Thursday, September 29, 2016

Henry Reveals Commando Challenge 'Justice League' T-Shirt

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We had heard about these exclusive Commando Challenge Justice League t-shirts, and now Henry has given us a first look!

The event is next weekend, and you can still sign up to join him. He's nearly reached his fundraising target.. just needs a little push. PLEASE HELP HIM GET THERE. UPDATE: He's surpassed his goal, but keep going everyone -- it benefits a great cause.

We'll be at the Commando Challenge to bring you updates. Go Team Cavill!

Kent Farm Filming, Zack Teases Deathstroke, Fit 'Justice League'

Just as we were giving up hope that we'll get some candid Justice League filming moments, Jeff Frost has renewed our excitement. He shared these pics of the Kent Farm outside of Chicago, as crews appear to be preparing for filming. At last check the cast was wrapping up in London, with production expected to continue in Iceland. Set reports claimed filming will also take place in the Los Angeles area, and now it looks like Illinois is also in the mix. As for what scenes could be filmed there..

We'll keep you posted!

Director Zack Snyder shared an official Justice League update today, and it's all about Deathstroke..

As you know Joe Manganiello has been cast as the villain, that judging by the storyboard Zack is working on will definitely leave his mark in Justice League.

We also heard from Amy Adams, who during a recent interview talked about Lois in the film (starts at about 23:00).

“It’s different now coming back to Lois for the third time, and in each film her requirements (are) so different. That’s been the challenge. Playing the same character with different requirements for the story (..) There’s a lot of imagination required. That’s what’s so great about our job, whether we’re on a big set and we have to imagine that we’re like in a city that they’re creating around you, or whether it’s just having to build a relationship with the other person. It still requires the same sort of imagination and getting lost in what we create.”

Henry's Man of Steel trainer, Mark Twight has been sharing pictures of the cast and crew he's been working with this time around. Pretty impressive!

A photo posted by Mark Twight (@wfmft) on

Aquaman looking fit in this cool shot..

Finally, the perfect gift for the DC fan coming in December. Hit the link to check out all you get, with this box set that you can pre-order now.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Henry Highlights Race Prizes, Duncan Falconer Joins Team Cavill

Check out the swag!

Today Henry showed off some of the cool prizes that will be part of a raffle at the Commando Challenge next week.. NEXT WEEK!

Huawei donated some of them, since he is the face of their P9 campaign.

Like he said, hope to "see you there!" -- It will be a great time for a great cause, and Stratton's Duncan Falconer has just confirmed on FB that he will be part of Team Cavill.

Duncan Falconer:

"Henry has invited me to join his team taking part in the 10K Commando run October 8th. He's such a wonderful bloke he has agreed to carry me for most of it - at least I think he has - I hope he has! Of course, I know why they've invited this old codger - so they have an excuse to slow down! Well, I've been in training the last few days and I'm up for it. I just hope nothing falls off this time!"

If you can't make it to the race, you can help Henry reach his fundraising goal. And don't forget to enter our contest for a chance at an exclusive Commando Challenge t-shirt.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Henry & His Brother Out For Coffee In London, Meets Fan

Images: AKM-GSI

Thanks to @HWCavillBR, we have a first look at some candid pics of Henry and his brother Simon in London.

A photographer caught up with them, as they strolled down a street after getting some coffee today.

Henry has been back home in London for most of the year, as he films Justice League at the Warner Brothers studios in Leavesden.

And talk about being at the right place when Supes passes by..

Veronika got this awesome pic with him!

Photographer Thanks Fans With New Men's Fitness Outtake "The Henry Cavill fans found my profile over the weekend and it proceeded to go wild for about 72hrs following. So here's a gift to you for showing legitimate etiquette in sharing and crediting. Henry catching a moment to himself between looks."

Proper credit goes a long way.

Felix worked with Henry on his two shoots for Men's Fitness magazine, and posted several outtakes on his Instagram account. Fans recently discovered the shots, and he was happy to share one more today because he was credited despite the fact that he didn't watermark his pics.

Nice job you guys.

Durrell Wildlife: Henry's Birthday Wishes For Badongo & Indigo

Two members of Henry's adopted gorilla family at Durrell Wildlife, are celebrating a birthday. And now that he's on social media, he didn't miss the chance to send his birthday wishes to Badongo and Indigo on his Instagram and Facebook accounts.

He also shared an update on, where you can learn more about the gorillas and even gift them something today! -- READ HIS POST.

We'll share pics of our favorite part -- the gift unwrapping! -- when they are posted by Durrell.

UPDATE: Here you go.

Happy Birthday to "Henry's boys!"

via Durrell's "Adam:"
"I’ll leave you with a picture of Badongo looking very tired and very full after all the presents he has had. Thank you."

Monday, September 26, 2016

Commando Challenge Countdown: Team Cavill Ready To Go!

Today we learned the Commando Challenge start time for Henry's team, and you can still join them! - REGISTER NOW.

Team Cavill will begin their run at 2:00 pm on Saturday, October 8th. We'll be there to cheer them on and bring you updates. Henry is now at 78% of his Royal Marines Charity fundraising goal for the race, and every little helps -- HERE IS THE LINK TO DONATE.

And this next article will help you fit right in, if you're ever in the presence of a Royal Marine..

Yes, you can now quiz us on those terms.

A week from Saturday will be here in no time, and we hope everyone is just as excited as we are!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Henry "About To Get Very Muddy" Two Weeks From Today!

Exeter Living magazine, has given us a preview of their article about Henry's participation in the Royal Marines Commando Challenge. They highlight the conditions he and the rest of the competitors will be facing, including those muddy obstacles that are a key part of the race.

We get to cover it for you! -- Look for updates from Woodbury Common two weeks from today.

You can still join Henry in the 10K run on Saturday, October 8th. But there are several other options, including runs the next day. What we would really like to do, is help Henry get to his fundraising target, because it will partly benefit The Royal Marines Charity which he represents.

We're also running a contest, to win an exclusive Commando Challenge t-shirt like the one Henry is wearing in the pic. All you have to do is leave a question for him in this post.

Two weeks.

We hope you're ready Superman!

New Outtakes From Henry's Shoots For Men's Fitness Magazine

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A relaxed Henry hanging out with Kal, is featured in one of several new outtakes from his shoot for Men's Fitness magazine with Ben Watts (Thank you Felix). The September issue is out now!

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See everything else from that shoot, and check out the hot new outtakes from Henry's previous shoot for the magazine (don't miss the bts video).

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A photo posted by AAA ( on

Slightly different version (via)

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Thanks so much ‏@Vidumavikte

Friday, September 23, 2016

Weekend Sighting: Henry Visits Pub Outside Of London

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James met Henry outside of London, and today he shared his pic.

UPDATE.. Here's the full photo and story.

Image: Drew Cook 

Today Dannielle also got to hang out with Supes.

Thanks for sharing everyone.