Tuesday, March 19, 2019

The Witcher: First Possible Look At Geralt On Set In La Palma

Is that you Geralt?

It appears we may have a first look at Henry on the La Palma set of The Witcher!

El Espanol published this photo and details from the latest location of the fantasy series, that is filming in La Palma through the end of next week.

The picture offers a more detailed look at The Witcher's costume, which showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich teased just a few days ago and we had gotten a peek of, last October.

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Some of you have also noticed possible facial hair in the new pic!

The cast and crew have been filming at various breathtaking locations on the Canary Islands since the beginning of the month.

Read more at El Apuron and keep checking back for the very latest!

"The Best Since Reeves" Whedon Praises Henry's Superman

Image: Warner Bros.

We haven't heard much from Joss Whedon on the DCEU, after he took over for Zack Snyder to finish directing Justice League. But overnight he made it clear how he feels about Henry as Superman.

Here's hoping we don't have to wait too long, before we see him in the red cape again!

By the way, those autographed pics of Henry in the Super suit are still going out to those who take the time to request them. Here is how you can get yours.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Hello Geralt! La Palma Press Catches Up With Henry

It's been a crazy busy schedule for Henry, since he arrived in the Canary Islands earlier this month to film The Witcher. While there's been no photos of him at the filming locations, the La Palma press caught up with him as he enjoyed a night off.

It's midnight. From the door of a bar in Tazacorte you hear cries of "handsome! handsome!..." Someone raises his hand and says hi gratefully: it's Henry Cavill. Yes, the last Superman, who is in La Palma giving life to the wizard Geralt de Rivia, main character of the Netflix series, "The Witcher." It is the first images captured of Cavill in the Isla Bonita (...) After several days of intense work in the natural landscapes of La Palma, last night he walked through the town of Tazacorte, initially unnoticed. He enjoyed several tapas on the terrace of Tasca La Marmota, sitting quietly on the avenue, at a good temperature. After a while, despite the cap he was wearing, everyone around him knew it was him. Nobody bothered him. That's how we are the palmeros. Almost two hours of quiet dinner with several of his companions, including some bodyguards.

Only at the end of the evening, hours later, when he retired back to the hotel, some fan asked for a snapshot: "I can not by contract, I'm sorry." Although, he did sign an autograph. Cavill will continue in La Palma for several more days (almost two weeks of filming have been scheduled in different parts of the Island). Despite being a quiet, friendly Island, his presence generates such an impact that it is almost impossible for him to go unnoticed.

Thanks to El Time for the report and pics. Just yesterday, The Witcher Executive Producer Lauren S. Hissrich teased Geralt's costume.

We can't wait to finally meet Henry's Witcher, when the show premieres later this year!

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

BOSS Spring/Summer Eyewear Line Goes Live

Proof that Kal is the real star of Henry's shoots!

The Spring/Summer BOSS eyewear line is now live at their site and it includes new pictures, new behind the scenes video and Henry's new interview. Make sure to check it all out!

@BOSS: "The latest #BOSS eyewear is here, worn by actor @henrycavill, whose drive and focus paved the way to his success #SharpenYourFocus #BOSSeyewear"

@BOSS: “The harder you work for something, the more enjoyable it is ultimately. There is a certain richness to success that is earned.” @henrycavill speaks to us for our new eyewear campaign.

'The Witcher' Begins Filming In La Palma

Images: El Diario

It was an early wake-up call for the cast and crew of The Witcher in La Palma, with the first day of filming there beginning at about 7am. An official with La Palma's Film Commission told a local radio station that Henry was on set today and that everything appears to be going well. The Netflix show will be filming at various locations that will be closed to the public on shoot days.

The military installation known as "El Fuerte" is serving as base camp.

Image: El Espanol

A boat chartered by the large production arrived last night, with all the equipment needed for filming in La Palma that's know as "Isla Bonita" for its natural beauty.

The Witcher is expected to film on the island through March 27th. You can read more at El Espanol and El Diario

UPDATE: Check out a few more photos and a news report from the first location at the link below. 

More details at El Time.

Keep checking back for the very latest!