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Monday, July 24, 2023

The Witcher: Last Season 3 Trailer, New Stills

This is it!

On Thursday we bid goodbye to Henry as Geralt and we don't know if we're ready for it...

This is the last The Witcher trailer before the final three episodes of Season 3 drop on July 27th.

Netflix also released these new stills. 


In case you missed it, you can still sign up to be part of the fan event tomorrow!


  1. Thanks for the preview! Love it !

  2. I've set aside the whole day to watch S3, I'm so excited but also so sad that it's the end of Henry's time on the Witcher. Oh well, he did what's right for him, and I'm sure he'll move onward to better things!

  3. Henry's talent was wasted with such a bad script (same with anya and everyone else). I mean Geralt &Yen set a trap for Rience (why? he was already after them) only for Geralt to let him live and 5 minutes later to part ways from his family in order to chase after rience? This was a script that was approved ? how? And that was the least of the plot holes. Story wise there was no story, just a mess. I can't wait to see what our boy can do with a great script and a great series. For thd emperor!

  4. Binged S3 in full last night. What a ride. I hope Henry knows how much all his hard work is loved and appreciated!

  5. I want Henry in a brilliant fantasy series like the LOTR. Fantasy really suits him and he's fantastic with a sword.. Too bad such good adaptations don't happen nowadays. Maybe the failure of the Witcher after Henry's departure along with the writers strike and other recent failures in Hollywood - Indiana Jones, DC, Disney, etc - will mark a new start in movies with better scripts and not the idea that if they use a famous ip the audience are going to watch despite the shitty script. Here's to hoping .

    1. I hope the show gets canceled bc of the mismanagement from the producers. And I hope that's a negative example for Hollywood from now on. The audience deserve better.

  6. The show won’t be the same without Henry Cavill. He’s the main reason I watch it. Perfect for the part he plays.


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