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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

First Clip From 'Nomis' Released Ahead Of Friday's Premiere

Talk about intense.

Entertainment Weekly has released the first clip from Nomis, and you can WATCH IT ON THEIR SITE or below.

The movie is set to premiere Friday at the LA Film Festival, and newly released tickets are going fast. Director David Raymond is also running a competition for VIP passes.  Much more to come!


  1. In that clip, is Henry's character saying "This is how he made them all deaf."? Anyhow this is the Henry I love to see. (No knocks to any of his other characters mind you.) Maybe it's the beard. Don't know- but this tends to be one of my favorite movie genres as well. Can't wait to see it! Just hope here in Europe it's shown in theaters!

  2. My favourite person is definitely my favourite actor, too xx

  3. This looks like it's going to be gruesome sort of movie and I hope thrilling. Looking forward to seeing Henry in this role. Just like Jen I hope it is in cinemas in Australia. Do you know if that will be the case.


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