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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Henry Back In El Paso, To Resume Filming Batman v Superman

After spending the holiday weekend in Detroit, Henry flew back to El Paso tonight to resume work on Batman v Superman in New Mexico. The film is in the home stretch, with production expected to wrap soon. Nice to see you back in Texas, Superman!

L.A. Flashback: 'Arrow' Producer Shares Sweet Pic

gberlanti: "Supes, my niece, and Italia Ricci"

Hello handsome!

Greg Berlanti had shared this pic of Henry with his niece and actress, Italia Ricci, in L.A. last year. It was recently tagged. Thank you!

Warm Welcome: Henry Spends Thanksgiving In Detroit

bradley_nick: "Me V. Superman (Henry Cavill) Dawn of Justice" 

It's nice to see Henry enjoying his time off in Detroit. His friends shared these photos on Instagram, after they spent Thanksgiving with him (lucky bunch). We really hope Henry gets to spend some quiet time while he's there, because he has a busy year ahead! (and we'll be here to bring it all to you).  

Image: brad_loughran 

Image: charlesrcd11

Meanwhile, In New Mexico..

It's safe to say that getting filming updates from the Batman v Superman set in New Mexico has been pretty impossible. But we shiver at the thought of what it would have been like, were it not for KRQE doing a fly-by, and Henry posing for fan pics in Deming and El Paso. News has slowed down to the point where VH1 is trolling for hits with a story from March (we clicked)...
Luckily.. hopefully.. PLEASE, WARNER BROTHERS, PLEASE, we'll all soon be cheering for the new Batman v Superman trailer that's supposedly about to drop. So take a deep breath and think happy Superman thoughts. The news drought may soon be over. 

Friday, November 28, 2014

Holiday Weekend Treat: Fan Meets Henry In Detroit

"Excuse me Mr. Superman will you take a selfie with me?" "Of course" Met #HenryCavill also known as the guy who plays #ManOfSteel and he is such a down to earth guy, real glad I got to meet him."

Seeeee?? even on his holiday break Henry makes time for his fans. How can you NOT support him in everything? -- Henry told us he was gonna miss Detroit, when Batman v Superman moved on to other filming locations last month. Glad to see him back in Michigan. Stay warm Superman!

Stylish & Relaxed: Photographer Shares New Dunhill Outtake

The gorgeous behind the scenes pics by Elin Horndfelt keep coming. Here is a new stylish Dunhill promo outtake she just shared on her Instagram. Great start to the weekend!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Deming, NM Restaurant Staff Shares New Pic From Weekend

Click for larger size

There's that beanie that keeps on giving!

Thanks to @juanmies we have this new pic of Henry from last weekend in Deming. That restaurant staff sure got lucky!

Batman v Superman is just days away from wrapping, and we're ready to bring you the latest info as it comes in.

Happy Thanksgiving! Henry & His Girlfriend Hang Out In El Paso

ferniex5: "Got a lot of sh*t for this shirt but this Kool guy still took a picture with me. I give you the real Superman v Batman." 

@criaturalunar: “#HenryCavill from #Superman”

This is what happens when we go to bed early.. we miss out on all the fun from the hometown! Henry & his lovely girlfriend were out hanging out with fans, and we are so happy to see them kick off the holiday weekend in El Paso. This bar stop reminded us that Henry has a little bit of country in him.. or maybe a lot. Hope you enjoy your stay you guys! #TexasHospitality

Click to see pics in HQ

@christinadarkcosplay: “This just happened! I finally met #HenryCavill and I can’t stop shaking! Look how goofy and happy I look!!  #Superman #ManOfSteel #SuperHunk”

@christinadarkcosplay “Super selfie with Henry Cavill.”

@dr_drea915: “So I met Superman tonight. No big deal. Lady Superman was with him too. Both super nice” #fangirlmoment

@dr_drea915: “Super nice guy that Cavill! #fangirlmoment #boyscoutforsure #henrycavill #manofsteel #elpaso”

@dr_drea915: “My brother got a little #superman lovin too….amazing night!! thank you Henry! #henrycavill #elpaso #manofsteel”

AldoTheApache1: "Awesome night. Got to meet and talk to Kal-El aka #HenryCavill" "Coolest guy."
Image: @cchris13

samismawesam: "He's what makes me want to be Super."  

@aww_nna: "I just met Henry Cavill, omg! Definition of sexy"

@yosoyjazz: "I can't believe it, never imagined that I would get to meet Henry Cavill."

Marcel671: "Kicking back w Henry Cavill! No biggie!"

Image: @BiankaRodrigez

Image: Julio CΓ©sar AlcalΓ‘ via HCF

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Super Sweet: "Ava Very Safe In Superman's Arms"

Image: amandaalvarezlh

And here we thought the sweet pics from the El Paso/Deming area were coming to an end. Ava and her cuteness changed all of that! Her mom, Amanda, shared this photo after they met Henry today adding "Ava veeery safe in Superman's arms." 

Nisharma85 also had a chance to say hi to Henry in El Paso, captioning her pic: "Just met Superman, Henry Cavill!"

Image: Alyssa Donnely

This group of friends met for coffee, and ended up hanging out with Superman. Anne Marie Dee who's home for the holiday, adding: "El Paso, your hospitality is lovely." 

Pics like these remind us why we are so proud to support Henry, every day. 

P.S. El Paso, your tweets are the best.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

New Video From The 'Batman v Superman' Set In New Mexico

Albuquerque's KRQE, just gave us a new look at the Batman v Superman set in the New Mexico desert. It definitely looked like a busy place! Check out the video and read the transcript of the report.

The TV station also checked out some of the Deming restaurants where the cast and crew have dined. One of them shared a new pic with Henry from last week. He also made the front page of the local paper for his choice of Mexican food (love it!).

 Batman v Superman is headed for a wrap, so stay tuned for the very latest out of New Mexico!

Henry Spotted At El Paso Airport Ahead Of Holiday Weekend

Click for *sigh-worthy* size

After hanging out in Deming, NM and El Paso, TX this past week - looks like Henry might have left the area has been spending time at the airport as well (possibly as he flies back and forth from set?). Lorraine Sandoval met him at El Paso Int'l Sunday, as she was returning home from Chicago. She shared her story with us:

Craziest thing, I was in Chicago at a dance competition, bummed out that Henry Cavill was in my hometown El Paso,TX. Then I come back Sunday only to find him at the airport!!
I'm a very lucky Superman Fan!!

And we are so happy that you got to meet him Lori! - Henry has been filming Batman v Superman in Playas, but with Thanksgiving coming up - productions usually take a break for the holiday. Hope he enjoys his. Batman v Superman is expected to wrap soon, so stay tuned for the latest! and don't miss all the fan encounters from the area so far (1/2/3/4/5/6). Thanks for being awesome with fans in our hometown Superman!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Texas Proud: The Sweet Pics Out Of El Paso Keep Coming!

biancasofiareyes: "Well this just happened. #HenryCavill #NoBiggie #DontBeJelly"

Not ready for the awesomeness from El Paso to stop? neither are we! - Thanks Bianca for sharing this lovely pic from there today, after meeting Henry. Later on our Instagram, she told us: "He is a very nice gentleman! Hoping everyone gets the chance to meet him!"

Aaron Lopez also got lucky when Henry and his trainer, Mike Blevins, were back at a local gym to continue their fitness routine.

aaronlopez: "Probably the coolest Monday ever! Got to work out with Henry Cavill and Michael Blevins."

cinjalove: "My turn!! It's a privilege to be a part of the same gym Superman chooses to visit while he's in town (..) love my gym and love what they do #gymjones"

If there is one thing we love more than Henry's beanies, is his Under Armour wear. Looking great Superman, El Paso suits you ;)

And fans there are really dying to meet him..

Us.. Every. Day.
Of course the reason Henry has been hanging out in El Paso, is because Batman v Superman is being filmed in nearby New Mexico. And remember those awesome selfies and other pictures from a Deming restaurant last week? The El Paso Times talked to some of the employees who met Henry. They said he "was extremely nice and personable," and also "friendly and approachable." 
KVIA also covered Henry's stay in El Paso. WATCH THEIR REPORT, which includes interviews with some of the fans who met Henry in the last few days, and a new pic with a store worker who even got a hug!

When we shared Karen Garcia's story on Instagram, she told us "He is the best! And I just said the truth about him, he was very nice with me and my coworkers!"

We are so happy to hear from those who are meeting Henry (thank you for sharing), and Superman, if you have the time check out Ruidoso or Carlsbad Caverns. A completely different part of New Mexico and beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

Henry Wears His Support For The RMCTF, So Can You!

Watch Henry's message for you

How time flies!

It's been a month since we were in Gibraltar cheering for Henry, as he participated in the Rock Run to raise funds for The Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund. Henry's public support for the charity began subtly last fall, and was confirmed this past May when he was announced as an ambassador for the RMCTF. We first noticed the "I Support Royal Marines Charities" bracelet in pics with fans last October. He's been wearing it ever since! from London, to L.A., to Detroit, Jersey, and Gibraltar.. that bracelet serves as a reminder of the charity he represents.

Now as we try to help Henry reach his Rock Run target, we are giving you a chance to wear your support as well! - We just got the green and pink bracelets in from The Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund this weekend (thank you Charlie!), and we're about to send out the first ones to those who have already donated. Here is how you can help Henry reach his RMCTF goal and get your bracelet. He's almost there! and we're going all the way for him. Hope we can count on you. Thanks guys! 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

El Paso, Texas Gets Lucky Again: Hello Handsome!

timeatmontecillo: "Henry Cavill aka Clark Kent aka Superman spotted at Time! A great day for little Jax to be hanging at Hillside Coffee."

Gilbert Chavarria: "THANK YOU to Henry Cavill for taking the time to take a pic with my son this morning. Classy guy. #supermanfans"

Montecillo El Paso: "You never know who you're going to bump into at Montecillo! Today, little Jax walked up to Henry Cavill and asked him if he is Superman."

Can we just tell you how much we're bursting with Texas pride, as we watch Henry hang out in El Paso?.. and with that cutie! -- his mom told us "it was great to meet Henry," calling him "one classy & down-to-earth guy." The coffee shop shared the pic, after Henry stopped by today. He was in El Paso earlier this week, working out at a local gym. It's nice to see him back in our hometown, now if only we were there. Enjoy it for us, Superman! (smiling big in L.A.).

@txgal_23 shared this awesome pic, adding "I met Henry Cavill (Clark Kent/Superman) today. He is super sweet and was very gracious!"



Pics: juustjessiee

Pic: @jcadame1362

Frank (@frank_espn) also ran into Henry in the Sun City. Thanks for sharing your pic!

P.S. We spot those Gibraltar Rock Run sunglasses looking good on him. Still missing the Aviators though! #bringthemback #prettyplease