Saturday, September 24, 2016

Henry "About To Get Very Muddy" Two Weeks From Today!

Exeter Living magazine, has given us a preview of their article about Henry's participation in the Royal Marines Commando Challenge. They highlight the conditions he and the rest of the competitors will be facing, including those muddy obstacles that are a key part of the race.

We get to cover it for you! -- Look for updates from Woodbury Common two weeks from today.

You can still join Henry in the 10K run on Saturday, October 8th. But there are several other options, including runs the next day. What we would really like to do, is help Henry get to his fundraising target, because it will partly benefit The Royal Marines Charity which he represents.

We're also running a contest, to win an exclusive Commando Challenge t-shirt like the one Henry is wearing in the pic. All you have to do is leave a question for him in this post.

Two weeks.

We hope you're ready Superman!

New Outtakes From Henry's Shoots For Men's Fitness Magazine

A photo posted by AAA ( on

A relaxed Henry hanging out with Kal, is featured in one of several new outtakes from his shoot for Men's Fitness magazine with Ben Watts (Thank you Felix). The September issue is out now!

A photo posted by AAA ( on

See everything else from that shoot, and check out the hot new outtakes from Henry's previous shoot for the magazine (don't miss the bts video).

A photo posted by AAA ( on

A photo posted by AAA ( on

Slightly different version (via)

A photo posted by AAA ( on

Thanks so much ‏@Vidumavikte

Friday, September 23, 2016

Weekend Sighting: Henry Visits Pub Outside Of London

A photo posted by James Watts (@james.watts17) on

James met Henry outside of London, and today he shared his pic.

UPDATE.. Here's the full photo and story.

Image: Drew Cook 

Today Dannielle also got to hang out with Supes.

Thanks for sharing everyone.

Durrell Update: Keep Voting For Henry, Show Support For Charity

Hey guys!

We want to remind you to keep voting for Henry as Celebrity Fundraiser of the Year at the JustGiving awards. Voting closes on Wednesday, October 12th.

He really does a lot for the charities he represents, please vote and spread the word.

We know Jersey is really proud of Henry, and this week the local newspaper gave him a shoutout, and Durrell took note!

There are a number of ways you can help Henry support Durrell, including buying the Cavill Conservation merchandise. Helen showed us her t-shirt, and wrote about where the money goes.

And a big thanks to Daniela, for sending us a picture of her new adoption pack and sharing her excitement with us:

So I know Raymi isn't part of Henry's adoptive family BUT he's still part of the family! This is what I got in the mail today!.. how cute is he!!!! 

You too can adopt Raymi, or Henry's animals that include baby Ben!

Have a safe weekend everyone.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Henry's New Post: Make-A-Wish Fans Meet Superman

Henry has been filming Justice League outside of London (though we don't think that's the new suit), and these brave young fans got the chance to hang out with Superman!

Henry just shared the new photo of the apparent set visit, that according to his hashtag was set up through the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The charity confirmed that, in this reply to him on Instagram and their Twitter post.

makeawishuk"Thank you so much for making Orin's dream come true and for this heartfelt message Henry! We can't thank you enough for your support and granting such a special wish :)"

Much respect, Superman.

Monday, September 19, 2016

'Commando Challenge' T-Shirt Giveaway: Enter Now!

The Commando Challenge will be here in no time, and you can help Henry reach his fundraising goal.

For those of you who can't join him in the mud run to benefit The Royal Marines Charity, we have a way for you to at least be there in spirit. The charity has sent us two Commando Challenge t-shirts made exclusively for this year's event to give away. It's the same shirt Henry was wearing in his invite to fans.

All you have to do to enter to win one of the Commando Challenge t-shirts, is leave a question for Henry regarding his work as ambassador for The Royal Marines Charity or his participation in next month's race. We'll pick a random winner on September 30, and who knows.. maybe we get your question answered by him!

The contest is open worldwide, and don't forget to leave a contact email/Twitter/Instagram/FB info for us to reach you in case you win. Good luck everyone!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Friday Fun: Fans Hang Out With Henry In London

InstadeMaria: "And we caught Superman off duty 😎 WeAring @jude.benhalim choker #Daytripper #LondonBaby #Superman #judebenhalim  #okhtein"

As Justice League gets ready to wrap in London, these girls ran into Henry last night and he posed for a pic with them.

A photo posted by Lois. (@dominxdancing) on

Thanks for sharing your shots with the nicest Supes!

Zack Snyder Shares Two New Pics From The 'Justice League' Set


Hello Commissioner Gordon! (first look at J.K. Simmons in the role).

Director Zack Snyder is celebrating Batman Day, by sharing these awesome pics from the Justice League set. Earlier this week he also released a photo of Batman, as the film gets ready to wrap in London. The top pic seems to hint at the scene reporters got to watch being filmed, when they visited the Warner Bros. studios in June (via Uproxx):

The scene we watched involved Batman, The Flash, Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), Cyborg (Ray Fisher), and Commissioner Gordon (the newly buff J.K. Simmons, on his first day of shooting; he was wearing a trench coat, so we couldn’t see his new muscles).

Gordon has just lit the Bat-Signal, and when the scene we watched picks up, Batman, The Flash, and Wonder Woman have all arrived. There is talk of flying demons and how eight prominent scientists have been kidnapped in Metropolis and how they needed to get there soon. There’s also talk of an abandoned underground tunnel that connects Gotham to Metropolis (we visited that set, more on that later). At this point, Cyborg shows up to proclaim it’s now nine scientists and that he’s there to join the team. (Wonder Woman seems especially pleased by this, suggesting that she had tried earlier to get him to join and he had declined.)

At this point, The Flash (who is obviously going to be the comic relief of this movie, something BvS didn’t have) mentions that with Cyborg here, they wouldn’t all fit in the car. Batman says, “I have something bigger,” and Batman, Wonder Woman, and Cyborg all turn around and walk off into the night. Commissioner Gordon, who is still talking, turns around and is surprised they are all gone. The Flash is still there, who points out, “Wow, they just left like that, didn’t they? That’s rude.”

Justice League hits theaters November 17, 2017.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Dany Garcia: "Henry Has A Big Appetite"

Newsweek has an excellent interview with Henry's manager, Dany Garcia. In it, she gives us an exciting update on where things stand with him and his projects:

Garcia also continues to expand her repertoire beyond just the Central Intelligence star; in April, she announced that Garcia Companies had taken on a superhuman new client—Batman v Superman’s Henry Cavill. After positioning Johnson as Hollywood’s highest-paid actor, can she do the same with Cavill?

“Henry has a big appetite,” Garcia says. “We’ve been in a five-month period of time where he’s re-strategizing, acquiring property [for his production company Promethean], he’s filming [Justice League] now, he’s in development for the Superman standalone… he’s beginning to expand that world. It’s beautifully teed up. In a year from now, or two years from now, he’s going to be a force globally.”

If anyone can make it happen, it’s Dany Garcia.

That sounds like confirmation that a Man of Steel sequel is definitely in the works, and we can't wait to hear what's coming from Promethean. You have our full support -- Go Henry!

Read the rest of the article in the link below.

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