Wednesday, August 15, 2018

'Mission: Impossible Fallout' Premiere In Beijing Confirmed

As the great reviews and killer box office numbers for Mission: Impossible Fallout continue to accrue around the world, China is still waiting for the film... and today fans there got some great news! Henry and Tom Cruise confirm they are headed to Beijing for the last premiere of the film on August 29th. They will be joined by director Chris McQuarrie and Simon Pegg.

Look for more details as we get them. In the meantime, catch up on everything else from the press tour: Paris // London // Seoul // Tokyo // DC -- and ALL of Henry's interviews 1/2.

A big thank you to @koitsai and @mao_meowz for the heads up.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Photographer Shares New 'Men's Journal' Outtake

Photographer Jeff Lipsky was in charge of Henry's Nevada shoot for Men's Journal, and today he shared this new outtake. Catch up on everything else from the August issue, including some great behind the scenes and Henry's interview in our latest wrap.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Henry Visits Young Cancer Patients, Offers Words Of Support

While Henry was in New York a few weeks ago, he attended a very special screening of Mission: Impossible Fallout with some young cancer patients and their families and also met with other kids. Meagan Celeste helped organize the event and today she shared some pictures and heartwarming details about the day, so make sure to read her write-up below.

"No matter how strong you think Superman is, a child fighting cancer is a thousand times stronger." Henry Cavill delivered these and other heartfelt words when he joined MDC at our recent Mission Impossible: Fallout screening event for kids from Ronald McDonald House and New York Hospital for Special Surgery. After the movie (which was fantastic) and a wildly entertaining Q+A, Henry decided to travel with us all the way back to the House to spend time with more children who were too young to see his film! Despite being in the middle of an exhaustive global press tour that had him in a different city each day, Henry made these kids a priority and I can't thank him enough. We shared a wonderful evening filled with so much laughter, jokes, lots of hugs and kids giving Henry their best Superman impression. My friend Dylan even gave him a gold Superman ring which Henry wore all night, making Dylan feel like a million bucks and moving all of us to tears. @HenryCavill is truly an incredibly sweet kind funny gracious and charismatic super man who radiates goodness and brings hope to those who need it most. Superman has always been my favorite movie superhero and to me, he and Henry will forever be one and the same. Thank you so much to Jennifer Allen; to Sophie at Paramount and Nick at Bryant Park Hotel for providing the venue and all the wonderful gifts and goodies; and to @gregjolleyphotography and @thejohnhedlund for capturing these magical memories for the families; and to Nel, Ben and @jsricca1001 at @rmhnewyork for being such incredible friends and working so hard to help me with these events. Teamwork makes the dream work! #henrycavill #superman #manofsteel #missionimpossible #fallout #clarkkent #mdcproductions #rmhnyc
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Superman ring given to Henry by a young fan

GregJolleyPhotography helped take these touching photos, and he also talked about how special that day was for everyone involved:

I am incredibly grateful to have been on hand to photograph the experience of @henrycavill meeting the amazing and wonderful families of the @rmhnewyork a couple weeks ago.

@mdceleste from @mdcprods curated this event and brought me on to shoot (which I absolutely love doing), arranging not only a visit from Henry, but a screening of Mission Impossible-Fallout for the families. 

Henry came in at the end of the screening for a Q and A with the kids and families. 

When one child asked "What would you say to kids fighting cancer?" 

Henry's response was just lovely..."No matter how strong you think Superman is, a child fighting cancer is a thousand times stronger."

Thank you to Henry and his incredible team, the folks at Paramount and the Bryant Park Hotel for arranging the screening and swag goodies, the folks at Ronald McDonald House who are always just so nice and awesome and accommodating and do such wonderful work with the families.

I'm honored when I get to do these events. More than just meeting celebs, I get to photograph memories for these families and the amazing people who work with them. The joy they get at meeting their heroes is pretty incredible. These people are absolute warriors.

Thank you to Meagan and Greg for allowing us to share these precious moments with everyone. If you want to learn more about these brave kids and their families click through Meagan's post -- she's tagged them all on their individual photos. Meagan also posted this video from the event at The Ronald McDonald House in New York.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Henry Shares Favorite 'The Witcher' Fan Art, More

It's been the buzz online all week. People have been talking about Henry as Geralt in Netflix's adaptation of The Witcher, since he mentioned he'd love to play the character while talking to IGN. Now he's shared his favorite fan art related to that project and a few others, made by the talented artist known as Bosslogic.  

Which one is your favorite? Learn more about The Witcher at The Daily Star.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Monday, August 6, 2018

Mission: Impossible Fallout #1 Again, NZ BTS, Gamers Rejoice

Mission: Impossible Fallout has done it again!

The film is #1 at the box office, with China yet to come (August 31).

Paramount Pictures has also given us a behind the scenes look at the stunts in New Zealand and it comes with some commentary from Henry...

New interviews from the M:I Fallout press tour are still coming in, so make sure you're checking our YouTube playlist where you can find most of them. In this one, Henry is asked how soon we could see #Kingstache make a return... don't hold your breath.

And this new interview is creating a lot of excitement in the gaming community...

There are even a few renditions of Henry as the character already out there...

All in all, a great start to the week.

UPDATE: And then there is this news... could we see Superman in this project? Deadline talks about that possibility.

Friday, August 3, 2018

Henry Thanks Fans Around The World For 'M:I Fallout' Support

As Mission: Impossible Fallout opens in new countries this weekend, Henry took some time to thank the fans that have made the film a huge success around the world. Korea and Russia specifically getting a shoutout from him, as M:I Fallout gets ready to rule the weekend box office in the U.S. once again. Have a great one everyone, we're off to watch the movie in IMAX (for the second time)!

Thursday, August 2, 2018

"Today I Met Superman" Fans Share Their Pics With Henry In FL

Now that the press tour for Mission: Impossible Fallout is over (don't miss ALL the new interviews), Henry is getting a chance to recharge in his adopted home of South Florida. Just a few days ago he went back to practicing Jiu-Jitsu, and in these new pics with Xavier and Lily it looks like his tan is coming back... enjoy your time off, Supes! -- Thanks for the great photos everyone.

P.S. If you haven't seen Henry in Mission: Impossible Fallout, we suggest you get to your nearest IMAX theater ASAP!

UPDATE: A couple of more star photos!

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Bumped into Clark Kent 🤓 #fangirling

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Norway Gets Special Intro To 'M:I Fallout' At Pulpit Rock

Images: Paramount Pictures

Possibly the most incredible way to experience Mission: Impossible Fallout... at Pulpit Rock in Norway!

A premiere was just held at the filming location where Ethan and Walker face off in an epic fight, with the hundreds of fans attending treated to a special introduction (recorded at the U.S. premiere) by Henry, Tom Cruise and director Chris McQuarrie.

Here are some of the pics from the premiere. You can see them all in HQ in this post.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Henry On Guilty Pleasures, Dancing With Kal, His Ideal Woman

The Mission: Impossible Fallout interviews keep coming... and we're not complaining.

Henry shared some memorable moments from the past few months with People magazine (above). He also talked to Australia's Herald Sun, and the print version comes with a few new photos from his Paramount  promotional shoot by Gavin Bond.

Definitely check out Henry's new interview with Cosmopolitan Germany.

A huge thanks to Rebecca for translating it for us. Give it a read below.

Head reporter Melanie Jassner meets a cool guy for an interview every month. This time she met one of the most charming superheroes and secret agents of Hollywood.

Since Henry has flown as Superman (since 2013, so to speak), he is considered one of the hottest men on earth. One made for hero roles. Even as a sexy Agent he impresses people with his charm, most recently in Guy Ritchie's 'Man from U.N.C.L.E.' For the role of James Bond, he was a desirable candidate. Since he was too young then, the part went to Daniel Craig. Now the Briton chases Tom Cruise in the sixth part of Mission Impossible.

How fitting: for the interview, we meet at a London private club. Although Henry Cavill looks surprisingly down-to-earth, in a grey hoodie, jeans and trainers, his appearance is classy like a person in a tuxedo. He is a true gentleman, very courtly, very accurate. With his British accent and shy smile, he reminds me of Hugh Grant in Notting Hill. We sat down at a corner table (seats). His gym-honed body fits just between the seat and the edge of the table; he puts his forearms carefully on the table.

Q. What is better trained, your body or mind?

A. My mind

Q. Then you have to be very smart sometimes

A. Yes

Q. When not?

A. When my emotions overwhelm my sense of reality. Of course, my job is very emotional. And sometimes my feelings are stronger.

Q. How much fun was it when you decided on Mission Impossible to do all those daredevil stunts yourself? Did you not want to appear as a coward in front of Tom Cruise?

A. No, no! I always wanted to do my own stunts, in the previous films I was always advised against it because of risk of injury.

Q. There is a funny anecdote about your current co-star: You bought an Aston Martin with your first paycheck, while Tom Cruise paid for his sister’s college. Is Tom Cruise too good or are you too selfish?

A. I’m definitely not selfish.

Q. You just don’t have a sister.

A. Exactly. Otherwise, of course I would have paid for the college (smiles). I have four brothers and my mother has managed to raise all of us as good guys. My mother is my heroine. She is an absolute legend. So strong and positive. She has shown us that you should always be there for others, to protect others.

Q. Since you play Superman, are you always expected to be the protector?

A. On the contrary. Since I am an actor people do not expect anything like that from me.

Q. You and your brothers have grown up on the quiet, idyllic Jersey, Channel Islands. Now you are committed to the preservation of Jersey zoo. How come?

A. As a little boy I was always there and helping animals is close to my heart.

Q. Was zoology an option other than acting?

A. Maybe. But I would have probably gone into the army or become an archaeologist. But I like animals. I always wanted a dog and four and a half years ago bought an American Akita called Kal. He is the best companion. Together we travel the world. It is unconditional love.

Q. And yes dogs are like their owners. An American Akita rarely barks...

A. Right! I am definitely a quiet guy. A lot has to happen for me to get loud.

Q. And they (Akitas) have a complex personality. Do you understand yourself?

A. I think no one really understands themselves. Often another person helps you get an insight on yourself.

Q. Which other person would that be? Or more precisely, how do you imagine your Wonder Woman?

A. Warmhearted, supportive, intelligent, worldly, beautiful…She should want a family and be loving. And be accepting of being taken care of by me.

Q. Is there a special type?

A. I’ve learned that I do not have a type. It's somebody I would fall in love with.

Q. Love is…

A. Ultimately, a mission that one has little influence on. And by that I mean love in a relationship and between friends. Often life makes that decision.

Q. Is there someone who comes to mind?

A. Adam Brown, a very close friend, who was a Navy Seal. There is a book about his life, which, unfortunately, he lost much too soon. It’s called ‘Fearless’. Reading the book has touched me so much. Adam is an incredible example of how one should live one's life.

Q. Was Russell Crowe also a hero for you? You mentioned something like that...

A. Not a hero. Heroes came from my immediate surroundings but with Russell Crowe I had a nice encounter. He shot a film at our school and during the break I went to him and said, "hello, my name is Henry, it's nice to meet you, how does it feel to be an actor? A week later, he sent me a photo of himself as a gladiator with the message: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. In Man of Steel we finally acted together.

Q. Where is your journey going? What would you, Henry Cavill, like to achieve?

A. When I am no more, I would like for my family to be protected for generations, so they can lead a secure and carefree life. That is my goal. I hope I can do it.

For many more interviews from the Mission: Impossible Fallout press tour, make sure to check our junket wrap and YouTube Playlist.

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