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Sunday, May 10, 2020

Henry Gives Thanks, New 'The Witcher' Video

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Rather than post an, at best, poor isolation based food hastag, I figured today was a good day for thank yous. Firstly, Friday marked the 75th anniversary of VE day. 75 years since Victory in Europe. I'd like to honour all of those men, women and children who fought, did their part and gave their lives. Speaking of sacrifice and dedication to a cause, I'd like to also thank the NHS staff, and all of the healthcare workers around the world who continue to fight on our behalf. Thank you to you, and thank you to those who have given their lives. It is greatly appreciated. It is alllllllso Mother's day in the US of A....today. And we must not forget all that our mothers have done for us on a daily basis, just because that's what mums do....be unashamedly awesome. So yes, thank you mums of America!....actually, always found it odd that we have different national days for mother's day. So, thank you to all the mums worldwide....we wouldn't have done it without you.... And lastly, but of course not leastly! Thank you for all of your birthday wishes, videos, montages etc! I think I remember my birthday 🤔. But I certainly do remember all the thought and effort that went into wishing me a good one. #VE75 #NHS #MothersDay #ThankYou #Lambsolation
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Henry's latest post is all about giving thanks while he self-isolates in England. No word yet on when The Witcher filming will resume but Netflix has shared this cool video of the monsters Geralt encountered in Season 1.

Stay tuned for the latest on S2 of The Witcher as we get it.


  1. Henry😍, Appreciate your acknowledgement of the important things that are going on this weekend🥰. Another example of why I think you are undoubtedly a genuine class act. Hoping to see more from you, and hoping to see your handsome face, very soon. An eternal & hopefully devoted 😍H.C.🤩 fan

  2. I would like to thank Henry, for always bringing positivity, hope and warmth to his social media posts.
    The world needs more hearts like his. Thank you Henry Xx


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