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Friday, June 14, 2019

Pics Of Henry In London, Celebrity Kal Sighting

Men's Fashion Week is underway in London and now that Henry has finished filming The Witcher, it seems he's finally getting a chance to enjoy his time off.

Actor Craig McGinlay shared these shots (possible throwbacks) in his IG story... and is that Roger Gracie? (thanks Stephanie) we think so!

Tonight, the Empire magazine gang also got a chance to hang out with Henry and Kal... who is a celeb in his own right.

They even brought the jokes...

Sounds like a great time all around!


  1. So much hotness! So happy you are resting! Enjoy your free time, Henry.

  2. Those guys must be giants! Henry looks small (which we know he is not)....but still beautiful and perfect of course :)

  3. Henry and his dog are adorable!

  4. Im so happy to hear he is enjoying his time off. It I'd definitely well deserved


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