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Monday, August 26, 2019

Monday Motivation: Henry's Workout Selfie, Int'l Dog Day Post

You had A LOT to say after Henry posted this new selfie in his Instagram stories.

His daily workouts are clearly paying off and you'll see more of his big muscles at work when The Witcher debuts on Netflix this fall.

Thanks for the Monday Motivation!

UPDATE: Henry has shared a super sweet message for Kal on this International Dog Day. In case you didn't already know... these two best friends are a perfect match.

Fans have been running into Henry while he's in London and these are two recent photos. Thanks for sharing you guys!


  1. Henry, you are so sweet and kind!

  2. OMG Henry!!
    Si tu no existieras, yo te inventaria.
    Con la misma sonrisa, dulzura, calidez inteligencia, guapura,etc.etc.etc
    Te amo, bezitos pa'ti y Kal.

    1. Translation for Blanca August 27, 2019 at 5:50 PM by Rebecca
      OMG Henry!!
      If you did not exist, I would invent you.
      With the same smile, sweetness, warmth, intelligence, handsomeness, etc.etc.etc.
      I love you, kisses for you and Kal.

  3. Blanca, he is mine. ❤️


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