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Thursday, March 18, 2021

'Snyder Cut' Out Today: Go Supes!


The Snyder Cut is out today!

We're very excited to watch Zack Snyder's vision for the film and of course Henry's portrayal as Supes.


 This article tells you where you can find it in your country.


P.S. Here is the playback of the online red carpet event last night, which included some behind-the-scenes footage with Henry.



  2. Henry Cavill was excellent as Superman, I loved every minute of him. His relationship with Lois was 😍😭❤️ I want to see them again together. The whole cut was great. Great job everyone.

  3. Henry Cavill, you stay the best Superman! Even so, you can't be replaced. Sommige zien dat helaas niet. Echter dat is hun verlies. Jou werk ethiek is geniaal.

  4. Once again it is proven that Henry is this generation's superman and imo the best superman ever. His scenes with Lois and Martha were quiet and phenomenal. If that's the end of him as Superman, it's the end for me with DCEU. And what an ending. With him and Lois ❤️❤️❤️

    1. I agree 😊. I want more of him as Superman because he deserve it but if it's the end then it left us with a great taste. I wish him and Amy all the best in the future and maybe work together again in a new project. For now I have my Witcher and couldn't be happier about it. ⚔️🦄💖

  5. I didn't watch the theatrical cut bc of what they did to my Superman's face and the lame jokes on the trailer but this was EPIC. I want more of it,I want the 5 film arc. Everyone was fantastic and Superman in the black suit was brilliant. Him with Lois were just beautiful. I love Amy and Henry, their chemistry is breathtaking. And Martha was excellent. SPOILER... I wish she was her in the scene with Lois. That was my only complain.
    Thanks Zack for this movie.

  6. I've watch Snyder's version 6 times so far and love it more and more each day. Zack brought something unique to DC i just don't understand why WB is not seeing the success or even willing to give Zack full credit or control of his movies. Just have the Snyder verse of HBO Max or whatever streaming service. WB needs to give Henry at least 2 more movies he's perfect as Superman and you can see he loved the role and the character. And we do too! #RestoreTheSnyderVerse

  7. I was never a fan of DC and Superman mythology before MoS (even though I used to watch Smallville and Lois & Clark as a kid). But Zack Snyder, Henry Cavill, Amy Adams and the rest of the cast and crew brought something very relatable to these iconic characters for me. I loved ZSJL and I hope it continues. Maybe if it's a success they can restore ZS's vision in flashpoint through the multiverse. Henry Cavill and Amy Adams deserve a MoS sequel.


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