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Monday, June 19, 2023

New BTS Clip From Season 3 Of 'The Witcher'

Just ten days to go until Season 3 of The Witcher!

Today, IGN shared a new behind-the-scenes clip with interviews with the cast and crew, and some really cool footage from Volume 1. Check it out now. 



  1. Very excited about S3. Was concerned that writers would mess it up, but it seems that they followed the book. Yea!! Love,love,love the fighting scenes. Henry's sword work is like a dance. And it is special that Ciri fights with him. I have watched S1 an 2 ,154 times. Think I know the lines by heart. Can't wait to do the same with S3. Love Mama B

  2. From what I hear, the writers have definitely messed up parts of the story again, arcs involving Yen and Jaskier. I'm going to enjoy the season anyway, because every time HC is on screen his performance redeems the show. Wolfgang Stegemann said HC was basically a "second fight coordinator," and its obvious that HC is proud of what he accomplished there. I'll watch for that reason alone. So - I am excited!

    I hear rumors that in Season 4, though, Hemsworth's Geralt is going to be pushed aside to make Ciri and Yen the leads. No one can replace HC, but it pisses me off they might not even give Hemsworth a chance to shine. Knowing all this makes me want to savor S3 even more, as HC's heartbreaking farewell to the show might be mine as well.

  3. It seems again that the only good part will be Geralt. Hopefully some family and yenralt moments as well although they will be rushed but at this point what else they can do. It looks like they are trying to follow the plot more than last season with the thanedd coup but I have zero hope that they can deliver as the motives of the characters are already altered and the events won't have the same impact. I mean, Tissaia betrayed ciri to the kings and proposed child murder, Vilgerfotrz has been useless so far and we never saw his power so suddenly he'll nearly kill Geralt when he couldn't even defeat Cahir 🥴, we have seen nothing of Philippa so how are we suppose to care for the lodge etc etc etc. Plus the rats will be Robin hoods, Emhyr's motives are completely different, the aen Elle and the wild hunt were butchered by the prequel and so on and the writing will again be focused on action and will be very superficial. The show had so many potentials and it could be a multilayer series in the hands of someone who understood the lore and cared to say a thought provoking story. Glad that Henry chose to leave, the cheers at the tudum and every comment in the official trailers and everywhere else show that people understand how much he respects them and the ip. Much love and respect for him.

  4. Mad respect for hc, he gave his all. Sad that we didn't get a series that respects the ip and the fans. We could have a masterpiece with a competent writer 😟. But I guess the ratings after he leaves will be their reward. I'm super excited for his next projects.


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