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Saturday, September 29, 2018

'Nomis' Closes LA Film Festival To A Standing Ovation

Nomis premiered at the LA Film Festival last night, and while we won't spoil the film... we can tell you it's one of Henry's most emotional performances. When Director David Raymond took the stage to introduce the film, he made sure to explain why Henry was not able to be in LA with the rest of the cast...

Henry is preparing to begin filming The Witcher, and sent his best wishes from overseas. Later his costar Mpho Koaho had these words to say about Henry in Nomis..

Henry delivers a raw performance as Marshall, exposing a side moviegoers don't often see. Really, Nomis allows every character to have their shining moment, that coupled with a beautiful soundtrack leads to a chilling finale.

Congratulations again to director David Raymond and the cast of Nomis, hopefully everyone gets to watch it soon!

UPDATE: The film is now out on demand.


  1. SO looking forward to seeing this when it is released in the UK. Sounds like we may need tissues AND a sofa to hide behind. Large glass of wine beforehand too!

  2. When will it be widely released in America? Does anyone know?

  3. Watched Night Hunter last night. WOW!!!! What a strong message. Movie had twists and turns. Enjoyed it and loved that we saw your talents. Always thought that you were more than just a pretty face. (or chest or body)

  4. This year is a milestone for Henry. IN may he will turn 40. Just thinking that it would be cool if we all sent him a B'day card. Not sure where to send it. Maybe the same place that you can request an autograph. Thoughts?


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