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Saturday, November 7, 2020

'The Witcher' S2 Production Halted Due To COVID-19

Deadline is reporting that production on Season 2 of The Witcher has been halted after several people tested positive for COVID-19:

"The four positive cases are from today, we have confirmed, and Netflix will carry out an isolated round of testing of everyone involved in the show. Those impacted have been isolated and are not among lead cast, we hear."

Read the rest at Deadline. We'll bring you updates as new information comes in.

Stay safe, everyone!


  1. Very sad to hear this. Wishing all those infected a speedy recovery, and hoping the rest of the cast and crew stay healthy and safe. As disappointing as another delay in production may be, there is nothing more important than everyone's well being.

  2. Wishes for good health to everyone and speedy recovery to those who were found positive.

  3. Sending wishes for a quick and easy recovery to those battling COVID-19.
    To the rest of the cast and crew, hoping you all are able to stay safe and sending wishes of good health.


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