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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Henry & Anya Chalotra Among IMDb's Top 10 Stars of 2020

Henry is among the Top 10 Stars of 2020 on IMDb, along with his The Witcher costar, Anya Chalotra who received this year's Breakout STARmeter Award. She says Season 2 of the show is going to be "bigger and better than ever."

Congratulations to Henry and Anya!

Image: Netflix

UPDATE: Freya is also on the Breakout list...

The Witcher S2 is currently filming in England with an expected release sometime next year. 



  1. Congratulation to Anya and Henry. They truly deserve the recognition. I hope - as Anya said - s2 will be even better and more epic and they'll share more scene cause that was one of the highlight of s1. Thanks HCN for the updates. Happy December!

  2. Congrats 😍Henry, Anya & Freya on the well-deserved industry recognition! All of your dedicated hard work is getting the attention you all rightfully deserve. Thank you HCN for sharing this news with us🤩!

  3. Thanks for the news but can Henry be nominated for an Emmy or a GG next year now that the show gets recognition? He killed it as Geralt. Same with Anya. I hope the writing will improve next season (although I loved s1) so the critics can appreciate it. Also I'll never stop demanding Henry to become an executive producer. He has it inside him.

  4. I love the Witcher with all my heart and I want 7 seasons of it but can WB announce a trilogy of MoS with McQuarrie as director already? He's their most beloved star right now. And a man of uncle sequel. I know the boy will be busy but it's what he loves to do.

  5. True. Henry was the right fit. He killed it as Geralt. As for Anya I was SO impressed with her performance. She was amazing! Omg, she is so young and yet such a good actress! She has a bright future ahead. Congratulations to all 3 of you --- Henry, Anya, and Freya.

  6. Congratulations to all three of them. It was well deserved. Henry is Geralt, Anya is brilliant and so is Freya. The casting of the main three was the highlight of the series without a doubt. But can Lauren now give us more scenes between the Witcher and his sorceress? They are absolutely phenomenal together, their chemistry can melt the ice. I hope she understands what a gem she has in her hands and goes for it. They represent the romance from the books so brilliantly and effortlessly. I hope we get more of that epic love story and the story of the family in season 2.

  7. Top ten is great. But he's my number one 🥰

  8. He is No1 in our hearts always and forever!!! And congrats to his leading ladies Anya and Freya who were phenomenal.

    P.S. I miss him so much, can he post something or can Netflix post a little, tiny teaser of s2 as an early Xmas gift?


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