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Monday, February 13, 2023

Movie Finds U.S. Distributor, Filming Begins In Turkey

The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare has begun filming in Turkey with director Guy Ritchie acknowledging the earthquake victims and their families. The movie has also found a U.S. distributor with a theatrical release planned for next year.

Read all the details on Deadline and Variety. Good luck to the cast and crew!


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  1. One of my all time favourite movies is The Man From UNCLE. I hope this is just as good

  2. Looking forward to this movie , Guy Richie directing brilliant 👏, Henry Cavill 👏

  3. Hope can’t wait!!!

  4. Would be a great choice for the next longterm James Bond 007, I believe...Cavill is very box office likeable & yet sleek & steatlhy. The Bond persona franchise best be kept same or the movie right's holders are 100% in for a huge rejection from moviegoers worldwide & you can bank on this comment....are you listening....Ms Broccoli??...( sort of a whisper in you'rer ear--from a for now.... secret top film critic )


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