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Friday, June 23, 2023

Meet The New Member Of Henry's Family!

It looks like Kal has a new brother!

Thank you to Henry and Natalie for sharing their new puppy with fans. In their updates, both talk about the heartbreak of losing Meat (Natalie's dog) a few months ago. Baggins surely will help ease their pain and keep Kal company. Congratulations!



  1. Did they name him baggins from LOTR? This man 👌😍 I love him more and more every time. Wish both of them good luck and can't wait for w40k to destroy every other sci fi/fantasy series.

  2. 😍Congratulations to Natalie and Henry with the new edition, he is awfully cute.
    We lost or english mastiff last year, it was heartbreaking and we still miss him every day. But We did drop a corgi pup into the 80 kg hole our best Boy left, and I must say, he is doing his very best taking up every inch of the space with his 9 kgs and 16 weeks.
    Best of luck with Your new boy ✌️😊❤️

  3. As someone who's lost a few of my fur friends, nothing can replace that loss, but hopefully Baggins can help heal their hearts. He's a cutie, though Kal looks like he's reserving judgment. =D

    I'm glad Henry chose to share the news with us, I was sad for them when Meat died.


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