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Thursday, January 31, 2019

The Witcher: Producer & Director Share Exciting Details

News on The Witcher has been hard to come by, since the fantasy series began filming in Budapest late last year. But every once in a while we hear from Geralt himself!

Henry was happy to hear that Lauren S. Hissrich was on her way back to Hungary to continue her work as the show's Executive Producer. He also responded to a fan asking where he's been, showing he's fully immersed in his character's world (see above).

Producer Tomasz Bagiński echoed that sentiment, when he addressed casting questions he gets about The Witcher:

"You'll see in your time, but one thing ... Anya is Yen and Henry is Geralt. I don't see them anymore."

Eska.pl also has a preview of Bagiński's interview with a Polish show where he mentions that Henry as the White Wolf is a great choice:

"He's a perfect fit for the role, and also knows this world well, this hero. We and the whole team are very excited about it."

Music to our ears!

The site goes on to say that Bagiński personally participated in the first series of photos in Hungary. Hopefully we get to see them soon.

More exciting news comes from director Alex Garcia Lopez, who will be directing some of the show's episodes. During a recent interview with Formula TV, he talked about the magnitude of the project (translation via juanche9 on Reddit where you can read the rest):

"Right now I am in pre-production at a very early stage. I'm finishing filming another series for Netflix, 'Sabrina', and we're at the beginning of the process. But the director who is starting to shoot the first two chapters of the series, Alik Sakharov, is a tremendous director, and has participated in incredible series such as 'Game of Thrones', 'Ozark', 'Counterpart' ... We have spoken and the vision and quality that we want for the series is top. We want it to be a pure cinematographic event. I have not played the game, but I would like to start seeing it and take inspiration, because you are not the first person to tell me that the third one is very good."

As you yourself said, when announcing a series of these characteristics it is inevitable to compare it with 'Game of Thrones'. But in this case I think it's an appropriate comparison in terms of the scale of the story and the number of characters. Will 'The Witcher' have the dimension of the HBO series in terms of ambition and production value?

"Totally. On issues of how the audience will accept the series and how they will see it, you never know until it is released. But in regards to quality and budget, Netflix is ​​giving this project a lot of punch, because they want to be the best and compete with HBO to be number one. And to do that today you have to do things well, sign checks, spend a lot of money and bring good talent. The fact of having Henry Cavill as the protagonist tells you everything about the potential and the desire that Netflix has for the series to be huge."

Today we also got a quick filming update from Beau DeMayo who is a writer on the series.

Finally, here are the latest posts from Henry's The Witcher costars...

A lot of exciting news, huh?

We'll keep updating you as more production details come in!

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Saturday, January 26, 2019

'The Witcher' Showrunner: Series Not For A Young Audience

It doesn't get clearer than that!

The Witcher's Lauren S. Hissrich just shared this new update about the series currently filming in Budapest. She pretty much confirmed the show will stick to the adult content from the books the show is based on.

More details as we get them.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Shazam Sticks Up For Supes & We're Loving Every Second Of It

Warner Bros.

Ever since the latest Shazam trailer dropped over the weekend, it's been hard not to think about how things would go if Superman checked in on Billy Batson... apparently we're not the only ones.

As we wait for a clear answer on when we could be seeing Henry as Superman again, Zachary Levi is showing Supes some support. During Zach's new interview with Collider, he talked about Shazam's connection to the rest of the DCEU world:

"We are definitely within the DCEU world. Everything that has happened… again you should ask the people above me about some of these things. But the bulk of essentially, I think since Man of Steel, all of that has really happened in our world. Freddy is more the comic book, not just comics, he is the superhero aficionado. That guy is all about it. All of that stuff, theoretically, we could have been watching on the news as it was going down. Does that answer your question?"

When the interviewer questioned Henry's status as Superman, Zach jumped right in to clarify things:

"He’s still Superman. Just because they haven’t gotten around to making another standalone Superman movie, doesn’t mean he’s still not Superman and doesn’t mean he’s still not killing it as Superman. Doesn’t mean everybody doesn’t still love him as Superman, right?"

Warner Bros.

Just when we thought we couldn't love Henry's DC fam more, we read Heroic Hollywood's report from the set of Shazam. Guess who Asher Angel (who plays young Billy Batson) said he would like to meet the most?

"Gal Gadot is definitely one. Ben Affleck would be really, really cool. But I’m going to have to go with Henry [Cavill] though."

We're not crying, you're crying... 

Look for the latest Superman news  as we get it.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

'The Witcher' Filming In Spain, Director Goes Location Scouting

"Location scouting for The Witcher"

An awe-inspiring location among the clouds?... Check!   

Director Charlotte Brändström is currently location scouting for The Witcher on Spain's La Palma Island, and she's shared some of the gorgeous views.

Earlier in the week, Netflix confirmed that part of the show will be filmed on Spain's Canary Islands. Brändström is sharing director duties in the series with Alik Sakharov and Alex Garcia Lopez.

The Witcher production is currently set up in Budapest, where the majority of filming is expected to take place before the first season wraps sometime in the spring.

Executive Producer Lauren S. Hissrich was back in L.A. for the holidays, but just yesterday announced she's headed back to Budapest to rejoin her cast and crew.

In the meantime, cast members are hard at work -- training to bring their characters to life.

The show will premiere on Netflix later this year. Keep checking back for everything The Witcher!

Monday, January 14, 2019

'M:I Fallout' Wins Best Action Movie At Critics' Choice Awards

Image: Chris McQuarrie

Congratulations to the cast and crew of Mission: Impossible Fallout. Last night the film was named Best Action Movie  at the Critics' Choice Awards

Director Chris McQuarrie took to Twitter to gives thanks for the award immediately after it was announced. 

Today we heard from Henry... and his killer moustache.

Henry's manager also shared in the celebration, promising big things to come!

Go Team Cavill!

UPDATE: The next two missions have been confirmed.

Director Chris McQuarrie will be back.

If anyone can think up a twist to bring Walker back from the dead, it's definitely McQuarrie!

Sunday, January 13, 2019

More buzz For The Witcher, Latest From Budapest

Since Netflix released this sneak peek of Henry as The Witcher back in October, fans have been waiting to see more -- now that production on the fantasy series is underway in Hungary. 

The buzz for the show has been steadily growing, and it's definitely on IGN's radar!

"Netflix is getting into the fantasy business in a big way, with a live-action adaption of The Witcher, starring Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia. The series is based on the written works of Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski, whose novels chronicle the thrilling adventures of the witcher Geralt, the sorceress Yennefer, and a mysterious ashen-haired girl named Ciri. CD Projekt Red, a video game developer, loosely adapted Sapkowski's characters into a successful franchise of their own. However, the producers behind Netflix's version are planning to stick closer to the books than their video game counterparts. Cavill's recent screen test in full make-up and costume caused quite a stir, with some saying he needed to look more like the video game version (especially The Wild Hunt), where the White Wolf if often seen with a beard and several scars. Either way, The Witcher looks to be an exciting new addition to Netflix's diverse lineup of original programming."

Filming went on hiatus last month but the work continues behind the scenes, with showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich offering a couple of updates from L.A.

In the meantime, Henry is not the only one putting in some extra hours to work on his character development. His costar, Therica Wilson Read shared a few key moments on her IG as she worked on her archery skills. She's playing sorceress Sabrina in the series.

Not bad at all!

The Witcher will premiere on Netflix this year, so keep checking back for the latest production updates.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Zack Snyder Shares HQ Version Of 'Batman v Superman' Poster

Director Zack Snyder not forgetting about the fans in the new year. He just shared the HQ version of a limited edition Batman v Superman poster that was only available to fans at Comic-Con. It was among the prizes in a scavenger hunt linked to the release of the film on home video.

Zack later posted the link to a shirt he designed to raise money for a cause close to his heart. 

The Justice League inspired shirt includes a nod to Supes, and you bet we already ordered ours!

Monday, January 7, 2019

Just In: Henry On The Cover Of GQ Germany (Updated)

Just a few months after taking the stage in Germany to accept his Movie International award, Henry is now gracing the cover of GQ Germany. The magazine posted a first look today.

The new shoot shows him in a relaxed pose, sporting a longer hairstyle for Netflix's The Witcher - which should be out later this year.

We''ll post the rest of the new pics and the article when/if we get it!

UPDATE 1/9: The magazine goes on sale tomorrow and a preview of Henry's interview and BTS video of his shoot have been released. Do not miss! -- CLICK TO WATCH & READ HERE (translation in the comments section below).

Rough translation: "The military was my Plan B" - Henry Cavill was "Superman", Tom Cruise's opponent in "Mission: Impossible 6 - Fallout" and Agent Solo in "The Man from U.N.C.L.E." - and thus a worthy "GQ Man of the Year 2018". In the exclusive interview he talks about his difficult start in the film business, his time as a mustache bearer - and how a rejection became the most important moment of his career. You can find the entire interview and all the pictures in the latest GQ, which will be available from 10th January.

We'll post the full interview and new pics as they come in, so keep checking back.

UPDATE 1/10: Henry's full interview is in! -- You can check out the magazine scans with a few more new pics here. Thanks to the wonderful Rebecca and one of our readers who did the translation so you guys can read it.

Mister Cavill, last summer, you made headlines with “Mission: Impossible – Fallout“, also because of your mustache. Do you miss it sometimes?

The mustache had its moment. Maybe some day, it will come back but that will probably be some time till then.

On the internet, that look received excited reactions. Or do you not follow what is written about and to you online?

I try hard to read the comments under my posts. Furthermore, I browse through fan and film sites to get an impression of the mood. I try to get a feeling how my work is perceived, but at the same time, I don't want to give them too much meaning.

Do you sometimes see social networks as time-wasting?

As long as you try to use the Internet constructively, I do not really think that you waste your time there. However, I can not deny that every now and then, of course, I get caught up in this maelstrom of morbid curiosity that sometimes being online can take you.

Your dog Kal is also quite present in your Instagram feed. Have you always been a dog person?

I think so. Which is surely because I grew up with dogs. But Kal is special, we've been through so much. He is one of the few constants in my life, so he keeps coming up in my Instagram feed.

Do you take him with you when you work?

Kal comes everywhere. Except when I am only traveling for a few days or traveling to a country where he would have to go into quarantine. We are rarely separated. When I hear a knock on the door and not immediately afterwards a bark, then something is missing.

Apart from the dog, is there anything that you always have with you?

I have a watch from Jaeger-LeCoutre that suits every occasion. Except in the gym or in front of a camera I hardly ever lay it down.

Why the weakness for a classic wristwatch?

It's weird, actually I'm a huge fan of high tech gadgets. I love my computer and all the fantastic technologies that exist today. However, I must confess that, despite my fascination, I have no idea of ​​the science behind this technology. How information becomes one and zeros and moves between different mediums. Therefore, a mechanical wristwatch is something wonderful. It has so much incredible craftsmanship put into such a small pieces. If I took the clock apart, then I could see all the mechanical teeth and screws and eventually understand how it all works. A mechanical device has something reassuring for me.

Can you understand if someone is content to use his phone as a watch?

I personally like the feeling of wearing a watch. Apart from that, that's pretty much the case with the smartphone. Once you've pulled it out of your pocket to check the time, you'll answer a few messages - and before you know it's been 45 minutes, and you're still on Instagram.

Probably a wristwatch looks just more casual than a bulky smartphone in the tight trouser pocket...

I'm really happy that the phone displays have become bigger and bigger. So I can even read books and scripts on my smartphone when I'm on the go.

Your career started 18 years ago. Back then, you worked part-time in England in bars and nightclubs to afford the flights to castings in Los Angeles. Are those times still on your mind?

That feels very distant. But it's not like I will ever forget those years. I appreciate where I am today and I am still working hard. Just the way of working hard has changed a bit.

Back in the days, were you sure of your eventual breakthrough? Or were there ever times of doubt?

Then, I was motivated by a mixture of belief in myself and reality. I had forbidden myself to think too much of failure. At the same time, I always asked myself if I was really happy with acting. As a young actor, it is not easy: you need a name to get the big roles, but to get a name you need the big roles...
There were a lot of moments when I thought of giving up acting and going into military. That was my plan B.

After the rejection of “Casino Royale“, new possibilities opened up. Why military out of all?

A lot of family members and friends are in the army. So, I always had a connection to that. I think, I would have enjoyed that.

It didn't go that way after all. Which was the turning point that convinced you of sticking to acting?

Interestingly, it was a job I didn't get, which was James Bond in “Casino Royale“. During the casting, I made it to the screen test and to the recall - until the top two, according to rumors. The industry magazine “Variety“ picked up the story and suddenly I received a completely different kind of attention. Suddenly, my name had a certain weight and new opportunities opened. That's how I got the role in “The Tudors“. That was the start of a new phase in my career.

With your success, your financial situation changed as well. Do you remember your first big purchase you splashed out on then?

That took some time after all. In the beginning, I invested all my money on staying as long as possible in Los Angeles. It took its time for me being able to treat myself because with a career, you suddenly have new costs.

And what did you indulge in?

I wanted to buy a really nice car, I thought of an Audi R8. So with my father I went through the car dealers on my home island of Jersey. However, he saw a much more expensive Aston Martin DBS. But he thought I could afford it - and he had to know it, after all, he took care of my finances. So we did a test drive and the rest is history!

What kind of holiday do you like? Action and adventure or prefer to lie on the beach and do nothing?

I love to relax after a busy job. But a bit of adventure sounds good too! A perfect holiday has a bit of both.

What do you enjoy most spending money on nowadays?

For my loved ones. I am in the lucky situation of being able to make nice presents or to help them out from time to time. Sometimes I invite my friends to a holiday and we enjoy two weeks together somewhere warm.

Which is your favourite place you have ever travelled to?

That's hard to say... Rome is a beautiful city. And Pulpit Rock in Norway where we shot MI:Fallout, was breathtaking. But the Himalayas were for sure the most impressive. I was there as a teenager. In the Annapurna Sanctuary, we trekked up to the base camp. One of the most beautiful memories of my youth.

How did you get to travel to the Himalayas as a teen?

That was a school trip during the Easter holidays. My parents worked hard to make it possible for me to participate. I will be forever grateful for that. Of course, for everything else as well. When I have kids, I want to make such a trip possible for them as well.

It sounds like your preference for physical activity is something that has not only developed in your adult years.

Indeed, I was incredibly active in my youth. Despite me not being an athlete. But my love for physical activity has helped me a lot in my career.
“Immortals“ (2011) was the first film for which I had to really get in shape. Then, I learnt a lot about fitness and muscle building and never stopped training ever since.

Is that always fun?

No! But it's a really satisfying feeling upon finishing a hard training session. Especially when you didn't want to get up in the first place. And after an exhausting day on set, training is also great!

Do you also take a day off from training? Or do you feel guilty?

I love my rest days! I don't feel guilty then, only when I feel really lazy.

One more question about your adoptive home Florida. Most actors live in Los Angeles, New York or London. Why did you just go to Fort Lauderdale in the sunshine state?

In Florida, it is always wonderfully warm, no matter what the season. Strangely enough, I spend most of my acting jobs in colder climates, but I'm always dressed like in summer. So it's great that I can come to Florida between shoots and warm up my bones.

How is your dog, an akita with a dense, long coat, not sweating the soul out of its body in Florida?

There is air conditioning everywhere. If it gets too hot, Kal simply goes into the house. I think he feels more comfortable in Florida than in London. There one looks for air conditioners in vain. He really got into a sweat there.


UPDATE (2/19): We've added a better quality outtake of this top pic (via).

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