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Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Henry Promotes 'Argylle' In NYC: Pics, Videos, Details

It's been a very busy last few days in New York for Henry. He stopped by the SiriusXM Studios and then took part in several Argylle Q&A's and other promo events before heading off to dinner with his girlfriend. Argylle is out on Friday!

You can find all the pics at Getty Images. Here are some of the highlights.








Tune in to watch him and Dua Lipa on GMA tomorrow and watch all of his new interviews in our Argylle playlist. Make sure to follow us on X and Instagram for the very latest!


  1. NYC isn't even all that far away, how do fans find out ahead of time of promotion events like this instead of hearing about it in the news after it happens? Is there an email list or website?

    1. Hi! It just depends on the studio. They'll share details of fan events or premieres on their social media. We also keep everyone posted if we hear anything official ahead of time.


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