Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The Durrell Challenge 2018: Our Interview With Henry

Henry Cavill has been an ambassador for The Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust since 2014. After he took on the role, he began supporting the charity at events like the very popular Durrell Challenge, that's now in its third year. Following this year's run, Henry talked to us about his work with Durrell, why it's so important for people to get involved, and how his best friend Kal, makes him a better representative for the animal world.

If you want to help Henry and Durrell reach the goal for The Durrell Challenge 2018, here is the official fundraising page. You can catch up on everything else from Jersey in our wrap from the run.


  1. Just wanted to say that Somebody is making fraudulent claims to be Henry Cavill and is messaging and sending innapropriate messages to fans and asking for money and being nasty and rude. The strange part is that individual has linked the fraudulent accounts to the actual real Facebook page of Henry so when you click on the fake Henry Cavill accounts it takes you to the account of Henry Cavill, whoever is creating those fraudulent Henry Cavill facebook accounts is somehow linking the pages of the real Henry Cavill account to his fake accounts and emailing people and liking fans posts and then sending them messages .I received multiple messages from the fraudulent person who is pretending to be Henry Cavill by usintnhis pictures and name. I was very upset just yesterday and end up reporting and blocking every since account that had Henry Cavill name and pictures.I don't know why nothing is done about that. It's very unpleasant to be emailed by somebody who pretends to be Henry Cavill and it's very unpleasant to get rude messages and replies with very harsh and nasty remarks and comments. It be great if Henry Cavill reports the problem to Facebook so that all fake and fraudulent accounts are removed and anyone who makes fake and fraudulent accounts with Henry's name and pictures is given a warning that his behavior is not acceptable. Not sure how that person is able to make so many fraudulent Facebook pages and link them to Henry Cavill actual account in Facebook..? The fake Facebook accounts if you click on them take you directly to Henry Cavill actual account and that is what allows that individual to go around and email people ask for money, send innapropriate messages and harass us fans.

    1. It happens a lot! I've turned in half a dozen at least. There seems to be nothing that can be done about it. On Facebook just report the impostor; they shut them down pretty quickly. But, yeah, there's about one a week. Pathetic. Henry has said that this is the one thing that makes him "angry -- irrationally angry --" so just keep turning them in.

    2. Thank you for the reply:] :)
      I knew it would not be Henry himself sending rude messages...it was obvious because the person's English language was pretty poor and I doubt Henry Cavill has that time or would ever do anything like this...

    3. I had one too a few months ago. It's sad. I just saw on Mark Wahlberg's page that he reported over 200 fake accounts on facebook and instagram. CRAZY. people need something better to do with their time

  2. Great, great, great!!
    Thanks for all your work HCN team.
    I love the photos and videos.

  3. Did you do the run or were you only watching the scenery?

  4. The problem is (or one of them is) that there are multiple fake Henry accounts. I'd say there is at least one or two a day (and probably more than that). I've been messaged by fake "Henry"s constantly. And it doesn't link back to his account either...if you look at the profile it is another faked one. Henry's (the real one) will always have the check mark beside it. Anyhow, the real Henry is wayyyyy too busy to spend time blocking every single one. Plus, how would he know they exist unless they actually messaged him as well? All you can do is just report/block, etc. Have a blessed day!

  5. Nice interview! *smiles* D.


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