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Monday, April 30, 2018

New BTS Photos Of 'Mission: Impossible Fallout' Cast

Paramount Pictures/via

Thanks to Rabbit in Japan, we have a new look at the Mission: Impossible Fallout cast... including a first look at Wes Bentley, who we don't recall seeing in the trailer.

The title banner looks a little crooked, but it seems like the photo shot in New Zealand is official and part of some sort of promo ad.

Henry revealed some details about his character at CinemaCon last week, so make sure you watch his interviews from Las Vegas. Today we found out he's ready to go for his pilot license after getting his motorcycle one! (Collider nabbed that great scoop).

You'll get to watch all of his stunts when Mission: Impossible Fallout opens, July 27.

UPDATE 5/2: Two more stills have surfaced from Japanese promo for the film. Very exciting!

 Paramount Pictures

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Henry's Invite To The Durrell Challenge: "See You All There!"

henrycavill: "2 weeks left until the Durrell Challenge! For those of you who have been training hard and getting those miles in, I applaud you. For those that haven't for a myriad of reasons, I'm in the same boat! So let's get out there for the next 2 weeks and try to get some miles covered.
Regardless of training or lackthereof, i can't wait to enjoy the day with everyone. See you all there!

P.S. If you're nervous, don't be. Just go at your own pace and enjoy the sights, that's what I do. It's supposed to be fun after all."

Are you guys ready? We sure are!

Two weeks from today, Henry will be back on his home island of Jersey to run in The Durrell Challenge. Today he posted this video on his Instagram, inviting everyone to participate. You can find everything you need to know at doitfordurrell.com. Henry has been hosting the annual fundraising run since 2016, with all funds going to Durrell Wildlife, which he represents. If you can't make it to the May 13 event, you can still support the charity in their animal life-saving efforts around the world. DONATE NOW.

UPDATE (4/30) Henry's training session #2!

A post shared by Henry Cavill (@henrycavill) on

L.A. Fan's Pic: "Got To Meet This Humble Man"

fredybat: "Yesterday at work got to meet this humble man “the man of steel” “Superman” aka Henry Cavill great person to hang out with."

A big thumbs up, back to you!

This fan shared his photo after meeting Henry in L.A. Friday. Thank you!

It's been a busy week for Henry, with a trip to Las Vegas to promote Mission: Impossible Fallout at CinemaCon and a Hugo Boss shoot in downtown L.A.

Two weeks from today, he'll be hosting The Durrell Challenge back home on the island of Jersey and you can join him! doitfordurrell.com.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Henry & Kal Arrive For Shoot In Los Angeles

All Images WENN via Weibo

Henry is back in L.A. after promoting Mission: Impossible Fallout at CinemaCon in Las Vegas, and today he was spotted arriving for a photoshoot with Kal (who is now back to being an Urban Bear).

Henry was wearing Hugo Boss on Wednesday night, as he attended an awards ceremony honoring Tom Cruise. It sounds like this shoot could include clothes by the designer, that will likely be providing some of the outfits he wears for the M:I Fallout press tour.

Here's a first look via The Garcia Companies Instagram story.

A promo campaign looks to be in the works. More to come!


Thursday, April 26, 2018

Kal In The Spotlight Again... Don't Think Henry Minds One Bit

They are the cutest pictures to come out of the Las Vegas area in the last 24 hours, and yes... you can thank the very photogenic Kal.

Henry has taught him well! -- Thanks for sharing your side trip, Kal seems like a natural out there.

C'mon! sweetest Desert Bear we know...

'Nomis' Set Visit: New Footage And Interviews

ET Canada got to visit the set of Nomis early last year, and their interviews with the cast are now in!

They all talk about working with Henry and we hear from him and director David Raymond, who reveals a little bit more about the plot. There's also new footage from Winnipeg. Check it out.

Hopefully a release date for Nomis is announced soon. Stay tuned!

Mission: Impossible Fallout At CinemaCon: Interviews

If you haven't caught up with our coverage from CinemaCon, you're missing some *really* epic/funny/sweet moments from Las Vegas. We tried to fit everything in THIS POST, but the memorable stuff keeps coming. In this interview with the Associated Press, Henry talks about the stunts he did for Mission: Impossible Fallout and more.

Keep checking back, we'll be posting all of Henry's interviews from CinemaCon as we get them.

Fandango (you can find their other clips in our wrap): Henry talks about what went through his mind as he did a dangerous helicopter stunt with Tom Cruise in New Zealand.

Collider:  Henry says what he can, about the negotiations going on behind the scenes to make a Man of Steel sequel. In the second clip he talks upping his game in the stunts field and Kal's rising fame.

Access Hollywood: Henry talks about working closely with Tom Cruise on the stunts for the film, and the farewell video to his moustache!

At the very end of this interview Tom mentions how fun it was to do the fight scene with Henry.

PopCulture: Henry describes the nature of his character in M:I Fallout, talks Man of Steel 2.

 Yahoo: This interview is ALL about the moustache...

E! Online: Henry talks about preparing for the stunts in M:I Fallout.

In this interview Tom talks about the experience of working with Henry. 

CinePOP: More about why Henry really couldn't shave his moustache.












Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Henry Promoting 'M:I Fallout' At CinemaCon: All Pics, Videos

Henry is in Las Vegas to promote Mission: Impossible Fallout, and here is where you'll find all pics, videos and details from today's Paramount presentation and more!

From Henry's IG stories

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