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Friday, February 26, 2021

Report: Superman Reboot In The Works

Deadline is reporting that a Superman reboot is in the works but it's unclear if it involves Henry:

"Deadline has confirmed that author Ta-Nehisi Coates is writing a Superman reboot feature for Warner Bros and DC, which J.J. Abrams is producing under his Bad Robot label.

Hannah Minghella will serve as producer. No plot yet and no attachments despite the fact that we’ve heard how Henry Cavill is eager to get back into the cape."

Look for updates as we get them. For now, we're counting down to Henry's appearance in Zack Snyder's Justice League that's sure to give us plenty of unseen footage of Supes!


  1. Henry Cavill IS MY Superman, always will be. Just saying.

  2. Cavill is the best Kal El aka Superman! MOS was Awesome! We need cavill to do a MOS 2 and 3! Overdue! Pls don't change or reboot!! Hell no! Henry is Clark n Kal El!

  3. Henry Cavill is the best Superman/Clark Kent/Kal El! what are WB/DC thinking??? I can't find one person happy about this news. Henry deserves a MOS 2 & 3 personally. I love Michael B Jordan but not ready for a new Superman I'm sorry. Very upset about this news.

  4. Is it true that people pay for VIP cards to meet up with their stars that they follow
    If so is their a web site that lists them

  5. No one dons the Superman cape like Henry 😍!
    Let's hope JJ A. recognizes this and does everything he can to get Henry😍 flying again.

    Without Henry😍, it's simply not Superman.


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