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Monday, November 22, 2021

New Interview: Henry Talks To GQ Spain

GQ Spain gave us a preview of its interview with Henry and now we have the video.

He talks about The Witcher, Superman, Enola Holmes, and much more (memory lane alert).

And don't miss the hot photos!

The new interview is part of the promo for S2 of The Witcher, which hits Netflix on December 17.

UPDATE: Full print interview is in!


  1. Thankyou for posting this💞

    Such a positive guy, and a smart, articulate storyteller..

    Watched it and came away smiling...🌟

  2. I'm so excited for s2 of The Witcher!!! Henry was excellent and I can't wait to see these changes in his character. Not only he'll be closer to the books but it will fit this season perfectly. I can't wait to see Geralt becoming a father figure to Ciri and him reuniting with Yen.

  3. Amazing interview!!! He's the best! So glad he's our Geralt and for everything else. He brings so much love to his characters. I can't imagine anyone else as The Witcher! I wish him more and more success!


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