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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Henry Wishes Happy Birthday To The Royal Marines

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Happy Birthday to the Royal Marine Corps! Some of you may know that one of my brothers is a Royal Marine. So, I've long had a relationship with them, of sorts. Its also what I would probably be doing if the film industry hadn't got me first. Both of these things led to me becoming an Ambassador for the Royal Marines charity quite a few years ago. An ambassadorship of which I am enormously proud. The legacy of the Royal Marines is long, 356 years to be precise. Which so happens to make their "birth" year, 1664, which so happens to also be a lager, which makes celebrating their birthday rather easy. But to be fair, when it comes to bootnecks (Royal Marines), anything will do! Cheers gents! @RoyalMarines @TheRMCharity #RoyalMarines #1664

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Henry may be busy filming The Witcher, but he took some time today to send his birthday wishes to the Royal Marines.

Happy Birthday from us as well!



  1. Henry😍, A heartfelt thank you to your brother for his selfless service and to you for showing your support in a way that actually makes a difference.
    It's because of these kinds of activities I am your🥰 forever fan.

  2. They truly deserve our gratitude and thank you Henry for reminding us of that fact.


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