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Saturday, May 22, 2021

Team Cavill Completes 'The Durrell Challenge'

Today, Henry confirmed he completed The 2021 Durrell Challenge with his family and even Kal got to participate.

Way to go, Team Cavill!

Congratulations to everyone participating this year to raise money for Durrell

You can still contribute to the fundraising goal.


  1. Congrats Henry!! I ran mine on Fri May 21! Here’s to many more Durrell Challenges! Many blessings to you and your loved ones!

  2. Had to convert it..14km..that's a proper walk 😁.
    Great way to spend time with family, bonus fundraising...

  3. Leave it to Henry to walk for 4 hours in the London rain in support of Durrell, and while recovering from an injury no less. How great that Nik and Charlotte continued the tradition with him, and that Kal got to participate this time too. Henry must have been gutted not to be able to join the run in Jersey, but true to form, he showed up in the best way he could, and social media is full of posts from people who he inspired that will run on Sunday with his encouragement in their hearts. Here's hoping that the Team Cavill ranks are full next year, and enjoying the run on their home island.

  4. They all look great. 🤗

    1. They do! Looks like they had a lot of fun doing the miles for the Durrell cause! Just looking back on the photos of the past Durrell Challenges, when the Team Cavill present there is always fun, family appreciation and dedication.

      Thank you Henry! 😉

      Best wishes,

  5. Wunderbar!!! Gut gemacht, trotz Mistwetter im May

  6. Wunderbar!!! Toll, sich bei dieser momentanen weltweiten Situation immer noch sooo zu motivieren

  7. Absolutely fantastic effort by Team Cavill!! Well done Charlotte, Nik, Henry and Kal!! You are inspirations, and wonderful ambassadors for Durrell. Henry is a hero and champion for getting out there yesterday in the rain, I hope is injury is recovering well and that he is gaining strength every day. Beautiful photos xxx

  8. Love this stay strong. Did a half mile in the cool Greer's Ferry Lake in Arkansas. Love You Henry!


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