Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Behind The Scenes Peek: A Busy Henry In London

Someone is rockin' the fall look in London..

Thanks to the lovely people at Henry's UK agency, once in a while we get a peek at his work behind the scenes.

We imagine these are pretty busy days for Henry, as he prepares to head to Jordan to play a special forces captain with the U.S. Army in Sand Castle.

Look for the latest updates, as the November 2 production start date gets closer.

New Pics From London: Henry Out For A Walk With Kal

Wouldn't you want to know what he's listening to..

Henry was spotted in his RMCTF hoodie, as he took a stroll with Kal (looking his fluffy gorgeous-self) in London last week. It's nice to see Henry and his furry baby enjoying some quality time, before he leaves to film Sand Castle in Jordan.

"Henry Cavill attempted to take his dog for a low-key walk in London, while sporting a commando sweatshirt -- not that low-key is possible for him ... with that face, and the whole Superman thing." 

We know you love him TMZ ;)

"Oh hey Henry Cavill, look at you wearing another hoodie as you walk your dog around London.

The Batman V Superman: No Really, Please Let This Be Good star kept it quite casual as he and his dog strolled around the city (so much strolling today). The photos are apparently from last week, but if you think I was about to deprive you of the Cavill hotness, then it’s like you don’t know me at all.

And it case you guys can’t tell, Henry really loves the Royal Marines Commandos."

That's right, representing!

Photos: Fame Flynet via HWCavillBR

Monday, October 12, 2015

Henry Attends Durrell Event, New Cavill Conservation Videos

blackboxpicuk: "Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust with Henry Cavill #event #charity #wildlife #henrycavill #durrell #gentleman #photooftheday"

Happy Monday!

We start the week with news from London, where Henry just attended a Durrell Wildlife charity event (apparently the same day last week when this photo was taken). Black Box Pictures was there to cover it, and today shared this pic of Henry with Lee Durrell at the fundraiser. It comes just a few weeks after Henry returned to his home island of Jersey, to attend the Ugly Bug Ball as the charity's ambassador. We're thinking he's doing as much as he can in support of Durrell, before his filming schedule keeps him busy starting next month. That's when he's expected to head to Jordan, to begin filming Sand Castle with Luke Evans and Nicholas Hoult. 

While Henry was in Jersey, the charity asked fans to submit questions for him and here are his answers! -- Make sure to keep up with Henry's Durrell Wildlife updates, at cavillconservation.com.

A couple of weeks ago we asked you to send us any questions you would like to ask Henry Cavill. We can now reveal the...
Posted by Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust on Monday, October 12, 2015

Here's today's top question for Henry Cavill... and it comes from Rawan Zubaid. She wanted to know what was the...
Posted by Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust on Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Henry Out Celebrating Oktoberfest In London Friday Night

bodosschloss: "Our favourite superman #HenryCavill, came down to Bodo's last night to join the #Oktoberfest celebrations with our Bodo's Hunk @liamdn93 #Bodos #Superman #celebrity #Kensington."

liamdn93: "Always good to see Mr. Cavill down @bodosschloss. Last of the Oktoberfest celebrations this evening #Superman."

There's that Durrell hoodie we love to see on their ambassador!

Henry was out in London last night enjoying the little free time he has left (he was also out earlier this week), before he starts filming Sand Castle (reportedly in Jordan) in a few weeks. He'll be playing an American Special Forces Captain and if you ask us, he's already looking the part ;)

Look for updates as filming gets closer.

VargasDieguin: "Tonight At Bodos Schloss ,, Superman Great Actor Henry Cavill."

robjales: "Another return for my mate Henry Cavill at Bodos Schloss Kensington London with @vargasdieguin."

'Sand Castle' Director Confirms Jordan As Filming Location

When the news broke earlier this week, that Henry had joined the Sand Castle production about to start filming next month, one thing that was missing from the press release was the location of the shoot. Enter director Fernando Coimbra! (though screenwriter Chris Roessner had mentioned it).

It took a few days to hear from him, but as you can tell from that tweet things are moving right along as production gets ready to go November 2. Hopefully we get updates from the cast and crew that we can pass on to you.

Welcome to Henry's fandom, Mr. Coimbra!

Mission Accomplished: Fundraising Team Finishes Marathon

Just a day after Durrell Wildlife released a video of Henry wishing Pete Wright and Steve Hayes good luck on their fundraising journey in the Amazon, we've gotten word that they have completed their mission!

Mrs. Loaf also shared a pic of her family with Henry the day he met with the athletes. Congratulations!

Learn more on how you can help Henry save endangered animals at cavillconservation.com.

Friday, October 9, 2015

New Photo Of Henry In London.. The Beard Is Definitely Back!

Friskol: "Man of Steel"

Friskol just shared his pic with Henry at a London nightclub, and what can we say.. the beard is definitely back!

We just learned Henry will begin filming his next project called Sand Castle next month, and we're guessing the look is for that. Here's all we know about the war drama that we're really excited about.

Have a great weekend everyone.

P.S. We have seen Frisko before! (he works there.. lucky London).

Cavill Conservation: Henry Bids Good Luck To Fundraising Team

It was just a few weeks ago, that Henry was busy in Jersey supporting Durrell Wildlife. He attended the Ugly Bug Ball, and he spent the next day at the park. While there he wished good luck to a team headed to the Amazon on a fundraising mission, and today Durrell shared that video. Check it out below.

You may remember a few weeks ago we told you about the extraordinary challenge taken on by Pete Wright and Steve Hayes....
Posted by Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust on Friday, October 9, 2015

As you know if you follow Henry's updates at cavillconservation.com, his adopted gorilla family lives at Durrell Wildlife. And it so happens that when he was visiting, a double birthday celebration was taking place. This week the charity gave him a big shoutout for showing up:

"Thank you Henry for making this birthday one to remember!"

Read all about it, and don't miss Badongo and Indigo's big bash! -- As we mentioned, the night before Henry was at the charity's fundraising ball and several people got to meet him. Among them were the band members playing that night, and one of them shared his experience that we thought you'd want to read..

I met Henry at the ugly bug ball in Jersey as I am the guitarist in Inside Job, he is indeed a very generous person that took time to meet and chat with us. Many celebs we have met are not so forthcoming, great to see a Jersey boy keep his feet firmly on the ground and fly high at the same time.

And Henry doesn't just show his support for the charities he represents at official events, he pretty much does it around the clock..

Thanks for sharing your comments everyone, stories like these are really great to hear.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Henry To Play Special Forces Captain In War Drama 'Sand Castle'

Deadline just broke the news that Henry is joining his Immortals costar, Luke Evans, and Nicholas Hoult in 'Sand Castle.'

The drama is being directed by Fernando Coimbra (Narcos) based on the screenplay by Chris Roessner, with filming set to begin November 2.  Mark Gordon is producing with Treehouse Pictures’ Justin Nappi and 42’s Ben Pugh.

Here's more via Deadline:

Set in Iraq circa 2003, the pic is based on Roessner’s experience as a machine gunner in Iraq’s Sunni Triangle. The plot centers on Matt Ocre (Hoult), who is part of a mission to repair a broken water system in the dangerous and unstable Iraqi village of Baqubah. While the people of Baghdad welcome the Americans as saviors, the villagers resist their presence and Matt and his unit must try to convince the community that they are part of the solution, not the problem, in order to save the town and get out alive. Evans is playing the sergeant in charge of Ocre’s unit and Cavill is the special forces captain running the operation in Baqubah.

Voltage Pictures is handling international sales for the film and will present it at next month’s American Film Market. Producers hold U.S. rights to the pic, which Gordon has shepherded from the start. Treehouse (Arbitrage, All Is Lost) is fully financing. Brian Kavanaugh-Jones is executive producer.

“It took little convincing for me to come on board to produce this extraordinary and gripping film which so accurately depicts the intricacies of real people in extreme circumstances,” says Nappi. “I am excited about our amazing lead cast who, in the hands of our masterful director Fernando, will deliver the most powerful performances of their careers. Nicholas, Luke and Henry are a dream team, as are my fellow producers Mark and Ben.”

Gordon added, “Chris was my assistant and we worked on the script together for some time. It’s very exciting to see the movie come together with a wonderfully talented director and an amazing cast.”

The Hollywood Reporter adds a bit more about the screenplay's origin:

The film chronicles the story of Roessner's two years and more than 200 missions as a machine gunner in Iraq's Sunni Triangle. The story centers on Matt Ocre (Hoult) and the leader of his platoon, Sergeant Baker, as they attempt to protect Baqubah, a dangerous farming village.

Hoult has been attached to the project since early last year. At the time, THR also shared a bit more about the company producing the film:

The Mark Gordon Company is no stranger to war-themed films, having produced The Messenger and Saving Private Ryan as well as the TV series Army Wives. The company's TV credits also include Grey's Anatomy, Ray Donovan and Private Practice.

As for the writer, Roessner's script cracked the 2012 Black List of top unproduced screenplays. This past July he did an in-depth interview with the Pat Tillman Foundation, where he talks about writing the screenplay:

“At the time, I wasn’t writing it for my career, but rather just to keep myself sane. I didn’t expect there to be any grand attention garnered for it. Anything that continues to happen with this screenplay is still a big surprise to me. My initial impulse to write it was to get it out and say ‘I have all of this stuff, memories and experiences stored up inside me.’ If I wasn’t a screenwriter, I would have written a novel or something else; screenwriting is my natural way of interacting with the world though – so that’s how Sand Castle manifested. There was also the desire to hold on to some of the memories and tiny little moments that had happened in Iraq as time goes on – and I didn’t want to lose those. While I was in Iraq there were awful and beautiful moments, and I wanted to have a document so I wouldn’t lose those memories. At the same time, my screenplay was a big pie in the sky dream.”

Roessner also mentioned he would be in Jordan in September for pre-production of Sand Castle. -- Now things could have changed since July, but it looks like that's at least one of the places where they will be filming. UPDATE: Jordan it is! (and the scriptwriter has a sense of humor).
UPDATE #2: The director added a bit more..
This project sounds really promising, and the very busy Henry Cavill just doesn't stop! (and now we're thinking that's likely why he's growing the beard again).

We can't wait to see Henry take on this military role. He was set to play a somewhat similar character in Stratton (and he'd done extensive training for it), before he departed that project earlier this year. Filming on Sand Castle comes just before Henry begins promotion for Batman v Superman, and then starts shooting Justice League in the spring.

As always, you can look for us to bring you the latest information as we get it.

Congratulations Henry!

Designer Shares Details On Supes' Costume, Concept Art

DC All Access has a new interview with Batman v Superman designer, Michael Wilkinson. It's filled with some great new details about Henry's updated Superman costume, including the Kryptonian script embedded in the suit and what it means. We're also getting a first look at the concept art!

Wilkinson also talks about the Batman and Wonder Woman costumes. Check it out.

The new interview and look at the costumes, comes as NYCC kicks off. And you don't want to miss everything Lex Luthor has for you so far ;)

UPDATE: Warner Brothers released a couple of more treats today. Let's see what tomorrow brings.

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