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Friday, June 25, 2021

WATCH: New Teaser For 'WitcherCon'

A new teaser for WitcherCon has been released and all we can say is that we're in...

Go, Geralt!


  1. I'm happy that all three protagonists will be at Witchercon. I missed them so much. I mostly missed Henry's analysis about Geralt and his big smile when he's talking about him. It shows how much he loves this character and I love him too, both. ❤️❤️❤️. P. S. I hope for a guest appearance from Kal 🐕

    1. When and where is the witchercon

  2. That’s all cool, but for now, what about Henry finally dropping us a photo of Him and Kal? Surely there must be some beach around where he is right now! With a caption such as “ Hello, I’m Just checking in with my bestie, you all enjoy your summer and stay safe” 😋👌 Cheers 😉


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