Saturday, May 28, 2016

"Ni Hao China, Thank You Very Much For Your Support"

Since becoming Huawei's P9 ambassador earlier this year, Henry has been busy promoting the smartphone. The new campaign began rolling out in London this week, and last month he was in China for the launch there. Henry answered a few questions for the press, and here is some of that coverage via Weibo. He talks about his experience with Chinese culture, his heroes, training for Justice League, and more. You can keep up with Henry on his official Weibo account

WATCH HIS Q&A HERE (or below the cut).

Friday, May 27, 2016

Henry On Superman, Spy Watches, Sports Cars, Pizza Breaks

Image: Warner Bros.

Swiss online magazine HH Journal, has published an interview they did with Henry during the Batman v Superman promotion a few months ago. He talks to them about Superman, pizza breaks, and those tabloid rumors that surfaced during production:

"No, Ben Affleck, who plays Batman, and I didn’t compare biceps or see who could do the most sit-ups!" 

Image: Warner Bros.

Henry goes on to mention the "watch research," he did for his role as Napoleon Solo in The Man from U.N.C.L.E., his love for sports cars and why it's unlikely you'll see him driving one when he's home, and much more!

Image: Shortlist Magazine


Thursday, May 26, 2016

Superman Training At Roger Gracie's London Academy

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu world champion Roger Gracie, has just shared these pics from his London Academy.

We're not sure if they are from today, but that's definitely Superman in training with his trainer, Mike Blevins by his side.

Justice League!

 @kywangracie: "Superman will choke Batman next time. @henrycavill @bbboj @rogergracie"

It remains to be seen how Henry applies the skills he learns from Gracie on the big screen, and why he needs them in the first place..

The Durrell Challenge: "You All Have Made A Big Difference"

It was a wonderful day of friendship, fitness, and fan support. Hundreds of people joined Henry at The Durrell Challenge and Fun Day that followed earlier this month in Jersey, with all fundraising going to help Durrell save endangered animals around the world. Henry spoke to us about what your support means to him and the charity, and he echoed those sentiments in an updated message on his JustGiving page where many donated and left him messages of support:  

I Just wanted to thank you all for your overwhelming generosity and at such late notice too! You have all made a big difference here in donating to Durrell. They are so incredibly grateful as well for all of your commitment to the cause! Thank you all so so much, you guys and gals are the best!!

Among the fans that helped make The Durrell Challenge a success, were the volunteers who got up bright and early to take their spots along the race route. The very lovely Nella was among them, and she later took these great pics of Henry as he met with fans, and conducted the raffle for his first car. You can see them all in HQ (almost 100 photos!) in the gallery below. Thank you so much for letting us share them with you guys. If you repost, please credit:

Here's our video of Nella and a few other fans getting their photo taken with Henry at Durrell Wildlife

Look for our final wrap this weekend!