Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Good Vibes From London: Henry's Latest Behind The Scenes

How is that for an energizing wake-up call?

Henry putting out ALL the positive vibes in his morning workout post from London. You gotta watch the video in his Instagram stories.

He's also been sharing some cool behind the scenes bits about what he's been up to, when he's not filming Enola Holmes. Did you know he's a cowboy at heart?

Wild Rose has been getting great reviews and like Henry mentions, it's all about that country music. He's been a fan of the genre for a long time...

Also, huge gamer alert! -- This little update has everyone really excited.

On several occasions Henry has mentioned, that he was playing WoW... when he learned he was Superman.

What will he share next?? -- Keep up with Henry's latest updates in real time by following him on Instagram.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Henry Shares 'The Witcher' Post-Production Update

Henry has been filming Enola Holmes in London and today he shared an update on his post-production work on The Witcher (with a slight nod to his BOSS eyewear campaign). You can also keep up with him in his IG stories, where he's been posting tips and pics from his daily workouts. 

The Witcher premieres on Netflix sometime this fall.

P.S. Those Aviators look great!

UPDATE 8/17: The beanie is back!

The Witcher: Meet Young Geralt, Who Is Also A Big Supes Fan!

"@toptalentagency: So excited to reveal our #ttakids Tristan Ruggeri will be playing a young version of Henry Cavill in the new “The Witcher” #netflix series. He will play a young Geralt of Rivia."

As we wait for official word on when The Witcher will premiere on Netflix, a new casting announcement has us very excited.

Tristan Ruggeri is playing young Geralt in the fantasy series, which likely means we're getting at least a glimpse at The Witcher's backstory (1/2).

During a roundtable at Comic-Con, showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich mentioned that digging into the rich past of the main characters was one of her favorite parts of creating the show.

Now it sounds like Tristan is part of that vision and this summer he even got a signed cap sent by Supes/The Witcher himself!

Tristan's mom, Edith, allowed us to share her son's happy moment. She added that you can follow his official Instagram: tristan.ruggeri.

We can't wait to see Tristan portray young Geralt in the show later this year!

Monday, August 12, 2019

New 'Night Hunter' Clip Ahead Of U.S. Theatrical Release

As the U.S. theatrical release of Night Hunter gets closer (Sept. 6), Entertainment Tonight has shared a new clip from the thriller starring Henry as a police officer searching for a serial killer.


The film is now available on DIRECTV and will be on demand the same day as it's released in theaters.

Henry Tries Out New Ride In London, Missing Horse Friend

A thrilling end to the weekend for one handsome Sherlock Holmes.

Henry has been filming Enola Holmes with Millie Bobby Brown in London and he may just have found a new way to get to and from set.

Henry got his bike license while he filmed Mission: Impossible Fallout and since then he's been hooked!

UPDATE: Henry misses his BFF from Budapest, so he gave him a shout out.

Friday, August 9, 2019

‪“It’s Not Every Day You Get The Opportunity To Meet Superman"

“It’s not every day you get the opportunity to meet Superman in the park.” 

Fans have been meeting Henry in London, now that he's filming Enola Holmes there for the next few months.

He stopped to take pics with a super sweet family earlier this week and today Antonio shared his photo with him. Thank you, everyone!

 In the meantime, Henry continues to post almost daily updates on his workout routine.

Yesterday, the Geralt in him wandered into the wild and things got a little dangerous...

Of course a bee sting is no match for a Witcher... or Superman for that matter.

You can follow his updates in his Instagram stories!

Thursday, August 8, 2019

New Photos: Family Meets Henry In London

You guys, these are the best pics!

Snigeltuva and her family ran into Henry after his workout in London earlier this week. Today she sent us their super cute photos with him, telling us that he was really nice.

Henry is back home in London filming Enola Holmes after promoting The Witcher at Comic-Con. 

Thank you so much Snigeltuva for allowing us to share your pics with Henry and thanks to Henry for always being there for his fans. If you repost the pics *please* credit/link her. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

'Night Hunter' Ready For DIRECTV Debut

The wait is almost over!

Night Hunter (originally known as Nomis) is out on DIRECTV tomorrow and will also open in theaters in places like Portugal and the Middle East.

Night Hunter hits theaters in the U.S. September 6, while in the UK fans get to watch it September 13.

We were lucky enough to see the film when it premiered at the L.A. Film Festival last fall. Read our mini spoiler-free review and stay tuned for the latest news on Night Hunter as it's released around the world.


Cinescape via Steph78208

Night Hunter is also available for pre-order on Amazon. Just look it up under your corresponding marketplace. Release dates vary. 

Nomis (DVD) http://www.kochmedia-film.de/dvd/details/view/film/nomis_die_nacht_des_jaegers_dvd/ For years, a serial killer has been hunting young women on the Internet. Until Cop Marshall (Henry Cavill) with the support of the obscure Cooper (Ben Kingsley) manages to identify the obviously severely disturbed Simon (Brendan Fletcher) as the culprit. But the spiral of violence continues relentlessly despite his arrest. Unknown accomplices suddenly target the investigators themselves and force them into a deadly race against time ... (1 DVD) David Fincher's SEVEN and Denis Villeneuve's PRISONERS were the godfather for this thrilling serial killer thriller starring. In addition to Henry Cavill (MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: FALLOUT) in the lead role, Oscar winner Sir Ben Kingsley (SHUTTER ISLAND), Stanley Tucci (THE TRIBUTE OF PANEM) and Alexandra Daddario (SAN ANDREAS) and Nathan Fillion (CASTLE) excel in a cleverly engineered design Thriller highlight. direction David Raymond actor #HenryCavill #alexandradaddario Daddario Ben Kingsley and others genre thriller movie length approx. 94 min languages German English subtitle #German production Canada / USA 2018 Sound Dolby Digital 5.1 image format 1.85: 1 (16: 9) Rated from 16 Extras trailer In the trade off 09/26/2019
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