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Monday, June 22, 2020

The Witcher: Filming On Season 2 To Resume In August

Happy Monday!

Netflix has confirmed that production on Season 2 of The Witcher will resume in August.

Earlier this month, showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich told The Wrap that changes are on the way for the cast and crew as they try to stay safe during the pandemic:

Right now, it’s a lot of production meetings, a lot of talking about how to keep people safe… A lot of it is just about flexibility, not just in the planning phases but when we get back on sets. It’s about personal comfort and personal safety. So, the government may say it’s OK to do X or Y, but an actor may say they don’t feel comfortable doing that. And that’s always going to be our first concern.

So we’re making all sorts of plans and accommodations and waiting for various governments to weigh in with their recommendations. And film commissions and Netflix. And yeah, it’s going to impact story. It will have to. But one of the best things about being a writer on set is that I’m there to make those changes as we need them.

Really, in terms of writing, we just been honing a lot over the last eight weeks. Really digging back into scripts, making some big shifts, especially in the emotional journeys of our characters and making sure that everything we’re writing feels really grounded and true.

Hopefully, we get sneak-peeks from the cast and crew like we did with Season 1. We'll keep you updated on the latest, so keep checking back!

Image: Netflix

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