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Friday, June 14, 2019

Happy 6th Anniversary 'Man of Steel'

Today marks the 6th anniversary of the worldwide release of  'Man of Steel' and fans have been sharing their memories from the day, as well as their support for Henry as Supes.

We were at the premiere in New York and it's hard to believe it's already been 6 years!

No word yet on when Superman will fly again on the big screen, but we're definitely hoping we don't have to wait too long!


  1. Happy anniversary! You rock! You have gone a long way. Thank God for all your achievements. ;)

  2. What do WB and krypton have in common? Both self destructed because of arrogance. If cavill is dropped as superman and you want to stuff supergirl at the fans then you get what you deserve.

  3. Thank the movie world for Henry cavill, i'm a huge superman fan, and no disrespect to Christopher Reeve and the others lucky enough to play the part, but Henry is the "man" of steel and has brought the character to a new height. I truly hope the DCU can get their act together and stop ruining these brilliant comic story arcs, cause if they lose Henry, they may as well just give up. Keep flying Henry, great work!

  4. Si Henry Cavill es el mas chingonsisimo Superman, este es su tiempo y muero por ver otra pelicula.
    Once a month I watch Man of Steel

  5. Heard their looking for a new supes! which would break my heart. Henry is awesome as the last son of krypton. He's charming and sweet as Clark Kent i'm sure we can all agree that we want him as our Superman.


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