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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

New Photos: More Of Henry & Kal In London


Henry is back in London now that he's done filming Season 2 of The Witcher and photographers caught a glimpse of him again in these new pictures.

You can read more in the Daily Mail.


  1. I hope Henry knows how wonderful, amazing and brilliant he is. Sending him all the love and warmth in the world right now...something about these new photos tells me he needs it.
    Hen and Kal...my favourite dynamic duo Xx

  2. They both look so great. I'm sending them all my love. 😘😘💕💕😍🥰

  3. These 2 handsome 😍guys brighten up any street-scape and make it better.

  4. Hey Henry you and Kal look great. I remember waiting in Arkansas.

  5. Hey Henry. It's good to see you and Kal out and about. We have missed you. Always a fan, Alicia


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