Wednesday, July 23, 2014

SDCC: Here We Go! (Batman v Superman Surprises Ahead)

We're headed to San Diego, where there will be plenty to see of you're a 'Batman v Superman' fan. And we don't just mean the surprise Warner Brothers is potentially planning for us at Saturday's panel, although that is what EVERYONE is talking about:


Warner Bros. dropped the Batman v. Superman bomb last year at the Con, and the studio does enjoy upstaging itself. Our guess, Dwayne Johnson announces the Shazam/Captain Marvel role he’s been teasing out in the media. In addition to the Justice League, Warner’s has access to the entire DC Comics library, and with Marvel’s show of force and box office domination, now would be the time to get fans pumped. It’s a safe bet we’ll also get a tease from Zack Snyder’s aforementioned superhero showdown during the WB presentation.

The Hollywood Reporter:

Warner Bros. vs. Marvel: The two powerhouses will vie for the "Who Won Saturday?" crown. Warners is bringing Mad Max and The Hobbit, and will likely tease Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Marvel is expected to deliver Avengers and Ant-Man surprises. (10 a.m. for Warners; 5:30 p.m. for Marvel; both in Hall H)   

Even Fandango, emailed us to let us know about a little poll they did previewing what fans were most excited about seeing at Comic-Con. Batman v Superman was front and center, despite the fact that the studio has not officially announced any presence by the film there this year:

Fandango surveyed more than a thousand moviegoers on the most anticipated movies at this year’s convention. Avengers: Age of Ultron is the Con’s Most Anticipated, with Batman v. Superman right behind it.


The Wall Street Journal has pointed out that the studio "isn't ready yet to start hyping its next DC Comics movie, "Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice." So we wait..

Then again, like The Business Insider says:

Some have suggested "Batman V Superman" won't be at SDCC, but it would be a huge missed opportunity if Warner Bros. doesn't reveal something when Disney may come out firing on all cylinders.

Plus, it's Batman's 75th anniversary, so what better way to celebrate than with a look at Batman's new suit? Sure, we had a tease of it back in May, but there were rumors we were supposed to have the big reveal soon. Otherwise, we'll settle for even the briefest of teaser trailers or concept art during Warner Bros.' panel Saturday.

We'll settle for ANYTHING. In the meantime, check out everything that Warner Brothers is officially bringing to Comic-Con, and follow us for the latest updates on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Monday, July 21, 2014

New HQ Pics Of Henry Out In Detroit Over The Weekend

New photos of Henry signing for fans as he left a Detroit bar early Sunday have been released. Click for HQ & see everything else, including fan videos and more cute pics in our previous post 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Casual Sunday With Henry Cavill: Lucky Michigan!

jmaya shared his pic with Henry today, adding: "Just got done eating lunch with Superman." 

1tombi posted this pic of her Mom with Henry, captioning it: "SUPERMOM and SUPERMAN." 

She later told us: "He is amazing indeed.. truly gracious - extended birthday & anniversary wishes on camera as well. Mom was so excited and was simply honored (..) what a treat! - Peace and joy to you all!"

1tombi's mom was celebrating her 40th wedding anniversary -- so happy for her!

Larry (Imduren) met Henry as well: "Out having breakfast and ran into my boy Henry."

Thanks everyone! - don't miss the rest of the weekend photos & awesome video from a very lucky Detroit.

Contributor: LisaC2178

Heads Up Superman, Hercules Is No Friend Of Yours

Uhm, Superman.. you may want to stay away from Hercules for the time being. During an interview with Digital Spy, The Rock admitted he's close with Henry.. just don't ask him to pick sides. Because in Dwayne Johnson's world, Superman hits the dust. Ouch. WATCH (at about 1:00).  

I know Henry very well. He's a buddy of mine, and who would win in a fight between Hercules and Superman? Just to be clear, you're talking about my Hercules against Henry's Superman.. I would take my club and I would knock Superman into next week, and then I would whoop his ass for leaving.

Alright then.. buddies it is. 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sexy In Black: Fans Run Into Henry, Out & About In Detroit

Henry with his Gym Jones trainer, Michael Blevins
Image: Just Jared/Splash (Click for HQ)

Henry was out and about in Detroit this weekend, and many lucky fans ran into him. Read their stories and see their photos and videos below. But first, notice that green bracelet he's wearing? - it's in support of the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund. Learn how you can get your own.  

 Henry signing for fans

Thanks for sharing your awesome pic with Henry, James. It's pretty darn HOT and you both look great! -This is what James told us about meeting Henry at a Detroit area bar:

Just asked him if I could get a photo with him and he said "yeah, sit down" and he scooted over and his friend took the photo.

Nicole T. Castro (000_nico_000) bumped into Henry at a BBQ event. Another great looking pic wouldn't you say? - that's Superman for you. Always THE BEST with fans.

Nicole shared a bit of her encounter with us:

Of course he was nice and completely obliging. He even said it was nice to meet ME. How sweet.

I told him and his friend that I was trying not to freak out and friend said he's just a normal guy. Lol I was trying to be subtle cuz I didn't want a crowd, hence the failed attempt at a selfie.

Not a failed attempt. AT. ALL. Nicole then shared a bit more:

When I tried to take the selfie pic, he said the angle was terrible and so I handed him my phone. LOL.

So jealous of all the fans who met Henry! - the organizers of the event Henry attended, later posted this candid shot with his trainer Michael Blevins

 @reduxrouge posted her pic and tweeted: "Henry Cavill! #charlesbrandon"

larryjaperez (IG): "this guy was just too cool."

Irinanaz: "An evening well spent with Superman." 

itselizabethj: "Early birthday celebration with Superman."

Elizabeth had met Henry during the filming of Man of Steel in Chicago. This time around she brought her 2011 pic to his surprise. She says Henry signed it, and they chatted about it for a bit.

Sara Dag shared her pic on Facebook saying: "My favorite actor for the past 12 years! I may or may not have blacked out from excitement."

Click for HQ - via: Marina Vazquez/Henry Cavill Fanpage

And apparently Henry wasn't the only one out Saturday night. Amy was with him! (no pics so far).

Black or white.. hmm, can't decide. We're so happy for everyone who gets to meet Henry, because he really is a great guy. And then there's this. Go Detroit fans!
Don't miss all the HQ pics

One Week From Today: It's All Or Nothing At Comic-Con!

This is it. One week from today we're either gonna walk out of Hall H extremely excited, or ready to go cry in a corner until next year's Comic-Con. The Warner Brothers panel is scheduled to begin at 10:00 a.m. and if there are any Batman v Superman reveals, they will likely come at the end of their presentation like last year. When the studio released its 2014 schedule, it made no mention of anything DC happening during the panel. But like Steve over at Collider pointed out...
We've experienced those surprises ourselves, and The Hollywood Reporter is thinking luck might be with us again this year:

While Warner Bros. has made no official mention of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, it seems likely that the studio will do something for the hotly anticipated film — at least bringing some of the cast to the stage. Currently shooting with Zack Snyder at the helm, the project stars Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck but won't hit theaters until May 6, 2016, giving Warners two Comic-Cons to present footage.

To be honest, we're not so sure about the cast being there (we'd save that for next year) -- but we definitely think there's a good chance we'll get something. Especially now that Marvel has "planted its flag" like Latino Review mentioned, on future film dates for the next five years. And let's not forget that DC movie slate Nikki Finke says will be revealed at Comic-Con. According to her sources, it includes Man of Steel 2 in May of 2018!

So as we count down to San Diego, take a look back at our Comic-Con 2013 coverage that included plenty of Henry Cavill..

and hope for the best this year. We'll be there bringing you live updates on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram starting Wednesday.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Batman v Superman: Kal Sighting At Studio? & Latest Destruction Update From Downtown Detroit

It turns out we had it ALL wrong. They are not "constructing" a Batman v Superman set in downtown Detroit, they are more like destroying it. Yeah, looks like a battleground alright. But are we looking at Metropolis or Gotham? sure we'll find out as filming gets closer.

Bananadoc shot these latest photos (you can see the rest on their blog). But what caught our attention, was news of a potential Kal sighting, who we haven't seen since he arrived in Michigan with Henry back in January:

Apparently several crew have been fired for taking cellphone pictures of the set and the stars. And there is so much concern about information leaking out that both of the main characters have been instructed to wear robes on set. An unnamed source has suggested that this is an unpopular dictate, and Henry breaks the rule and walks his dog in full costume. 

Now of course this is all second-hand info and we are taking it with a grain of salt. Especially because we hear only a selected group of people have seen Henry in his Superman suit so far (yes, we mean you Clay and Larry). But again that could all be about to change, with the downtown set getting ready to go. Either way we really hope Kal does get to keep Henry company in the studio. Pets are the best!

As far as the studio trying to maintain its secrets, it makes total sense. Just read what a marketing exec told EW in its latest issue, that talks about that fake Batman v Superman script getting around:

"If you want to stand out, your best chance is to hold as many treats as possible for the moviegoer." 

Ain't that the truth. Latest spoiler-free news from Detroit, as it comes in! 

Flashback Friday: Eddie Shares His Pic With Henry

fredrik_cook: #fbf  to meeting #superman

Eddie just shared this awesome pic, after meeting Henry in L.A. last year. He wasn't the only one who met him that day. And DO NOT MISS THE VIDEO. Best part!  

Thursday, July 17, 2014

In Post-Production: The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Gets Composer

Didn't we tell you time would fly by? -- here we are almost at the end of July, and less than six months away from the U.S. and UK release of The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Last we heard Henry had just finished some ADR work for U.N.C.L.E., as he films Batman v Superman in Detroit. Now we know who will be in charge of the score!

Film Music Reporter says it's gonna be Daniel Pemberton:

Pemberton’s previous scoring credits include Ridley Scott’s The Counselor, the horror thriller The Awakening, this year’s comedy Cuban Fury and the British comedy series Peep Show.

You can get a taste of what we're in for, in this video of Pemberton in the studio.

The spy action comedy is based on the 1960 television series and tells the origin story of the first pairing of the two spies — one American, one Russian – who team-up on a joint mission to stop a mysterious international criminal organization, which is bent on destabilizing the fragile balance of power through the proliferation of nuclear weapons and technology.

Spy action comedy?.. LOVE IT. January 16, 2015 can't get here soon enough! - Catch up on all of our coverage on The Man from U.N.C.L.E.---> 1/2

RMCTF Update: 1664 Challenge Poster, Speak Like A Royal Marine, Henry Wearing His Support

Now that Henry has signed on as an ambassador of the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund, we're bringing you updates on the 1664 Challenge that is helping raise funds for the charity. First up, check out the detailed poster that breaks down what their mission is all about. We also noticed that over the weekend Henry was likely wearing the green bracelet in support of the charity, as he posed with a fan in Detroit. He's been pictured wearing it several times since last fall. You can buy the bracelet by clicking on this link, with all proceeds benefiting the RMCTF. The charity also has a great online store.

And here's a really cool article that will have you talking like a Royal Marine in no time. "Gen Dit." 

We will soon be announcing the details on how you can win one of two autographed RMCTF shirts signed by Henry. In the meantime let's keep those donations coming. Help us support Henry, in his support for the Royal Marines.