Thursday, April 19, 2018

'M:I Fallout' Director Says New Trailer Coming "Soon"

We cannot express the sheer joy we feel each time the Mission: Impossible Fallout trailer comes out in the theater (currently in front of A Quiet Place and Beirut). It looks like we won't be waiting much longer for the second one to hit!

Director Chris McQuarrie held one of his impromptu Q&As on Twitter overnight, and before the answers self-destruct (which happens all the time), we managed to save some of the exciting info he shared with fans ahead of M:I Fallout's release, July 27.

We don't believe this was official until now, so get to know Lorne Balfe, because you'll be hearing his music in the film.

He meant "climactic"...

McQuarrie also answered questions about Henry's now defunct, trouble-making moustache...

SOOOO worth the trouble. Thanks Mr. McQuarrie! -- Follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

Keep checking back for the latest news on Mission: Impossible Fallout ahead of its July 27 release.

All non-tagged images: Paramount Pictures // Chris McQuarrie.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Mission: Impossible Fallout - Bring On The Hype!

As we celebrate 80 years of Superman, it's also an exciting day in the Mission: Impossible world. We're just over three months away from the release of the sixth installment of the action franchise and the cast is counting us down!

Forbes writer Scott Mendelson gave a big thumbs up to M:I Fallout's first trailer, and now has once again shared his excitement for the upcoming movie:

After "winning" the Super Bowl with the year's best trailer, Paramount/Viacom Inc. has to be all the happier about A Quiet Place knowing that they have at least one mega-hit up their sleeve. This will be the sixth Mission: Impossible movie and only the first sequel to have a prior director return to the fold. On one hand, I loved that this franchise was a director's sandbox. But one cannot argue with success and Christopher McQuarrie's Rogue Nation was a superb entry in a remarkably consistent franchise. These movies have grown in popularity and it stands to reason that one will eventually bust through the $700 million+ worldwide ceiling. Will the (presented in 3D this time) Fallout be the one? Either way, I'd be shocked if this wasn't one of the best studio releases of the summer, if not the year. In Ethan Hunt, we trust.

Our trust, reserved for Mr. August Walker.

#Action1000 Is Here: 80 Years Of Superman

Warner Bros // Justice League

Superman is celebrating his 80 birthday this year and today he's reaching a big milestone, with the release of  #Action1000.

The New York Times did an excellent piece ahead of today's release along with NBC News, which included a clip of our current Supes.

It's been a thrill to follow Henry's development of the iconic character on the big screen, and we can't wait to see where he goes from here!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Henry Invites Fans To Join Him At 'The Durrell Challenge'

The Durrell Challenge is less than one month away so I finally dragged myself out for a run! It was neither far nor fast but it was a run ;). There is still plenty of time to start training and/or fundraising. Just go to the link in my bio and all the info you need is right there! 13k of beautiful Jersey scenery on the 13th of May and absolutely no hills whatsoever.....none.....not one ๐Ÿ™„. Annnnnnd you can bring your kids. Not necessarily for the run...unless you're that kind of monster(disclaimer: I'm not suggesting to anyone that you force your kids to run 13k....even though that would make them serious badasses....which is still not a suggestion) but there is a Superhero Safari and Really Wild Day around the zoo where the kids(and you) can learn all about the many endangered species that Durrell is working tirelessly to save. #DoItForDurrell #MaybeACoupleOfHills
A post shared by Henry Cavill (@henrycavill) on

So... they're baby hills are they?

Henry's humor coming through in his new post,  as he invited everyone to join him at The Durrell Challenge on his native island of Jersey next month.

Like he mentioned, there will be tons of fun things to do at Jersey Zoo even if you don't try to keep up with him during the run (which some of you did last year!).

The event raises funds for Durrell Wildlife, that works to save endangered animals all over the world. So even if you can't make it, please consider donating.

For all the details visit

See everyone there!

Monday, April 16, 2018

GQ's Style Director Shares His Pic With Henry In Milan

"Thanks to Henry Cavill"

GQ's style director Andrea Tenerani has just shared this fab photo with Henry, from his Milan shoot last month. Catch up on everything else from that trip, including Henry's interview with GQ Italia. The April issue is now on sale.

"Each Man Disapproves Of The Other Man's Methods"

Image: Christopher McQuarrie // Paramount Pictures

Mission: Impossible Fallout is among USA Today's '10 Movies You Absolutely Must See This Summer.'

As part of their feature they talked to director Chris McQuarrie, who shared some new intel on the relationship between Henry's character, CIA agent August Walker and Tom Cruise's Ethan Hunt.

It seems August is not so much the villain (that many including us thought he was for a while), but definitely the guy Ethan clashes with in the film.

"Each man disapproves of the other man's methods. Each views the other as the problem rather than the solution. It is a relationship built on mutual distrust, which escalates throughout the film until it finally comes to a head."

That sounds a lot like... Batman v Superman! only this time Superman is rocking the moustache. 

Mission: Impossible Fallout is out July 27.

Paramount Pictures

Ian Calls Henry "A True Gent And Talented Fella"

This is a lovely photo of Henry in L.A. in May, 2012.

Thanks for sharing your pic and kind words, Ian.

A few days ago English comedian David Walliams also posted a fun throwback pic with Henry. Check it out!

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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Henry's Behind The Scenes Video From GQ Italia Shoot

"GQ put together this little
BTS (behind the scenes) footage of my shoot with them. Thought I might share it with you guys and gals. Within, you will see my wide range of nowhere stares and, if you're lucky, you'll even spot a somewhere stare or two as well...."

Henry was in Milan last month for this shoot for GQ Italia, and while we've seen the hot magazine pictures and read the fab interview... Henry had a little surprise left for everyone. Today he posted this behind the scenes video from that day and it's pretty awesome. Nowhere stares on point!

Friday, April 13, 2018

Get Ready For A 'Really Wild Day' At Jersey Zoo

The Durrell Challenge is just over a month away (May 13), and organizers have released new details about the event!

Really Wild Day 

We would like to invite everyone to head back to nature, and engage your wild side. Kick off your shoes, feel the grass between your toes and dance. Enjoy food and drink in our beautiful natural settings. Let your children roam free and enjoy bare foot walking trails, a magical story telling area and activities that engage them with nature. Learn about all of our superhero animals that live in our park. Engage with conservation and observe our incredible animals that live within our zoo.

Image: Jersey Zoo

Superhero Safari

The Superhero Safari, kindly sponsored by Appleby, is a fun new adventure for 2018, and has evolved from last years popular Superhero Stroll. The Superhero Safari invites all children under the age of 10 years to complete an important mission for Durrell! Young adventurers will need to seek out all the superhero animals situated around Jersey Zoo and discover what their unique super power is. Each child will receive a mission booklet to complete, answering questions on the super powers of each animal. There will be stamps to collect at each station. Once their mission is complete, they must head to mission control where it will be checked and verified by three mysterious looking creatures! If all answers are correct their name will be entered into the “SUPER” prize draw for the chance to meet Mr Henry Cavill and receive a photo opportunity and a signed t-shirt

Tickets are expected to sell out, so purchase yours now at, and help Henry support the animal life-saving work Durrell Wildlife does around the world!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Henry Shares Kal's Grooming Process, Trolls Zachary Levi

Now that Henry is back in London, he took it upon himself to groom Kal... and then he let fans know just how hard he had to work at it. As it turns out "Bear," as Henry lovingly calls him has A LOT of hair.

Apparently there was more hair, but Henry managed to contain it before it took over his home. As for Kal, he seemed to be enjoying the pampering and now he's ready for the warmer weather.

Henry later popped in on Zachary Levi's Instagram Q&A. The Shazam actor didn't catch his question during the live feed, but later acknowledged Henry's online trolling. Loving the back and forth!

A post shared by Zachary Levi (@zacharylevi) on

Henry can out-troll them all... in case you were wondering.