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Thursday, April 1, 2021

The Witcher: It's A Wrap On Season 2



Congratulations to the cast and crew of The Witcher!

Henry's stylist Jacqueline Rathore confirmed that his team wrapped Season 2 on Tuesday, while a full production wrap was today (with Netflix sharing the news later).

We can't wait to see what Geralt has in store for fans when the show premieres later this year.

Image: James Frater on IG



  1. Aaaahh, congrats to everyone. I can't wait fo see Geralt again on my screen. I hope s2 will be fantastic with lots of Geralt & more witchers and monsters and Geralt, Ciri and Yen as a family!

  2. CONGRATS to everyone involved with W2 and wrapping up filming!
    ALWAYS my FAVORITE treat to see Henry🥰😍!
    Thanks HCN🤩 for sharing the W2 update!

  3. Congratulations to all the cast and the crew, well done, you've worked so hard despite the pandemia, be well, be safe, stay healthy!!!!

  4. I'm so happy for Henry and for all the cast and crew. It was a tough year and they made it. I can't wait to have The Witcher back on my screen ✨ 💕

  5. Congrats to everyone. What an amazing team and what a journey it must have been! I can't wait to see what this hard work has created. I'm so happy for Henry 🖤


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