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Thursday, June 6, 2019

New ‘Nomis’ Poster Out, Trailer Soon

The international trailer for Nomis (also known as Night Hunter) is out! -- UPDATE 6/9: We removed the link to the trailer because it was a bootleg version. But hang tight... the official one is coming!

The movie premiered at the L.A. Film Fest last fall (check out our coverage and review) and is being distributed by Saban Films in the U.S.

Also of note, a slightly different version of the film's poster has been released.

Henry shared the first one on premiere day and this latest one is just as good!

Stay tuned for news on Nomis' expected summer release.


  1. Awesome!! Finally! I feel like we're getting closer to being able to see Nomis =D xx

  2. Seems like this film was made ages and ages ago. Glad the time feels like it is getting closer to release. Henry's got top billing! Yay!


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