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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

The Witcher: Meet Young Geralt, Who Is Also A Big Supes Fan!

"@toptalentagency: So excited to reveal our #ttakids Tristan Ruggeri will be playing a young version of Henry Cavill in the new “The Witcher” #netflix series. He will play a young Geralt of Rivia."

As we wait for official word on when The Witcher will premiere on Netflix, a new casting announcement has us very excited.

Tristan Ruggeri is playing young Geralt in the fantasy series, which likely means we're getting at least a glimpse at The Witcher's backstory (1/2).

During a roundtable at Comic-Con, showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich mentioned that digging into the rich past of the main characters was one of her favorite parts of creating the show.

Now it sounds like Tristan is part of that vision and this summer he even got a signed cap sent by Supes/The Witcher himself!

Tristan's mom, Edith, allowed us to share her son's happy moment. She added that you can follow his official Instagram: tristan.ruggeri.

We can't wait to see Tristan portray young Geralt in the show later this year!


  1. Cute little boy. He has beautiful hair and eyes, just like Supes.

  2. HC had a photo of himself with a little boy on IG…………looked like a clone. However. Tristan is a beautiful boy and I am sure quite a talented & accomplished actor. Definitely has the smile and the glow❣️


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