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Monday, October 25, 2021

The Witcher S2: New Geralt Image In Empire Magazine

Empire Magazine has shared this new image of Geralt ready to pounce as a preview to their The Witcher S2 coverage in their December issue.

Read more in their post and stay tuned for updates as we count down to the series S2 premiere on December 17.

Image: Netflix

Thanks to @Steph78276.


  1. He looks great 😍 🥰 Why can't it be December already?

  2. This is a beautiful image simply because we see Geralt with more luminous light as opposed to darkness and with shrouds of shadow.

  3. December 17th can't come soon enough. Ready to see more Geralt fight scenes....and maybe more bath scenes 😘

  4. I can't wait for s2. The Kaer Morhen scenes, Geralt with Ciri bonding, Geralt and Yen, the family! Blood of Elves is great and I hope s2 will not disappoint.


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