Tuesday, May 23, 2017

'M:I6' Wraps Filming In Paris: Next Up, New Zealand!

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It's official!

Director Chris McQuarrie announced the end of Mission: Impossible 6 filming in Paris today, with a photo of the cast and crew. He confirmed the next production stop is New Zealand, where sets are now going up.

Earlier fans had shared a closer look at Henry at the last Paris location, right at the foot of the Eiffel Tower.

McQuarrie also posted the first official photo of 'CIA director' Angela Bassett on set.

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And here is some of the action captured by freelance photographers today.

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We're not sure when filming will start in New Zealand, but wish everyone a safe journey. As always, look for production updates as they come in.

Henry Offers His Condolences To Those In Mourning

Today Henry reached out with a message of encouragement and sympathy, following the deadly Manchester attack and news of Zack Snyder's family tragedy. Henry is currently in Paris, where he had been filming Mission: Impossible 6 until today. He will be headed to New Zealand next.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Zack Snyder Talks About Family Tragedy, Steps Down From 'JL'

We were very sad to hear about Zack Snyder's recent family tragedy today. After his daughter's death in March, the Justice League director is now speaking publicly about his loss. Snyder told The Hollywood Reporter that he and his wife are stepping away from the film, to focus on healing their family. Director Joss Whedon will take over filming of some additional scenes in England this summer, and finish editing the movie that is still set for a November 17 release.

Read the rest at The Hollywood Reporter.

The director's colleagues at Warner Bros. have been expressing their sympathy on social media, along with others who know and have worked with Zack and his wife.

We can't help but think that with all Zack had going on these last few months, he still wished Henry a happy birthday and tried to be there for the fans as he continued his work on Justice League.

Please join us in sending good thoughts his way.

Fans Share Their 'Durrell Challenge' Experience and Pics

We're starting the week with new photos from The Durrell Challenge that you have been sending in, along with your experience after meeting Henry.

This is Michaela's second trip to Jersey, and here's what she had to share:

It's the very first time I do this but I just wanted to share my challenge experience (I know it's already a week ago but I just returned back home yesterday):

What a fantastic day *beautiful weather *lovely people *Henry!!!*

It was my second time at the challenge: last year supporting this wonderful cause as a route marshal and this time running my first ever 13K. I really enjoyed it and I have to say a big THANK YOU to all the people at the course who were supporting us runners in an incredible way.

And of course not forgetting Henry, who really managed to join the challenge despite his busy schedule at the moment AND even took the time for photos being as kind and nice as ever. So here is mine.

Thanks to him I got to know the important work they do at Durrell and I am glad to be a part of it!

Hope to be back next year!

Greetings from Germany


Lisa Marie Beattie was also at the challenge. She sent us her photo with Henry, along with a brief comment that says it all. 

"Had an amazing day at Jersey and only went and met Superman!" 

We love hearing from you, thanks so much everyone.

Don't miss the rest of the coverage from Jersey (1/2/3/4/5), including our interview with Henry. He talks about what's next for him as ambassador for Durrell, favorite snack at Jersey Zoo and more! 

Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Durrell Challenge: Superhero Stroll Winner Meets Henry

"My daughter Lillian on the left with the 'S' on her t-shirt, won the Durrell Superhero Stroll competition to meet Henry."

Congratulations Lillian!

Kirby Hockenhull shared her photos with us, after her daughter won the chance to take a pic with Henry after participating in the Superhero Stroll.

The event made its debut at Jersey Zoo last Sunday, as part of The Durrell Challenge.

We had the chance to ask Henry last weekend what it meant for him to have children look up to him, as they participated in the Superhero Stroll:

"It's not about how it feels with kids looking up to me, of course it's an enormous honor. But it's the position of responsibility and the opportunity for me to be able to have an effect on kids and things which they may want to learn about. So, if they can gain an education from this and have a fun day out as well.. fantastic, that's a win."  

Catch everything else from The Durrell Challenge in our wrap. Thanks Kirby!

'Mission: Impossible 6' Update: Last Days In Paris

Director Chris McQuarrie has been posting a lot of updates from Paris, as he gets ready to wrap filming in that city that he's mentioned he truly enjoys.

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While we're not sure if Henry is done with his work there (he was last spotted arriving on set Wednesday), filming has continued through the weekend.

A huge thanks to the cast and crew for their updates, and to the photographers who captured some of the action on the Paris sets.

As filming shifts to its next location, Tom Cruise has left to promote The Mummy. Keep checking back for production updates, as we follow the excitement leading up to the Mission: Impossible 6 release next July.

Friday, May 19, 2017

"Thank You To Our Amazing Ambassador Henry Cavill"

"The Durrell Challenge was a great success on Sunday. We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who took part and for their help raising valuable funds for Durrell. Thank you also to our amazing Ambassador, Henry Cavill, for making it an extra-special occasion!"

Durrell has published its new interview with Henry, while thanking him and everyone who helped make The Durrell Challenge a success for a second year in a row. Watch below and don't miss our interview and wrap from Sunday

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Henry Back In Paris, For More 'Mission: Impossible 6' Filming

Henry took a short break from filming Mission: Impossible 6 over the weekend, to host and participate in The Durrell Challenge in Jersey. But now he's back in Paris!

He was spotted by photographers outside the latest M:I6 set last night, for a scene that reportedly involved Vanessa Kirby.

Filming in France is about to wrap, but there's no word yet when the cast and crew will head to their next location. Earlier this week, The New Zealand Herald published the first pictures of a Mission: Impossible 6 set going up in that country. Filming is also expected to take place in London and India.

Keep checking back for production updates.

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via Vidumavikte

UPDATE: Director Chris McQuarrie broke the news on twitter, that Angela Bassett has joined the cast of M:I6. Deadline reports that she'll play the head of the CIA. 
McQuarrie and cinematographer Rob Hardy have also been sharing some cool behind the scenes pics from this past week, so check them out on their IG profiles.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

M:I6 Location Taking Shape, Black Adam Ready To Fight Supes, Nomis Flashback

Today we have several updates on Henry's projects, so let's get right to it.

The New Zealand Herald has just published the first pictures from what's expected to be a filming location for Mission: Impossible 6. The paper says the buildings are going up in that country's Rees Valley. See the rest in their post.

Filming in Paris is in its last days (latest spoilery scene involving Tom Cruise and Rebecca Ferguson), and Henry hasn't been seen on set since right before he went back to Jersey to participate in The Durrell Challenge. Look for updates as we get them.

Moving on to rumorland, the internet has been abuzz today about alleged Justice League reshoots. Here's the scoop from The Wrap, which does mention some scheduled pickups this summer. No word on whether that would include Supes.

In the meantime, Dwayne Johnson who is DC's Black Adam is ready to go up against Superman, and confirmed to Fandango "that's in the cards." All we have to say is.. BRING IT.

Finally, it seems like forever since Henry was in Winnipeg filming Nomis but it's only been a couple of months. This past weekend Kaiya shared this flashback of her mom with Henry. She was part of the Canada crew that worked with him during filming. Great shot!