Monday, November 24, 2014

Sweet Pics Out Of El Paso Keep Coming!

biancasofiareyes: "Well this just happened. #HenryCavill #NoBiggie #DontBeJelly"

Not ready for the awesomeness from El Paso to stop? neither are we! - Thanks Bianca for sharing this lovely pic from there today, where she met Henry. If there is one thing we love more than his beanies, is his Under Armour wear. Looking good Superman, looks like El Paso suits you ;)

Henry Wears His Support For The RMCTF, So Can You!

Watch Henry's message for you

How time flies!

It's been nearly a month since we were in Gibraltar cheering for Henry, as he participated in the Rock Run to raise funds for The Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund. Henry's public support for the charity began subtly last fall, and was confirmed this past May when he was announced as an ambassador for the RMCTF. We first noticed the "I Support Royal Marines Charities" bracelet in pics with fans last October. He's been wearing it ever since! from London, to L.A., to Detroit, Jersey, and Gibraltar.. that bracelet serves as a reminder of the charity he represents.

Now as we try to help Henry reach his Rock Run target, we are giving you a chance to wear your support as well! - We just got the green and pink bracelets in from The Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund this weekend (thank you Charlie!), and we're about to send out the first ones to those who have already donated. Here is how you can help Henry reach his RMCTF goal and get your bracelet. He's almost there! and we're going all the way for him. Hope we can count on you. Thanks guys! 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

El Paso, Texas Gets Lucky Again: Hello Handsome!

timeatmontecillo: "Henry Cavill aka Clark Kent aka Superman spotted at Time! A great day for little Jax to be hanging at Hillside Coffee."

Gilbert Chavarria: "THANK YOU to Henry Cavill for taking the time to take a pic with my son this morning. Classy guy. #supermanfans"

Montecillo El Paso: "You never know who you're going to bump into at Montecillo! Today, little Jax walked up to Henry Cavill and asked him if he is Superman."

Can we just tell you how much we're bursting with Texas pride, as we watch Henry hang out in El Paso?.. and with that cutie! -- his mom told us "it was great to meet Henry," calling him "one classy & down-to-earth guy." The coffee shop shared the pic, after Henry stopped by today. He was in El Paso earlier this week, working out at a local gym. It's nice to see him back in our hometown, now if only we were there. Enjoy it for us, Superman! (smiling big in L.A.).

@txgal_23 shared this awesome pic, adding "I met Henry Cavill (Clark Kent/Superman) today. He is super sweet and was very gracious!"



Pics: juustjessiee

Pic: @jcadame1362

Frank (@frank_espn) also ran into Henry in the Sun City. Thanks for sharing your pic!

P.S. We spot those Gibraltar Rock Run sunglasses looking good on him. Still missing the Aviators though! #bringthemback #prettyplease  

Flashback To Detroit: New Pic From The 'MI Barbell Classic II'

Looks like @Bananadoc is not quite done gifting us with awesome shots from Detroit. This is the latest pic they shared of Henry and his trainer, Michael Blevins' participation in the MI Barbell Classic II last month. Check out everything else from that day. 

New BTS Pic: Henry & Amy Promote 'Man Of Steel' In London

Onemanbroadcast is a TV cameraman in the UK. He took this great behind the scenes pic of Henry and Amy talking to the BBC, as they promoted  Man of Steel in London last year (and just tagged it on Instagram). When we thanked him, he added that it "was a fun shoot" and that "Henry was very charming!" 

Supes and Lois will be doing the media rounds again during Batman v Superman promo in early 2016. Can't wait!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Deming, NM Sighting: How Lucky Can One Girl Get?

Katia Borunda has already established she takes the BEST selfies with Henry. Here's a reminder.

Now she's shared a new pic from Deming, and he's clean-shaven in that one (we notice those things). Guess Superman has been busy on set! or you know, he got tired of the scruff. Lucky, lucky Katia. 

UPDATE 11/23: Ursula also met Henry earlier this week. Here's another pic with him. Nice!

P.S. And yes, he's wearing the same outfit.. for that we have this tweet for you. Makes total sense to us. #Success

New Mexico Raises The Bar, Delivering One Hot Superman Pic

*Click at your own risk for HQ*
Are you still alive out there? because it looks like Henry is trying to kill us all, with those HOT TIGHTS OF HIS. This latest pic comes via H_Williams12, whose dad met Henry looks like in Playas (yes, we're the NM experts) this week. Wow. Wow. WOW. Feel free to add to that..

Thanks to CurlySueChick19's tip (told you your fans were crafty Henry), we know exactly what he's wearing: Reebok's Crossfit Compression Tights. They sure make for one FIT Superman. While we wait for their next appearance, don't miss the rest of the great fan pics from New Mexico.

Hope Henry is enjoying his time there because the area has plenty to offer, including gorgeous sunsets and awesome hiking spots (Thanks for sharing Mike!).

Jared Harris About Henry: "Great Fun To Be On Set With"

It's been pretty much all Man of Steel talk these last few weeks, with Henry wowing the crowd while filming Batman v Superman in Chicago, and at last check preparing to wrap the film in New Mexico. But waiting in the wings is Solo! and before you know it our coverage will be all about The Man From U.N.C.L.E., as promo gets ready to go. Just last week Henry was doing some ADR work for the film and recently his costar, Jared Harris, spoke about what fans can expect (via). 

"First of all, it's Guy Ritchie. You know his films are always.. they have really good clever plotting, they're funny, great action sequences, original cinematography and original way of presenting it." 

"And you know, it's a buddy movie, and with two huge fantastic actors in the main roles. I'm looking forward to it, it's got that lovely retro feel to it cause it's set in the sixties, a little tinge of nostalgia as well.. it's gonna be great, a lot of style, it's gonna be very stylish. Guy is stylish."

On the cast, he added:

"I worked with Armie, but mostly with Henry.. Henry Cavill, who's lovely. They're both lovely, great fun to be on set with."

And if THAT doesn't get you excited, don't miss our coverage during the filming of U.N.C.L.E. - Plenty of exclusives to catch up on, as we wait for Solo to shine on the big screen next August.

Friday, November 21, 2014

"He's Very Nice, Very Polite, But Trains Really Hard"

The El Paso Times, today covered Henry & his trainer, Michael Blevins' stop in the Sun City for a workout earlier this week. The newspaper spoke with Nick Quintela, who got to host them at the gym:

"It was unexpected, but very cool," said Nick Quintela, the general manager of Black Flag, who trained with Cavill on Wednesday. "He's a pretty strong guy. He's very nice, very polite, but trains really hard. It was fun."

Henry and Mike flew into El Paso on Sunday, on their way to Playas, New Mexico where Batman v Superman is now being filmed. Read the rest in the El Paso Times, and don't miss everything else from that day!

Watch Henry With Some Starstruck Lemurs At Durrell Wildlife Park

"Our female, Tioni, took shine to him, she did actually come and sit by him and stayed there for quite a while."

Can you blame her? -- Tioni representing! 

The Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust has just released this new video, of Henry's visit to their Wildlife Park in August. Henry is their new ambassador, and had the chance to hang out with the lemurs and their keeper, Leila Boyd.  

We really hope you take a moment to leave a message for Henry at, where you can read his blog posts (he does write them himself) and learn all about the endangered animals he's trying to save with a little help from all of us. He's a good guy and deserves to know he has your support. Loving your tweets!

HQ caps via where you can see the rest.