks like we're in for a whole lot of promo fun!

 Image: Warner Bros. via //videos Twizzlers

Monday, April 29, 2013

Henry Holds No Grudges Againts Bullies, Hopes To Prove He Is Superman Worthy

We're just now getting a first look at Henry's interview with OK magazine. In it he talks about preparing to become Superman, but also shares some childhood memories, his outlook on life, and we even get a bit of his flirty side:

What do you wear underneath it (costume)?

"[Laughs] I'll leave that to your imagination"  

NAUGHTYYYY Henry!!, we can just see the smile that probably went with that answer ;)

Click on the links to read 1/2. We'll add the scans when/if we get them.

UPDATE: Partial transcript is in via:

Is it a bird? No, it’s a hunk!

In the interview for OK! magazine fit Brit Henry Cavill talks about playing out his fantasies as the new Man Of Steel...

They’re difficult tights to fill, but British actor Henry Cavill isn’t worried about taking on the iconic role of Superman in new movie Man Of Steel. "I focus on success because failure will take care of itself," he says. In Los Angeles to promote the movie the Jersey boy is dressed conservatively in a pair of navy trousers and a dark grey shirt which brings out his blue eyes. Softly spoken, he measures his words carefully and seems a little out of his comfort zone doing interviews, although he’s friendly and charming. It’s that charm which has no doubt led to Henry, 29, being linked to a string of beautiful women, most recently American actress Gina Carano.

Here, handsome Henry reveals all about his grueling preparations for the hotly anticipated movie, what he wears underneath his superhero costume and why he isn’t worried about the curse of Superman...

Do you feel super?

[Laughs] Very funny, I haven’t heard that one before.

How badly did you want the role? Did you fight to get it?

I wanted it really badly. You fight for every job you audition for. Normally you don’t knew the fight’s happening. You’ll go in, audition, do your screen test and then people will be fighting on your behalf — who want either you or someone else in the role. I just did my best to try and get the role and something right happened.

How did you prepare for it?

My goodness, a lot of preparation went into this role! I chose which material I wanted to draw from and that was basically the source material, the comic books. I didn’t want to draw from previous TV shows or movies because those are other filmmaker’s interpretations of this character. There’s an honesty to Superman and the want and will do the right thing — that’s all I tried to portray in my performance. I didn’t try to do anything too clever, I just thought — go to the source material, read some stuff in time for the screen test and provide an honest, straightforward, humble character.

And physically?

Physically a lot of hard work went into it. There was two months of pre-training — just getting to me used to that kind of work. And then the hard work would start when I’d work with my trainer in a gym. The first two months were very, very difficult. He really put me through the ringer. Then we went into the bulking-up phase. It was about two hours a day of really crushing yourself, pushing way beyond limits which I certainly never perceived I had. It took a long time and a lot of dedication.

What about the diet?

There was a special meal plan set up. At one stage I was on 5,000 calories a day, which people say is a lot, but actually is really fantastic and pretty damn easy! [Laughs] I mean, it’s not junk food, but I loved it. I loved the eating side of it.

How did you feel in the costume?

After everything that went into it, I loved wearing it every day. You put it on and, sure, there were sometimes where it got tricky or uncomfortable, but I loved it. I mean, I got to be Superman every day! A really cool, modern version of Superman.

What do you wear underneath it?

[Laughs] I'll leave that to your imagination!

How much pressure did you feel?

There’s obviously the opportunity to feel a lot of pressure, but I try and avoid that because the one lesson I’ve learned is that I've done all the work now. There’s no need to do anything but just work hard and strive towards victory. If I let pressure play a factor, it would be a detriment to my work and my personality.

What did you do when you found out you got the part?

It’s surreal when you get a part like that, you don’t really believe it. The scope of what it is to get a role of this magnitude, with such a great team attached and the opportunity to tell such a wonderful story, is difficult to realise. Not to say I didn’t get very excited. I ran up and down the stairs of my house shouting for a good 15 minutes while I was trying to call my family — no one was picking up their phone!

You're following other British actors Andrew Garfield and Christian Bale playing American superheroes — did that worry you seeing as they were criticised for it?

Do I follow it? I mean, sure, every now and then I read stuff and see what people are saying, but I don’t think it matters. It’s an example I’ve used a lot but it still rings true — Superman is an invulnerable alien from Krypton, he’s not American. But the point is we’re all actors and we’re playing characters. I completely understand the feeling behind people saying an American should play this American icon, but hopefully we’ll put all fears to rest when people see he movie.

Kids love to imagine they’re Superman — who did you like to pretend to be?

I’m sure as a kid I had fantasies, but my parents raised my brothers and I to be very proud of who we are — not to the point of arrogance, but to the point of pride and confidence. Even when I had a tricky time in school, you know, because kids are mean and that’s just the way it is, I never wished I was anyone but me. I just thought, well this is pretty tough for the time being and let's get through this.

Have any of those kids tried to get in contact with you now to apologise?

Oh there’s no need to apologise. You weren’t friends after school so why would they be in touch with me now? These people, they’re adults now, and they’re different people from who they were. There’s no finger pointing. I have no hard feelings towards anyone. If I bumped into them in the street, I’d go for a pint for sure.

The rest when we get it! - Thanks to LoveHenryCavill for sharing!

New Promo Picture: Henry Cracks A Sweet Smile In Japan

Man, don't know how we're going to survive this promo season.. HOT. 

Okuyama Tomoaki / Cinema Today

See the rest of the Man of Steel promo from Japan! 

Thanks to Henry Cavill FB for sharing.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Friday, April 26, 2013

Man of Steel: Henry Cavill Brings His Relaxed Look To Japan

UPDATE: Check out Henry's new interview from Japan! via Henry Cavill FB :)

Henry was in Japan last month, ahead of the Man of Steel release there in August. Earlier this week, we shared his sweet but formal video message to Japanese fans. Now we have these hot new pictures. Can't wait to see what other promo treats we get as the film gets ready to open.     

Here's the translated interview that goes with the pics. Henry talks about what he likes to do on his free time and more!

Henry Flashes Smile During Candid Moment On 'Man of Steel' Set

It's Friday!.. and that means time for more pictures from the Vancouver set of Man of Steel. These had been previously published, but now they're in HQ and untagged. You guys seemed to love the shirtless Henry ones from last week (by far our most popular post). Now we're sharing these candids of a smiley Henry to brighten your weekend. Enjoy!

Click for crushworthy size

imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com

DC VP of Marketing Says Get Ready For The Big Announcement!

Comicbook.com has shared the exciting details of the comments made by DC VP of Marketing John Cunningham today, regarding a future superhero franchise:

During a panel at C2E2, DC/Warner Bros. VP Marketing John Cunningham was asked about the possibility of either a Justice League or Wonder Woman movie. John Cunningham replied, “Well, we weren’t going to say anything until Warner Bros. studios allowed us to do it, but since you asked the question. Watch this space. Watch it. It’s coming.”

His comments seem to mirror what Warner Bros. said about a big announcement in the coming weeks. (We'd love to believe rumors about Gina Carano filling those Wonder Woman boots are true). Cunningham also mentioned Henry:

When asked if there were any plans to use Superman Return’s Brandon Routh in anything Superman related such as animated features, John Cunningham replied, “If we do have those plans I am not aware of them, but let’s hope that after June 14 you won’t want to see anybody but Henry Cavill doing this role.”

We know once that date comes around, Henry will be on everyone's radar and we love it!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Henry Talks 'Man of Steel,' Snyder Says They Gave Him "Some Shades Of Gray"

The LA Times has some new quotes from Henry and the director and producers of Man of Steel. We admit when director Zack Snyder talked developing the character, we giggled a little:

“We tried not to make him so predictably morally black and white,” Zack Snyder added. “We gave him some shades of gray. His inherent goodness is still there, and if you really think about it, you still want him to be right and to make the right choices and to do the right thing. I think that we all hope for that in ourselves, and I think that’s what always has made him a very interesting character. He’s a Christlike figure. There’s no two ways about it.”

Yeah, yeah, we know FSoG doesn't belong in this world, moving on..

Henry described what kind of story Man of Steel will try to convey to moviegoers:

“It very much is a story of hope,” (..) “Hope is strength and victory against adversity, or at least the hope of victory against adversity, and that is what Superman represents.”

Man of Steel screenwriter David S. Goyer, was bombarded with Justice League questions during a Reddit AMA today. He skirted most of them, but eventually he did answer what it will take to move ahead with the project:

“In order for a Justice League film to happen, MOS has to be successful. That’s up to you guys and about 80 million other people. ; )”

Comicbook.com has more details.

As we told you, Walmart has announced a big partnership with Warner Bros. ahead of the Man of Steel release. It includes an app that allows users to unlock exclusive content, and also take pictures with Superman. You can see a cool preview here. via @Comicbooknerd.

Finally, Film Music Reporter has posted the track list for the Man of Steel score, but we warn you it's kind of spoilerish. Check it out now!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Seriously Hot: New Image Of Our 'Man of Steel'

Warner Bros./Clay Enos via

Henry Makes The List: People Magazine's 'Most Beautiful' Issue

UPDATE: People has released Henry's quote and hot pic that goes with it!

Courtesy: Simon Emmett

What's actually in the Most Beautiful issue 

When asked what he's learned to embrace about himself:

"The fact that I'm a serious geek. I mean I seriously want to own a unicorn when I'm older....or a Pegasus....yeah Pegasus sounds better"

People magazine today revealed some of the stars included in its 'World Most Beautiful' issue, and Henry of course is in there!

Watch below (better version here) or read the transcript. So excited for the well deserved success that's coming his way!

"Henry is adorable. This year we asked everyone what have you learned to embrace about yourselves.. such as various traits and personality quirks, and Henry says he's like, he's a complete geek. I'm not sure we're going to see him as a geek like once he becomes (..) Superman, but that's who he is on the inside."


Thanks to the girls over at Team Henry Cavill for the clip. We've added the cover below. The Most Beautiful issue hits stands Friday. More details/pics as we get them!

Empire Magazine Reveals 'Man of Steel' Covers, New Stills

UPDATE: 4/24: Scans are now in. Click to read. (via) 

ImageBam image upload
imagebam.com imagebam.com
imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com

Warning. His jaw alone could kill you. Click on the image for a close-up, and you'll see what we mean.

Today Empire magazine revealed its June Man of Steel covers, and the issue comes packed with new stills from the film. Check out the ones with Henry below. You can find the rest, including a first look at General Zod's glowing eyes at comicbookmoviecom.

Click for heart attack-inducing size

imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com

So Sweet: Henry & Gina Pose With Fans At LA Bar

Some fans have all the luck.

Daniel Salazar was hanging out with his buddies at an LA bar, when he spotted Henry and his girlfriend Gina Carano. The two posed with the fans, and according to his tweet, they left a great impression. 
I met him at a bar with his gf. She is the girl from the movie haywire. And yeah he is super cool and mellow (..) 

About Gina he said:

yeah she was super nice lol

He then tweeted a picture of one of his friends with her.

It's so nice to hear Henry is getting to enjoy some time off, before the Man of Steel promo keeps him busy for the next few months.

Thanks for sharing Daniel.

Michael Shannon Calls Henry Cavill: "Perfect, Flawless"

Bet you didn't think General Zod had it in him, but as it turns out Michael Shannon couldn't help but gush about Henry at the Hollywood premiere of The Iceman:

"He's perfect, he's flawless"

"He's everything you could possibly want"

 "I saw the movie the other day for the first time, and I just love the original as much as anybody but I can't think of another actor in the business today that could come close to what he did. He was just sensational."

Aww.. read the rest over at E! where Shannon shares the scoop on the fight scenes between Zod and Superman and much more!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Walmart Unveils Details On 'Man of Steel' Early Screening, App, Merchandise

It's like Christmas day in April!

Walmart has officially revealed how fans can catch an early screening of Man of Steel the day before it opens in theaters. They also released a look at the tickets, details on an app that will unlock exclusive content, and a date for its merchandise release.  Read all about it at The Hollywood Reporter

Variety talks about why the deal is key to giving Man of Steel the exposure it's looking for. Great read.

Press release via Nikki Finke:

BENTONVILLE, AR, and BURBANK, CA – April 24, 2013 – Walmart announced today that it has partnered with Warner Bros. to give its customers exclusive access to see Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures’ “Man of Steel” in theaters nationwide before the film’s official release.This program marks the first time in entertainment history that a studio has partnered with a retailer to provide such an opportunity for fans. Tickets for the exclusive screening of “Man of Steel,” will go on sale in more than 3,700 Walmart stores starting at 8 a.m. on May 18. Customers will be able to purchase up to four tickets per visit, and have the option to choose between 2D or 3D showings, where applicable. The advance screening will take place in selected local theaters nationwide at 7 p.m. on June 13. In addition to being the first among their friends to see “Man of Steel,” Walmart customers can also take advantage of the following offers:
• Priority Purchase of Blu-ray Combo Pack or HD Digital Download: Each ticket bought at Walmart will feature a code on the back that allows customers to pre-order their own Blu-ray Combo Pack or HD Digital Download of “Man of Steel,” which will contain exclusive film content.
• Official “Man of Steel Experience” Mobile App: Fans can bring Superman to life with the official “Man of Steel Experience” augmented reality app. The app allows customers to take photos with the superhero, as well as unlock special photo frames by pointing their phone at “Man of Steel” signage in their local Walmart. To download the app please visit: Apple App Store or Google Play.
• Exclusive Original Digital Comic Book: Customers will receive a free original Digital Comic Book written by “Man of Steel” screenwriter David Goyer with every ticket.
• “Man of Steel” Merchandise: Beginning April 28, a variety of “Man of Steel” merchandise such as t-shirts, electronics, posters and more from top brands will be available at Walmart stores and at Walmart.com.

So Hot: Henry Speaks Japanese In New Message To Fans

And this is why we love promo time!.. much more Man of Steel goodness to come.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

What A Way To Attract Superfans: Henry's Comic Inspirations On Display

UPDATE 4/21: We've added more of Henry's comments to EW about the comics he read, to prepare for Man of Steel.

“I read as much as I could, purely because I wanted to get a great reservoir of knowledge from the source material,” Cavill tells EW. “There are so many different representations of the character that it was easy to draw a baseline and pick and choose some flavors. They’re all facets and aspects of the same character, so you’ve just got to combine them and can play around with them and apply it to the script.” 
Read his comic by comic breakdown.

One of our favorite sections of the Man of Steel article in EW, was Henry talking about which comics he read to prepare for the role (click to read below). Henry Cavill News reader Stephanie works at a library, and shared her display of Superman comics along with Henry's Read poster. What a great way to inspire superfans! 


Man of Steel Wrap: Fun App, Advance Ticket Sales, Supes License Plate

Mark May 18 on your calendar everyone! - that's when Walmart is expected to begin selling tickets for an advanced screening of Man of Steel. You get to see it a day early! - read all the details.

Advance tickets for the UK go on sale tomorrow.

Kellogg's is running a great contest for Man of Steel fans, and they've now introduced an app, with all sorts of exclusive content to unlock. Check out the preview.

Are these awesome or what?!.. GBPosters has come out with some amazing promo art for Man of Steel. These are our picks because frankly we're not into the whole glowing eyes Superman. See the rest at their site.

And the good people of Ohio are a lucky bunch. They get to drive around in these plates. Read how it all came about, and why the plate ended up with the phrase at the bottom.  

Ohioans are not the only ones with bragging rights. Check out the 10 fun facts about Superman's Canadian ties.

ColliderFrosty spotted these special edition Man of Steel 3D glasses at Cinemacon. Want.

Finally, Hans Zimmer shared some pretty cool details about how he came up with the Man of Steel score while talking to CNN. We got a preview in the new trailer, and now the whole song 'An Ideal of Hope' is out. We dare you not to love it.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Forget The Abs, Man of Steel's Bum Getting All The Attention

Here we thought our exclusive pics of Henry on the set of Man of Steel were hot. Kotobukiya is giving us a first look at their Superman figure, and we have to say.. he's pretty built.

Kind of looks like he had a butt implant to us, "but" we'll take it.

You have to admit the "accommodate the cape however you want it" option is pretty cool.

Of course nothing competes with the real thing

Check out the rest of the pics and the different Man of Steel figure offered by DC Collectors.