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Sunday, May 22, 2022

Henry & Natalie Complete The Durrell Challenge

Henry and Natalie have completed The Durrell Challenge! (Hope you recover quickly, Witcher).

Congratulations to everyone taking part in the run virtually or in Jersey today.

You help Durrell save endangered animals and support its conservation efforts. 

Learn more at doitfordurrell.com.


UPDATE: Edward ran into them!


  1. Sorry about Natalie's foot hope she gets feeling better soon. I'm glad you guys got to go complete

  2. Walking is a good recovery exercise. I'm sure your trainer approves.
    Time spent with a special friend is also excellent recovery after a big day at the office..
    and walking the distance to raise money for the zoo is all heart..
    Health and happiness to you both 💪💞

  3. This man is incredible. He still makes time to support this worthy cause even though he is in the middle of his grueling filming schedule. I would just want to go to bed, not go on a 13 km walk. Well done and thank you Henry. You truly are an inspiration.

  4. Se recuperará pronto.


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