Saturday, December 3, 2016

New Pic & Florida Family Shares Their Fan Encounter

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Check out the lovely pic Gaby got, after meeting Henry today.. and she wasn't the only one who got to chat with him.

Not awkward at all!

Henry has been in South Florida for a few days, and today a family tweeted their experience after meeting him. He apparently even talked to one of them on the phone.. YOU GUYS.

Thanks to Emma and Megan for sharing their story. Henry is really nice, and it's always great to hear/read your positive comments.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Henry Back In South Florida, Fan Shares Cute Selfie

"So look at who I met today.." 

Jenesty bumped into Henry in South Florida, and was kind enough to share her selfie with him.

Henry was back in London over the weekend, but he's also been preparing for what's expected to be a busy 2017.

We can't wait to hear what's in store, in addition to the release of Sand Castle and Justice League!  

'Justice League' At Brazil's 2016 Comic Con Experience

We see you Supes!

The 2016 Comic Con Experience just got underway in Brazil, and Justice League is a big part of the Warner Brothers display on the convention floor.

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This week Scott Mendelson over at Forbes highlighted Justice League, as he looked ahead to the film's November 2017 release. Check it out in the link below.

Stay tuned for news on the release of the new Justice League trailer.. any day now!

Image: WB Brazil

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

"He's Almost Unrecognizable" Sand Castle Director On Henry

Omelete had the opportunity to interview Sand Castle director Fernando Coimbra, who talks about making the film and working with Henry. Thanks to our reader Carol (TheCralmeida), we're sharing the Q&A which was originally in Portuguese. The translation is a little rough (we paraphrased/edited a bit), but hopefully you get the gist of it.  

Shot in Jordan over six weeks, Sand Castle is undergoing the finishing touches in post-production. It shows Coimbra's vision of the Iraq war. He tells Omelette that while filming it, he learned about American military ethics, and says the movie draws parallels to what is happening in Brazil today.

The plot is set in Iraq in 2003. After the successful first ground invasion of Baghdad, a platoon of American soldiers is sent to Baquba, in the Diyala province, to repair the city's water system, damaged during the U.S. intervention in that country. The mission, which seemed simple, turns out to be a nightmare. Coimbra, who directed episodes of Narcos for Netflix, reunites with the streaming service, which bought the rights to Sand Castle when it was already in post-production.

In the following interview, Coimbra explains his approach to the reality of Iraq and the military procedures of America around the world.

How was the experience of shooting in Jordan in English, leading a multi-national cast and dealing with the thorny issue of the occupation of Iraq?

Fernando Coimbra: It was a great experience. Part of my decision to make this film came from the will to live that experience. Overall, I think it was amazing. Of course it came with its difficulties, especially after taking my family to live in the Middle East for nearly four months. Working with a multinational cast is always a very rich experience. In Narcos, I had the luxury of working with great talent in Latin America, while in Sand Castle I could work with super talented actors from the UK, United States, Egypt, Iran and Palestine. I also worked with Iraqi extras. I made sure to have real Iraqis in the film. I think it was very important for the final result, to have both American military advisers giving their point of view, as well as getting the perspective of the Jordanians and Iraqis. And that's what the film suggests, to look at both sides equally.

How was it working with Nicholas Hoult and Henry Cavill?

Coimbra: Could not have been better. Nick Hoult was already involved in the project before me. As the protagonist, he wanted to go deep with this story and this character. We had a very strong and intense collaboration. Cavill, since he read the script wanted to make the film, and this was a key factor. Even though he's involved in a multi-million dollar franchise with Superman, he wanted to do this independent film, which shows a very different side of him. We changed his look completely. He is almost unrecognizable. Cavill is a very simple and humble guy. And very easy to work with.

How did you approach the military intervention of the U.S. around the world?

Coimbra: The film is not at Americanist vision. The view of the war I deliver is not one of heroes, of glory and great deeds. The film is seen from the perspective of the soldier as an individual to show how, throughout the war, it will become more absurd and meaningless to him. And the concepts of freedom and democracy that he brought from the U.S. change once he meets Iraqi civilians and has the opportunity to have a minimum exchange with them.

What did the film teach you about military ethics?

Coimbra: There are two military ethics. There is the low-level one, trying to be as correct as possible (which is not always the case) and then there is a high-ranking one, where the real interests of war (economic and geopolitical) reside. What they sell to the soldiers is the idea that these will bring freedom and democracy to a country that lives under an oppressive regime.What is behind it, is the destabilization of the country and the delivery of its economy to international private corporations. What happened in this war, is that most of the soldiers returned home with a title in the head (?) because their motives did not match the real motivations of the war. Studying it, I began to better understand what is happening in Brazil now. It is the same process of interventionism, but without war, just like what happened in Egypt. The Obama administration has enhanced the interventionist policy in order to spend less money on the war machine and have the same result.

How are your Brazilian projects? Is there anything else on Netflix to come?

Coimbra: The only thing coming up for me on Netflix is Sand Castle (..).

Sand Castle will make its debut in 2017, though no date has been set.

'Man of Steel' Iconic Moment Captured By Director Zack Snyder

Justice League director Zack Snyder has been posting set pics on his Vero account for a few months now. But today he really hit it out of the park, by sharing what must have been an incredible moment for Henry and those around him.

Just imagine the excitement on that lot, as Henry walked out in his Man of Steel costume for the first time. Watch him talk about his experience, as he prepared to become Superman.

Can't wait for Supes to return in Justice League (less than 12 months and counting!) and Man of Steel 2.

Thank you Zack.

Henry's Post On Giving Tuesday, New Pics From Campaign

Henry has posted a new photo from his Omaze campaign to benefit The Royal Marines Charity, and what better day to enter than on Giving Tuesday!

Image: Omaze/Henry Cavill

We also have a couple of behind the scenes pics from the day of the shoot, and check out the view.. that could be YOU next to Henry sipping champagne on The London Eye.


Omaze/Henry Cavill via HCO

Saturday, November 26, 2016

New Pictures: Fans Meet Henry In A London Pub

"This guy came up to me and asked for a photo, can't say no to my fans"

Does that coat look good or what??

Tim being cheeky, after he met Henry and asked for a pic at a London pub today. And check out Darragh's awesome selfie and the rest of the cool photos!

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Image: Tessa Key

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Rosie's pic via Henry Cavill Fans FB 

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Thanks as always to Henry for being super nice with everyone, and thanks to those who share their moment with the rest of his fans.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Chilly London: Pablo's New Pic with Henry

Pablo says he was on his way to lunch today, when he casually bumped into Henry in London. And look what a cool pic he got!

Henry looking very much his Superman self, or..

Add a stylish coat..


And he wasn't the only one that noticed.

Stay warm everyone! 

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Sightseeing Company Shares Fiji River Rafting Pics

Sightseeing company Rivers Fiji, just shared the pics and video from the day Henry took their river rafting tour and posed for pics earlier this month. Looks like everyone had an awesome time!

"You may want to identify the 2016 Superman sensation Henry Cavill in the pics. He too thoroughly enjoyed this private trip down the Upper Navua river. They were surprised as guides dug out a lovo in the middle of nowhere."

Have You Entered The Omaze Contest?.. Henry Is Waiting!

Sooooo.. who's already packed their bags?!

Good luck you guys, this is definitely going to be a fabulous experience for the winner. And you get to make a difference for The Royal Marines Charity.

Don't delay and ENTER NOW.. those extra perks are selling out!