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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Henry Joins Forces With MuscleTech


 Read the full press release.  Congratulations, Henry!


  1. This new position sounds like it is right up Henry’s alley. This is such a great leadership role and one in which I believe he will excel very well at. Henry, given the chance, will provide great insight to the company! It sounds like a great partnership. Best of luck HC.

  2. This is great news, and imo Henry's best business decision to date. Congratulations to Henry, and to MuscleTech. Cheers to breaking exciting new ground!

  3. Yes, this sounds like just the right direction for Henry.

  4. Henry😍, a great way to start our 2021! May this new venture bring you successes in ways that exceed your expectations.

    Wishing Henry and HCN boundless happiness and health for 2021.

  5. Congratulations Henry😍 YOU raise the bar for any product you endorse. And bring a major focus to physical superiority. Your forté! Awesome News.

  6. I love Henry♥️ I wish we could just get married and live happily ever after ✨ Congratulations to the best looking man in the world😌


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