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Thursday, June 8, 2023

The Witcher: New S3 Trailer, Stills Released

Here's a new look at Henry as he introduced The Witcher S3 trailer during Summer Game Fest and the new footage looks incredible!


Stay tuned for the latest The Witcher S3 promo updates as we wait for the new season to drop!

Images: Netflix

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  1. Judging by the beard growth, I'm gonna guess Cavill's intro bit was pre-recorded before he started filming in Turkey. Nice to see him, though.

    Trailer was enough to get me excited for S3, even if the rest of the show is incomprehensible, I know Cavill will be excellent. Two years is such a long time between seasons. (I did the math, if the show had gone on for 7 seasons as they'd hinted, Cavill would have been somewhere around 48 by the time it finished! That's a huge time investment - not saying that's why he left, but if I spent that many years on something I'd hope I could be happy doing it, not constantly frustrated)

    On the bright side, I'm now a Cavill fan and a Witcher fan thanks to the show. Liked S1 enough to play the games and read the books, and it is a contender for my favorite fantasy world. As for Cavill - I saw the Superman films, I liked them, but I'm not a DC fan in general, so I moved on rather quickly. After seeing what more he can do, I'll support every project of his that I come across now =)


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