Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Supes Rockin' The Green In Miami: Justice League Edition

You guys ready to die a little?..

The awesome nerdiness of Supes makes our job so much more fun.. :p

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Thanks M_a_Mess!

Does The Daily Planet Point To Possible Villain? & Justice LeaguePoster Shoot Confirmed!

First we get a SUPER dark tease by the man himself, and now we think set photographer Clay Enos is trying to tell us something... but WHAT?? -- Clay's post on @verotruesocial reveals the newspaper is a 2016 publication (which he basically says in his Twitter post).

If you click on the HQ version of the newspaper, there are references to a rise in crime in Gotham, power shortages, Lexcorp, and a nationwide "Smart Virus Alert.."

Hmm. So let's just entertain that guess for a second. If Brainiac were to show up in Justice League, here is one storyline (per Wikipedia) that rings a bell..

"Brainiac would next emerge about a year after the death and return of Superman. After a dead body appeared in Superman's tomb, prompting the world to wonder if the Superman who was flying around was the original or a fake, Superman began to track down all of his foes who might be capable of such a hoax. While Brainiac was initially eliminated as a suspect, he soon turned out to be the true culprit, creating the illusion even in his comatose state on New Genesis. He managed to revive himself there and returned to Earth in secret. While hidden, he created even more delusions, causing Superman to question his very sanity before realizing who was really at fault. Superman and Brainiac squared off in Metropolis, where Superman taunted the evil villain, claiming that at heart he was really just Milton Fine, a cheap entertainer. This caused some break in Brainiac's mind where Fine's personality reasserted himself, burying Brainiac's. Fine was then escorted off to a psychiatric facility."

There are a couple of other options that could fit the bill.. maybe we're reading too much into the newspaper post and it's actually from Batman v Superman (UPDATE: Photo is from BvS per Clay). But we would love to hear your theories (there are rumors big Justice League news is about to break).

We also learned that a new Justice League poster shoot has taken place in London. Amy Adams reportedly mentioned it to New York Magazine during a recent interview:

It’s late afternoon on a Friday in late July, and we’re in the glittery sepulchral swank of the Palm Court at London’s Langham Hotel. After a long day playing Lois Lane looking adoringly at Superman, maybe Adams needs a drink. She’s just come from a poster shoot for Justice League, which is, for reasons she says are unrelated to its plot, filming in this post-Brexit metropolis. 

So yeah.. we want that poster sooner rather than later Zack Snyder!

Filming in London is set to wrap in the next month or so, with possible additional locations being kept under wraps. Stay tuned for the very latest as we get it.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Fan Runs Into Henry On Flight To Miami

Azaeziel: "Besides the exhaustion in my face, I flew with and waited for my bag with Superman! @henrycavill @iflymia #firstclass #superman #henrycavill #britishairways #travel #miami"

Have a safe trip Superman! -- Thanks for sharing (you very lucky) Kevin.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

"That’s the great thing about our Superman. He is more relatable"

Image: Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition

We are still so hyped up about that tiny clue Henry gave us this week, on Superman's potential storyline in Justice League.

The movie is in its final weeks of filming at the Warner Bros. studios outside of London, and a few months ago some journalists were allowed a set visit.

Mark Hughes was among them, and this week he published more from his chat with producer Debbie Snyder. She explains how they've worked to make Supes more relatable:

And it’s all so human, right? It’s about these journeys. I mean, Zack really loves Joseph Campbell and the hero’s journey. And these characters are just so mythic, and their journeys– I always say they’re journeys are what we can relate to. Because we can’t relate to their powers, so what do you have?

That’s the great thing about our Superman. He is more relatable. Someone said, “It’s so dark,” and I go, “Well, is it dark? He’s going through real problems that we go through as people every day.” To me that’s not dark, that’s life. We’re complicated people. And we’re making him in that way more relatable.

So I don’t think that’s dark, I think that’s just who we are. People are complex, we’re not strictly just the good Boy Scout trying to do good. He does want to do good, and I think all of the things Superman represents are who he is, but he also stumbles along the way and learns from it. To me, that’s so much more interesting.

You can see the progression of Henry's character from Man of Steel to Batman v Superman, so we're really excited to see where he goes next.

While Batman v Superman has its critics, that hasn't stopped the film from staying at the top of the disc sales charts for a month now.. and cinematographer Larry Fong is loving every second of it.

Even the family pets are enjoying watching the film at home ;)

And look who is already inspiring comic book artists with his Superman..

Go Henry!

Have a lovely rest of your weekend everyone.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Now On Sky Cinema, Fan Support

The Man from U.N.C.L.E. premiered on Sky Cinema this month, and people who didn't catch it when it was released last year, are expressing their enjoyment for the fun film now.

TV Times (UK) is promoting the premium cable release of the film, with an article that includes some of Henry's quotes about his experience working on The Man from U.N.C.L.E. 

And Solo and Illya made the cover of TV & Satellite week!

As many of you probably know the U.N.C.L.E. soundtrack is simply fantastic, so we're very happy to hear that Daniel Pemberton  is up for Film Composer of the Year at the World Soundtrack Awards in October. Good luck! and thanks to @TheSpyCommand for the find.

Finally, we ran into this cute piece celebrating the one year anniversary of the release of The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Give it a read, and don't forget the birthday candles ;)

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Michael & Fabian's Pics With Henry In London

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This has been an awesome Thursday, with fans sharing their old and new pics with Henry.

Michael and Fabian met him in London.

UPDATE: (8/19): Aimee just posted her pic after meeting Henry. She called him a "Super nice Superman," and told us he was "such a gentleman."

Thanks everyone, and thanks to Henry for always being so gracious.

via @Primula87_tmblr.

Newspaper's Shoutout To Durrell, Henry's Kind Gesture, Fan Pics

'Charity of the Year' is still open at JustGiving, and guys.. Durrell really deserves the recognition. Help us get them shortlisted!

Thanks also to Durrell, for sharing this cute article by the local newspaper..

"The lesser spotted A-list actor can be seen at Durrell whenever he's back in the Island, for he is a patron of the conservation centre. His diet is mainly protein, by the look of it." 

The last time Henry was seen in the wild at Durrell, he was supporting the charity by taking part in The Durrell Challenge (that's returning next year!). Cheryl was among the hundreds of runners who joined him, and she's shared a few new pics from that day.

"My favourite photo, Henry either laughing with me or quite possibly at me! Post 13k uphill charity run so not exactly looking my best either #henrycavill #superman #doitfordurrell #durrellchallenge #Jersey #ithinkimfunny#2016 #smile #crazyhair #laughteristhebestmedicine @henrycavill"

We first met Cheryl and her husband at the Siam Cup, and then caught up with them at The Durrell Challenge. They are the coolest Henry fans, which we're always so happy to hang out with.. did we mention we ran into them at Comic-Con?? -- See you next year you guys!

The work that Durrell does wouldn't be possible without their dedicated employees and passionate volunteers. So we're not surprised to see Henry taking the time to thank them for their commitment and support for the charity. Nice gesture, Superman.

This being Throwback Thursday, fans have been sharing their pics with Henry. The first one is from another of Henry's charity fundraisers for Durrell, The Siam Cup in May of last year.

A photo posted by @amyz24 on

Laura's photo is from The Rock Run in October of 2014. Henry participated in the race, to raise funds for The Royal Marines Charity. In October, Henry will be taking part in the Commando Challenge and you can join him!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Just When You Think Supes Can't Be More Super..

TravelbyHart: "Superman gives the best hugs! #henrycavill #travelbyhart #loveyourjourney #hollywoodkids #batmanvsuperman #justiceleague @henrycavillnews @henrycavill"

Jessica got to work on Batman v Superman, and today she shared with us the cutest pics of her kids getting THE BEST hug from Henry on set.

We're so proud to support him.

Thanks so much Jessica.

P.S. Zack Snyder.. bring back the curl!

Monday, August 15, 2016

The Black Suit Is Coming, The Black Suit Is Coming!

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After months of speculation, today Henry posted this close-up of his Justice League costume.. and it seems to confirm he'll be back in black!

The internet reacted accordingly..

This top post is a must-read if you're not familiar with where things could be going..

We can't wait to see what costume designer Michael Wilkinson came up with this time..

Bring it Supes!

Pictures: @HenryCavill // @WBPictures // Art: @DCComics, @800LBProductions, @GeorgeEvangelista, @JLA.Avengers, (via) @Ryan_m_unicomb.

"This Gentleman Is Talented And Courteous"

"Always remember "Don't let your talent take you where your character won't sustain you." This gentleman is talented and courteous. Thank you @henrycavill for the photo and being so gracious. #manofsteel #manwithcharacter #superman #trinbagoniansareeverywhere #superendtoasupertrip #somuchtobethankfulfor" - (@christelchristian)

Reason #2099 why we support Henry..

Chris had only great things to say, when she met him in Jersey days after his Comic-Con appearance.

Thanks for sharing your lovely pic.