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Monday, August 12, 2019

Henry Tries Out New Ride In London, Missing Horse Friend

A thrilling end to the weekend for one handsome Sherlock Holmes.

Henry has been filming Enola Holmes with Millie Bobby Brown in London and he may just have found a new way to get to and from set.

Henry got his bike license while he filmed Mission: Impossible Fallout and since then he's been hooked!

UPDATE: Henry misses his BFF from Budapest, so he gave him a shout out.


  1. I think I prefer Henry on one horse power, rather than 200+...a bit safer that way =). But, both Hector and the red Duke are magnificent beasts. I'm glad Henry really enjoyed the bike...and hopefully many more, safe and careful, rides to come Xx

  2. I'm wondering if it is safe to assume that Henry always had a sweet spot for horses?! He rode a lot in "The Tudors" and was engaged to an equestrian at one time. I totally get loving horses.


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