Friday, July 20, 2018

Facebook Live Q&A, Running Man Preview, Junket Interviews

Do you have a question for Henry? get ready to ask away! Watch his announcement about the Facebook Live event in the works.

Today we also got a preview of Henry's appearance on the popular South Korean variety show, "Running Man." It airs Sunday. We'll post the full version when it's released online.

UPDATE: The show has released a few photos from the taping (via).

With Henry doing tons of press it's easy to miss some of his new interviews. So make sure to check our junket post for everything from the press tour. We're also adding most of the videos on our Mission: Impossible Fallout YouTube playlist.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

'M:I Fallout' Director Confirms DC Premiere, Henry On Kimmel

The Mission: Impossible Fallout press tour keeps chugging along, and today director Chris McQuarrie said goodbye to Tokyo and confirmed the DC premiere of the film on Sunday.

Henry was also confirmed as a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live for Wednesday, July 25. This will follow his appearances on Good Morning America and Live with Kelly and Ryan the previous day.

Stay tuned for full coverage, as we count down to the Mission: Impossible Fallout release. Just one more week to go until #Kingstache make its triumphant return!

'M:I Fallout' Promo: Henry Covers Japan's Safari Magazine

Henry is covering Japan's Safari magazine, and here is a first look!

We'll share the article and photos when we get them.

Superman Represented At Comic-Con 2018

DC at the SDCC convention floor

We're back at Comic-Con to bring you everything Supes related, and of course to celebrate his 80th birthday!

While we are not expecting to hear news on a Man of Steel sequel just yet (Henry did say it could take a bit), there is plenty of Superman memorabilia for fans visiting the convention floor.

From limited edition comic books, to awesome t-shirts and we SO WANT that watch...

This collectible coming at such a timely time, with Henry having just mentioned he would love his Supes to face off against Brainiac.

Again... WANT

DC also has several panels at SDCC, that include appearances by Jim Lee and Geoff Johns. Warner Bros will take over Hall H on Saturday morning, to preview its upcoming DC films including Aquaman and Shazam. You can follow our updates from San Diego on our social media. Go Supes!

P.S. This is what Henry thinks about the Snyder Cut. Don't miss all his interviews from the M:I Fallout press tour. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

'Mission: Impossible Fallout' Tokyo Premiere

It's time for Japan to shine.

You can watch the live feed - rewatch the Mission: Impossible Fallout red carpet in Tokyo HERE. All pics and videos as they come in.


Also check Mission: Impossible's Facebook for pics from all the premieres.

Click to see more pics

 All images via Weibo


Tuesday, July 17, 2018

'M:I Fallout' Tokyo Press Conference, Henry Teases Premiere

『ミッション:インポッシブル/フォールアウト』 . #トムクルーズ の爽やかさと噂どおりの気さくで丁寧な対応には感動😳しましたが、割と僕の目の前にいらっしゃった、 #アンダーアーマー が太陽系一似合いそうな、 #ヘンリーカヴィル にも釘付けに😆 . うーん、 #マンオブスティール ←( ;・`ω・´)最近は、 #ジャスティスリーグ で復活しましたね😃 #スーパーマン かっこよかった…(ため息💨) . #記者会見 では、そんな質問も。 . スーパーマンより大変だと思ったシーンはあるか尋ねられたヘンリーは、シャワールームでのファイトシーンを上げ、 . 「あのシーンは凄かった。怪我については、トムが引き受けてくれたけどね(笑)次回作では、僕が右足を骨折するよ(笑)」 . とジョークを披露。続けて、「スーパーマンとの違いは、今作でのスタントは全て自分でこなしている。スーパーマンは、正直にいうとほとんどがCGなんだ、かの有名なコスチューム以外はね(笑)」と明かした。 . こんな対応ができる人間になりたい。ナチュラルなスーパーマンジョークがこれまたかっこE😍 . ◼️公開日:2018年8月3日(金) 全国ロードショー ◼️配給:東和ピクチャーズ ©️2018 Paramount Pictures. All right reserved. . . #missioninpossible #mip #ミッションインポッシブル #イーサンハント #tomcruise #henrycavill #simonpegg #christophermcquarrie #映画好きな人と繋がりたい #映画鑑賞 #映画館 #cinema #movie #試写会 #レッドカーペット #映画 #舞台挨拶 #六本木 #ミッドタウン #ヘンリーカヴィル #サイモンペッグ #リッツカールトン東京 #記者会見 #mi6
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You're up Tokyo!

All photos and videos from the Mission: Impossible Fallout press conference will be in this post. Catch up on everything from Henry's arrival in Japan HERE


You can watch the premiere live stream at this link. We'll have a separate post for pics and videos from the red carpet.

See them all in HQ in the link below


Walker Makes His Intentions Clear In New 'M:I Fallout' Clip

That's one intense clip... watch, watch, watch!

Walker is getting lots of great buzz from film critics, and director Chris McQuarrie says there's more talent where that came from...

A week from Friday, everyone will get a chance to see Henry in action, when Mission: Impossible Fallout opens in theaters. 

'Mission: Impossible Fallout' Cast Arrives In Tokyo

Henry and his Mission: Impossible Fallout costars have arrived in Tokyo ahead of Wednesday's premiere. Keep checking back for the latest pics and videos.