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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

First Look: Sherlock and His Siblings In 'Enola Holmes'

Sherlock Holmes is in the house!

USA Today has shared a first official look at Henry, Millie Bobby Brown and Sam Claflin in 'Enola Holmes' that according to the paper is coming to Netflix in September. UPDATE: Confirmed!

Director Harry Bradbeer and Millie talked about the relationship between Sherlock and Enola... on and off the set:

Bradbeer says there's an "important love story" told between Enola and Sherlock, who becomes a bit of a father figure to his sister. Cavill brought “an extraordinary quality of stillness and power” to the role, and Brown formed a sibling bond with the "Superman" actor.

“Obviously, me being me, I annoyed Henry every day,” she says. “I was always telling him about the boys I liked in hair and makeup, and he'd be like, ‘Millie, shut up. I do not want to hear this.’”

Read more about the Enola Holmes storyline at USA TODAY and keep checking back with us for the latest updates.

UPDATE #2: Total Film has released another new still from the film.

Read the rest. We'll bring you the magazine article when/if we get it. 

Image: Alex Bailey // Legendary // Netflix


  1. Very, very exciting. Can't wait to see this movie...from one still photo, and Millie's comment =D...I know this is going to be a fantastic film xx

  2. Really looking forward to seeing Henry 😍 in this!

  3. Hahaha, this reminds me of when I was a teenager. I used to do the same thing... talk about the guys I had a crush on with older guys who could care less. Henry does look like a father figure to Millie. Can't wait to see the film on Netflix.

  4. Curly hair is back... yay 😁!


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