Sunday, October 22, 2017

Fans Excited To See Supes In 'JL' Promo, Henry Ready To Go!

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Fans have been sharing their pictures with Supes as they encounter him in Justice League promo ads and we can't blame them... everyone is excited for his return!

The Ace Comic Con ads have also begun popping up in the New York area, with just a month and a half to go until Henry greets fans along with the rest of the Justice League.

But first things first... the film's promo tour is upon us and Henry is making it clear: He's all in!

Jason Momoa and Henry have been close throughout filming, and Jason shared a little bit of that brotherhood with Total Film magazine, where he describes Henry as “the one who taught me the most... He gave me all the pointers.”

You know both are going to bring it on the big screen, and it appears they may be working together again soon. J.K. Simmons telling Total Film a script for a Justice League sequel is already in the works, as he talked about his character: 

“Well, Commissioner Gordon wears a trench coat in every scene, so I don’t know that the ‘pumped up’ part is going to be all that evident, especially when you’re standing next to Batman! But this is the first Justice League movie – we hope – of a few,” the actor explained.

“They’re working on scripts for The Batman and for the next Justice League movie.” 

Image: Warner Bros.

Keep checking back for the very latest, as we count down to the Justice League release!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Luxury Agency's BTS With Henry In London

“When super talented actor Henry Cavill aka Superman visits.”

Luxury brand partner ZDLUX & Co. today shared this bts photo of Henry trying out his Tony Gaziano bespoke shoes in London. We're not sure if the photo is part of his recent shoot for The Rake magazine or if he's just preparing for all those Justice League appearances. Either way, nice look Superman!

UPDATE 10/20: The shoes were for the shoot, and Tony Gaziano shared a few more photos from the fitting today.

Ralph Lauren also took claim over that beautiful white tux.

You know more promo surprises await!

Throwback Thursday: Gabriella's Pic From Detroit

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This is Gabriella's funny throwback to the day she met Henry, back in October of 2014. He was in Detroit filming Batman v Superman, when he attended the Michigan Barbell Classic. Here is our wrap from that day.

Thanks for sharing Gabriella!

Justice League: New Poster, New Footage, Snyder's BTS

We have to admit, The Flash is our favorite Justice League member after Superman. So in his temporary absence, we're really enjoying Ezra Miller's reveal as Barry Allen. This latest AT&T sponsored clip really showcases why!

Director Zack Snyder has also been sharing some behind the scenes from the film, so make sure you're supporting him over on Vero.

Here's the latest poster.. BRIGHT.

And an invitation for you to dress up as your favorite character this Halloween.

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The promotional tour is kicking off soon, possibly in China. The cast, reportedly minus Henry, will be in Beijing next week.

Some really exciting weeks ahead, as Justice League gets closer.

November 17: We're ready!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Florida Flashback: Trainer Shares Her Hot Pic With Henry

"I know, I know. Uncanny! #inmydreams #ivegotissues #wonderwoman #superman #henrycavill #galgadot #myformerlife #livinginsurreality"

Can you really blame Melissa?... who wouldn't want to be Wonder Woman!

She's shared her very hot pic with Henry, which looks like it's from his pre-Nomis time in Florida.

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Thanks Melissa!

'Justice League' Anticipation: One Month To Go!

Image: Warner Bros.

We're now officially one month away from the release of Justice League and the much anticipated return of Superman!

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This new contest gives fans a chance to attend the red carpet premiere in Los Angeles. Good luck!

Supes looking great as part of the film's promo tie-ins.

Image: Tasty Kake 

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The Hollywood Reporter has a first look at Hot Topic's Justice League clothes.

The promo for the film is now popping up all over the world. FOUR MORE WEEKS.

Monday, October 16, 2017

"I Feel Honored That There's A Ben Affleck Bat Flying Around"

How time flies!

It's been almost two years, since Henry met and adopted Ben the bat at Jersey Zoo.

As the conservation trust celebrates Bat Appreciation Month with a look at baby Ben's mom Claudia, we have a new quote from Ben Affleck talking about Henry's adopted #batson... who is very appropriately named after him:

"I feel honored that there's a Ben Affleck bat flying around. Henry does great work for the zoo and elsewhere for the animal kingdom, it's incredible to see his passion and commitment."

The quote comes from the latest issue of The Rake magazine, where Henry also talks about his work for Durrell Wildlife:

"I have always loved animals, I have always loved the natural world, and I have loved learning about these incredible living creatures on our planet. I thought if I am going to throw my weight behind a charity, it has to be something that I am passionate about."

Henry has been ambassador for the charity since 2014, participating in several fundraising events including The Durrell Challenge that will return next year. You can learn all about his involvement with Durrell by visiting, where you can also adopt Ben the bat!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

New Look At Supes In The 'Man Of Steel' Black Suit

You can thank costume designer Michael Wilkinson's new interview with News Corp Australia, for this new look at Henry in the Man of Steel black suit.

We had a chance to chat with Mr. Wilkinson a few years ago about his work with Henry, and now he's sharing some of his experience in creating the costumes for the rest of the Justice League:

“Definitely the biggest film I have ever worked on, and I’ve been on this film now for more than one year but it’s such a pleasure to be able to go into so much detail about these characters who surely warrant lots of attention on every last square inch of them so I have been able to pour a lot of love and respect into these guys from their neck lines right down into their souls of their shoes.

Read the rest.

One month from now we'll see the designer's latest take on the Superman suit on the big screen, and we can't wait to see Henry fly again!

Warner Bros.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

'Justice League' Promo Wrap: Superman Is Everywhere!

Almost time to hit that red carpet again, Supes!

Do we have a lot to catch you up on, starting with the just released rating for Justice League. And guess who gets top billing in the credits?... ;)

Details are beginning to emerge as to what DC and Warner Bros. have planned for fans celebrating the release of the film. Make sure to mark November 18 in your calendar, because some goodies await!

The Canadian Mint and artists Jason Fabok and Brad Anderson are also involved in the promo.

And check out the covers of the steelbooks coming at the end of the month!

Superman is now everywhere as part of the Justice League promo, including in a new Gillette campaign.

While Supes is still RIP in the video, we have no doubt he'll be part of the VR Experience Gillete is partly unveiling.

He also gets his own gift pack. Read the details in the press release. Below are more promo tie-ins.

And the billboards are now going up!

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This week's spotlight is on Aquaman, and AT&T gave us a preview of Jason Momoa's character in Justice League.

We can't wait until it's Superman's turn! -- Keep checking back for the very latest as we count down to November 17.