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Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Happy 37th Birthday: Wishes From Around The World

This year's celebration may look a little different but know the world is wishing you the very best as you turn 37. Happy birthday, Henry! -- Stay safe.

UPDATE: He made his own cake!

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P.S. Today is also Giving Tuesday. If you want to do something good in Henry's honor, The Durrell Challenge (which he hosts) is a really great cause. Here is the link.

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#BornToday #HenryCavill (1983) Inizia la sua carriera in #Segretidifamiglia, seguono i film di #Montecristo (2002) e #Ilprofumodellecampanule (2003). Ha partecipato in ruoli di supporto in diverse serie televisive tra cui #TheInspectorLynleyMysteries della BBC, L'ispettore Barnaby della ITV e nel ruolo di #CharlesBrandon nella #serietv #ITudors della Showtime. Al cinema lo abbiamo visto in #TristanoEIsotta (2006), #Stardust (2007), #BloodCreek (2009), #Immortals (2011), e #Bastachefunzioni di Woody Allen Ottiene il successo a livello internazionale nei panni di #Superman ne #Luomodacciaio, ruolo ripreso negli altri film del DC Extended Universe: #BatmanvSupermanDawnofJustice (2016) e #JusticeLeague (2017). Ha recitato in film di spionaggio e azione come #OperazioneUNCLE (2015) e #MissionImpossibleFallout (2018). Dal 2019 interpreta #GeraltdiRivia nella serie televisiva #TheWitcher di @netflixit Il vostro ruolo preferito di Cavill, tra cinema e tv? Fatecelo sapere lasciando un commento! . . . . . . . . . . #cinema #filmdavedere #film #movie #hollywood #frasiitaliane #quote #HenryWilliamDalglieshCavill

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🎂 #HenryCavill (#SaintHelier, #5maggio 1983). Esordio nel 2002 nel ruolo di Alberto Mondego nel film #Montecristo. Poi è stato #CharlesBrandon in #tudors. Il successo planetario nel 2013 con il ruolo di #Superman ne #ManOfSteel, ripreso anche nel 2016 in #BatmanvSuperman: #DawnofJustice e nel 2017 in #JusticeLeague. dal 2019, interpreta #geraltofrivia nella #NetflixOriginalSeries #TheWitcher. Tra gli attori più remunerativi di oggi, sommati, gli incassi dei suoi film, ammontano a livello internazionale a circa 3,6 miliardi di dollari. È atteso in #EnolaGames nel ruolo di #sherlockholmes. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #buoncompleanno #borntoday #may5th #5maggio2020 #il5maggio #henrycavilledit #henrycavıll #henrycavillturkeyofficial #henrycavillnews #henrycavillsuperman #henrycavillfans
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  1. Henry 😍, Wishing you all the best and the most happiness on your special day. I hope you're able to celebrate turning 37 the way you want. May this year bring you everything you want & may your successes exceed your expectations. An eternal & hopefully devoted 😍H.C.🥰 fan

  2. Henry Cavill in Man from U.N.C.L.E......How cool can you get!

  3. Happy birthday Henry. I hope today and yourfuture is filled with much love and happiness. 😘

  4. Happy 37th bday Henry! 🎂🎂

  5. Feliz cumpleaños mi amado Henry, que tengas un lindo dia. Te mando un fuerte y gran beso desde el fondo de mi corazon.Espero algun dia se te logre el sueño de conocerme.

    1. Translation for Blanca May 5, 2020 at 8:15 AM by Rebecca
      Happy birthday my beloved Henry, have a nice day. I send you a strong and big kiss from the bottom of my heart. I hope one day the dream of meeting you will be achieved.

  6. Happy B-day to an exceptional person, an amazing actor, and the greatest Superman in modern cinema!

  7. Happy birthday Henry!!!!Bon anniversaire!!!! Very good, talented actor, amazing person, the best Superman!!! All the best!!!! Everything your heart desires!!!!
    Josée xxxx

  8. Happy late birthday Henry. Hope you got all your hearts desires!!

  9. But, of course, you are still my hero 😃🤩

  10. Well done, Henry😍. A good looking cake from a good looking guy. Hope it was as tasty as it looks. It would also be a treat to see your handsome face these days. Stay safe & be well. An eternal & hopefully devoted 😍H.C.🥰 fan


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