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Thursday, June 27, 2019

Henry To Play Sherlock Holmes In New Film

Who is ready to see Henry as the next Sherlock Holmes?

Legendary has announced he's joined the cast of Enola Holmes, based on the books about Sherlock's younger sister. Production is set to begin this summer in London. Read more at the links below and come back for the latest updates as we follow Henry's new project!

UPDATE: We've added Henry and his management's posts.

UPDATE #2: Actress Fiona Shaw has joined the cast. Read more.


  1. Congrats Henry!

  2. Fantastic!!
    Congratulations Henry you are amazing!
    I love you!!!

  3. So epic!! Congratulations Henry!!! Very excited for this, and super proud of you! Hooray for (hopefully) no 3am starts, or intense workouts for you =D xx

  4. HOW COOL IS THIS!!!!!

  5. Honestly, I'm glad to see him taking on new projects. It's time to let Supes go. I'm ready to see him in new roles!

  6. Great to see Henry getting a variety of roles. We all know how talented he is and being shackled to the one major role inhibited displaying that . He was a fantastic Superman but waiting for WB to get their act together was just wasting time. And I for one need to see Henry in lots of movies just so I can see pretty face more 🥰


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