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Friday, June 4, 2021

New Photo: Henry Shares Update, Back In The U.S.

Henry is back in the U.S. and he shared an exciting update! 

We can't wait to hear what secret projects he's been working on.

Welcome back! 


  1. Dear Henry, your Great Team, your Loved ones and HCN Moderators,

    I see this picture as a TRUE moment of your busy days and I certainly appreciate the sharing. I reeeeally love the leisure look🤗!

    This is the only place I keep commenting, as I have no SM accounts, none, whatsoever. Will never change my mind about this decision, very happily managing my life without them.

    Just to let you know, it’s always great to come HERE as this site is still respecting the commenters and the world of Henry. That everybody deserves privacy without any justification. That we are here to share unconditionally. Unfortunately I’ve seen it nowhere else.

    Big Hugs to you all,


  2. Wishing Henry and Kal a very safe and successful trip to the US. All the best with work, Henry!! Hurry back soon to London, though...we miss you here already =) Xx

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  4. He looks so great and busy! I wonder what is he working at? Safe travel Henry and kal!!!

  5. Go get em Henry!

  6. I can't wait to see what he's up to. The Witcher, Enola Holmes 2, Highlander, something else, name it and I'm in. He's so great in everything because he loves what he's doing and it shows. Love him ❤️

  7. Stay safe, Henry😍. Wishing you and Kal a great trip.

  8. Holiday over, back to work..😀

    Stay safe, have some fun, looking good..can't wait for the new projects..
    Thanks for the update..and you've reminded me about the new Dan Abnett book...


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